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I hate him with every fibre of my being. Indian athletes do not have the privilege of high tech equipment and they are not given funding or support the way athletes in the west do (unless they’re cricketers). Sakshi Malik is the daughter of a bus conductor and had to literally fight her way to the top because she faced opposition from people in her village for taking up sports because she was a girl. She has a 9 to 5 job to support herself when most athletes dedicate their lives to their sport. PV Sindhu had to travel 56 kilometres every day to practice her badminton. And for the first time in my life i saw this country care about something that wasn’t cricket, it was so heartwarming to see everyone cheer on these two girls and be proud of them for their bronze and silver medals. And Piers Morgan’s response to someone sharing India’s celebrations with him is that it is ‘embarrassing’? How can someone be so vile.


066 I Hate Christmas Too (1997)

I continue to give many, many, many thanks to littlenem0 for pointing this in my direction.  It’s a five minute short shown on BBC1 on Christmas Day 1997 and uploaded to Youtube more than seven years ago.  For about six of those years it was fully accessible, but last year, about a week after I saved the copy I have, it was blocked for people in the USA , so I’m extra glad I was able to grab it while I could.  (Why, Youtube, why?)

The film is a two-hander with Peter and Sam West (using a somewhat dubious Scottish accent) made, according to the director who commented on the Youtube post that I can no longer see, in a only a couple of hours before they lost the light.

The story is about an unhappy man (Peter with shockingly short hair that only doesn’t look strange because we’re so used to suit+overcoat+scarf+sticky up short hair+looking entirely fed up = Malcolm) who has an unexpected encounter with someone I think we can assume is the ghost of a Great War soldier who tells him about the Christmas truce of 1914 and helps him put his own (presumably family) problems in perspective and also leaves him a present. 


I just saw that Duke University has a campaign just like my school’s! Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania launched the “Don’t Say” Initiative this past week and I fell in love with my school even more because of it. Go D2 Athletics!


Ken Hughes’ Sextette (1978) Official Trailer #1 [source]

… what?


 Barbados entering the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony



Lani Cabrera & Alex Sobers


Darian King 


Akela Jones, Ramon Gittens, Sada Williams,Tia-Adana Belle, Levi Cadogan, Kierre Beckles and Burkheart Ellis Jr.


Jason Wilson 


Michael Maskell 


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This is my GORGEOUS little sister, McKenna! She’s an aspiring ballerina and dancer at Ballet West Academy and she is out of this world! Her latest photo shoot pictures were too beautiful not to share X3

Colin Kaepernick Rosa Parks - Stand by Sitting

Colin Kaepernick is taking a stand by refusing to stand. Many people are upset with him, but his message is as American as America itself. 

This situation made me consider what happened in the past…  Rosa Parks is a hero to many people today, but she was once considered a “trouble maker”, not a “real American”, etc. I think that if Rosa Parks and Dr. King were alive today, they would take the side of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. 

It pains me when people that look just like me are killed and the majority of Americans are not outraged.  Change is not comfortable, but it is necessary. Colin Kaepernick is hated by many people today, but a time will come when he has moved from persecuted to praised. 


Arthur Ashe Courage Award

The ESPY Awards Honored Michael Sam Last Night With The Arthur Ashe Courage Award. His Acceptance Speech Was Truly Amazing

Watch The Entire Video. It Demonstrates How Much Coming Out Encourages Others.

Way To Go, Bro!