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Do you have some fluffy WinterIronWidow for me? I'm felling kind of sad without a reason and your writing always makes me smile 🕷

Since you’re said this seems to me like the perfect time to introduce you to a The Breakfast Club AU. If you don’t know the movie don’t worry, it’s about five kids from different cliques spending a Saturday together in detention and becoming friends.

The Athlete is Steve. (I’m gonna twist his character here and say that his strong anti-bulling attitude later in life stems from the incident that landed him in detention, where he gave in to peer pressure and humiliated another student) 

The Brain is Tony. (He’s a genius, alright, and also his father sucks and there’s a shit ton of pressure on him, so yeah, he had a damn gun in his locker, and no he wasn’t trying to kill anyone else)

The Basket Case is Natasha (She’s just–weird. In the most terrifying way. She’s a brilliant pick-pocket and has all these weird tricks up her sleeve and when she stares at you, you pray she isn’t plotting a way to kill you)

The Princess is Thor (He’s sheltered and popular and yeah, he cut classes to hang out at the mall instead, so sue him. But he also doesn’t let anyone walk over him and his family life is a Mess)

The Criminal is Bucky (There’s his resting bitch face that’s just plain scary, and also how he fights when he gets jumped by a couple of jocks and okay, he’s got a huge problem with authority and he definitely carries a knife that Natasha steals because come on)

And now here they are, locked into the school library together for a whole day and they just–get to know each other. With a lot of insults, and a lot of people saying the wrong things and rubbing each other the wrong way. 

And somehow Tony goes from being a tiny little bit intimidated by Bucky to weirdly relating to him and he’s not blind alright, and yeah, maybe he’s got a bit of a crush but whatever. They’re sorta almost friends, and that’s enough of a miracle as it is.

The flirting means absolutely nothing. Bucky flirts with everyone.

And Natasha notices a lot. She definitely notices that Tony smiles at her when he sees her entering. Which is weird, cause people don’t smile when she comes along. Not even Barnes, who’s the closest thing to a friend she’s got in this place. Not that they talk about it. Whatever.

She definitely notices that she really doesn’t like to see Tony cry.

And Bucky has been in a bad mood all week, he’s half-glad to be at detention. It sucks, the way Stark flinches away from him, even though he tries to hide it, and yeah, maybe Bucky pisses Rogers off on purpose after that. Because he’s got to fight with someone and he’s not gonna do it with Stark.

He just won’t.

Only then Stark’s flirting back, and Rogers’ is knocking their shoulders’ together in an almost friendly way and even Thor is actually a lot nicer than Bucky gave him credit for. He totally blames all these weirdos and the long hours locked up together for almost kissing Stark.

But then Stark kisses him and Natasha hits him in the upper arm so hard it’s gonna be bruised for days because I saw him first you fucker.

And somehow when detention ends he’s almost sad. Somehow, that evening, the world seems to suddenly hold a whole lot more chances and possibilities than it did in the morning.

I just realised that this probably still makes a lot more sense if you know the movie, so I really hope you do because I wanna make you smile!!!

(Think about Natasha pouting for weeks because Tony kissed Bucky first, and think about her interrupting future almost-kisses with the world’s sweetest smile and a genuine compliment for Tony that makes him flush delightfully and duck his head a little and Bucky’s just glowering at her because I Know What You’re Doing but can’t say anything because it makes Tony happy damn it Romanoff!!)

hey everybody!! here’s a rather scatterbrained guide on how to set a roleplay at an arts’ high school without it ending up looking like a crossover between fame and every high school tv show ever made. all of this is based on my experience actually attending an arts’ school!! by examining stereotypes and misconceptions, clarifying uncharted terms and qualities, and shedding light on some unique things that make art schools what they are, i hope that this guide makes it easier and more enjoyable to use them as a setting. 

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In the course of looking up something else, I came across an old copy of an interview with VM that I had saved but is no longer available.  It looks like it was done before the Vancouver Olympics, and published afterwards.  It was for Trulife magazine, and is a rather odd mix of questions, LOL.  Please excuse any typos.

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POLL: Seventh Gym Leader

What should our seventh gym-leader be like? Keep in mind that the above line, that of Water/Fighting ace Rocklantis, is their signature Pokemon as a Water and Fighting specialist!

Should they be…

  1. An athlete who focus on triathlons, whose Gym is based on the three events - running, biking, and swimming.
  2. Crasher Wake, living in Mysteria now
  3. A sailor who turned the docks he worked at into a gym, and is renowned for his strength and wit in battle. He is disarmingly charming.
  4. A brash retired sea captain that is the brother of the flying type gym leader. He would also have a hankering for healthy berry shakes and would be found doing push ups on top of his ship-like gym.
  5. Former Pirate, that is kind of grumpy for being a gym leader, but doesn’t slack of for respect to the former person in charge. They bet that if the pirate lose in battle, they would turn into the new gym leader and protect the town, if pirate had won, gym leader would help him as a part of their crew. The Pirate lost though, allowing for the gym leader to take retire, as they are of advanced age.

Pick your favourite option, and artists, get ready to draw the winner! In the meantime, remember that our Pokecop contest is still open until the 11th, thanks to the requested holdover!

Barbara Pierre and English Gardner. 100m.

English Gardner is seconds away from winning the final, getting a new pr of 10.85 and making her 1st world championship team.

This is English Gardner’s professional debut.

2013 USA Outdoor Championships in Des Moines, Iowa.

photo by Jeff Cohen / instagram jeffcohenphoto

Selected works on view at Studio FIVE08 in Santa Monica, California.

Workouts: Training Legs and Core

As a dancer, we spend a lot of time in the studio honing our skills and training ourselves to perform. However, I felt like I could do more. I wanted to take my training to the next level as an athlete — because we are athletes.

Ever since I have started training seriously in the gym, I have noticed a vast improvement in my execution, performance, stamina and confidence. I was training my entire body to perform, rather than just the muscles that were being engaged in practice. I learned to combine them to get the “best of both worlds.” 

I have received a request from claddaghstrong and several others to discuss some of the exercises I do in the gym. I decided to list a few that focus on our legs — the most crucial part of the body in Irish dance.

I’d like to mention that this is a mix between numerous fitness videos created by experts in the industry, dance exercises and, of course, adapting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s own workout (with lighter weights for obvious reasons). So please feel free to do your own research to find exercises and workouts that work best for you


1) Calf Raises - Smith Machine

While some people choose to do these on the stairs to use their own body weight, I choose to do them on the smith machine so I can use much heavier weights in a controlled environment. I do these to help get extra power and height in my jumps.

Quads and Hamstring

2) Leg Press

This is a great way to target your hamstrings, quads and glutes. I was also able to recover from my quad injury after nationals last year by doing these exercises. I would recommend starting at a light and gradually adding more as you continue doing these. Personally, I press about 290 pounds (this includes the weighted bar) and do 3 sets of 10 reps.

3) Lunges

You should never underestimate the power of a good lunge. You can easily add weight to make them more difficult.

4) Platypus Walks

These are a great way to work your inner thighs while perfect your turnout. My mom found these on YouTube from the Victoria’s Secret Angels trainer. It also makes more a great laugh if you are working out with a partner — we have many hilarious videos of us doing these forwards and backwards.


5) Boxjumps

I will warn you now — these are tough. Luckily, you can start these are a lower height and gradually work your way up to increase the difficulty. It’s also an incredible “mind over matter” exercise where you have to focus. If you psych yourself out, you won’t be able to do the jump. That being said, I would recommend having someone stand in front of the boxjump to spot you. Using a spotter can ease your doubts and ensure they grab you if you start to lean backwards.

6) Weighted Box Walk-Ups

Using the same boxjump mentioned above, doing walk ups using weights. This is a lower impact cardio move that still gives you a killer leg workout.


7) Frog Jumps

As awkward as these can be, they are an awesome way to mix a jump lunge with a squat. It also engages your core and forces you to use you center of gravity to balance.

8) Squats

If you have a spotter, you can use the squat racks. If you don’t have a spotter, use the assisted squat machine. Start with a lighter weight and ease into the heavier weights as you get stronger.

Tricks to the Gym

I would recommend having a gym partner to go with you. As partners, you can push one another to succeed and prevent each other from giving up. 

Despite training with two gym partners, I always have music playing in one of my ears via my bluetooth headset. Adding music to your workout can make all the difference in the world… especially when it’s an upbeat and powerful song that makes you want to push through your sets.

For those of you that are attending or about to attend university, I would recommend checking out your school’s fitness facility. It’s a nice way to kill a few hours between classes without losing a chunk of your evening. 

As I mentioned before, these are just a snippet of what I do. I hope this helps! 


38% ATHLETE – the athlete’s focus and drive are unparalleled. staying healthy and being fit are paramount to them (as for winning, that doesn’t hurt, either). competitor, sportsman, outdoors woman. physically fit, environmentally conscious and adventurous. resourceful, un-materialistic, and appreciative of nature’s quiet beauty. tomboys don’t play games. they are straightforward, honest and concerned with getting things done in the most direct way possible. they are also refreshingly lacking in vanity, and bring a freshness and vigor to socially formal situations. defining grace: endurance.

37% REBEL – the rebel is comfortable throwing caution to the wind—and bucking the system—if that means getting their point across. feminist, femme fatale, warrior. brave and attractive people who are willing to put themselves on the line regardless of consequences. sometimes a rebel becomes too aggressive in their various pursuits, and turns into a fighter who won’t back down and won’t stop arguing. these are the people who are in touch with the side of themselves that doesn’t want to settle or be forced into any box. defining grace: justice.

25% CAREGIVER – friendly, sincere, and compassionate, the caregiver finds their reward in helping others. no one could ask for a better best friend. lover, sister, heroine, companion. they are there when the going gets tough and ready for fun when the living is easy. confident as they are curious, they are excellent listeners who are also willing to admit when they don’t know something. seldom shy or at a loss for words, many succeed at teaching because they are charismatic. they throw themselves into dangerous situations because they genuinely want and need to help, not for fame or glory. defining grace: compassion.


THORFINN ROWLE |  archetypes

53% REBEL 
The Rebel is comfortable throwing caution to the wind—and bucking the system—if that means getting their point across.

Taking center stage comes naturally to the Performer, whether at the water cooler or in front of an audience. They are magnetic and know how to inspire.

The Athlete’s focus and drive are unparalleled. Staying healthy and being fit are paramount to them (as for winning, that doesn’t hurt, either).



  • The Advocate is the one everyone wants on their side. In the name of justice, they are not afraid to challenge authority or speak up for others.
  • Friendly, sincere, and compassionate, the Caregiver finds their reward in helping others. No one could ask for a better best friend.
  • The Athlete’s focus and drive are unparalleled. Staying healthy and being fit are paramount to them (as for winning, that doesn’t hurt, either).
[TWICE News] JYP to create new subunit based off of same concept of TTS called STD

TTS is a subgroup of Girls’ Generation from SM Entertainment. Subgroup members include Taeyeon,Tiffany, and Seohyun, and their name comes from the first letter of each girls’ name. JYP, founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment, liked the idea of the subgroup name and hence formed a new subgroup from TWICE members: STD. Members of the subgroup include Sana (leader and main vocalist), Tyuzu (maknae, vocalist, visual, and dancer), and Dahyun (rapper and dancer). When deciding on the order of the letters, JYP chose it to be STD because he “wanted to give the infamous name a new and better connotation”. Promotions of the new subgroup are expected to begin after wrapping up the group’s latest comeback, Cheer Up. Their debut concept will go along the lines of the athletic theme but will focus more on intense sports. Based off of their concept, they plan to debut with the song “Protection”.

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Baseball Smut and Hockey Butts: Sports Stories that cater to women

It’s tough being a lady sports fan. This is not a secret. Better writers than I have talked about the frustration of seeing women athletes get a fraction of the attention their male counterparts do, of being ridiculed and constantly interrogated by guy fans for our interest in the sport (because obviously we’re not real fans, we’re just in it to impress our boyfriends and to ogle sexy athlete men, which you know, is obviously why I, a huge lesbian am writing this blog), and of gritting our teeth whenever a highly paid athlete’s involvement in a sexual assault or domestic violence case is brushed over.

             But one of the things that often gets over looked is that, as a women sports fan, I do not have a lot of options when it comes to sports media to consume. Or at least, not a lot of options that take into account what is appealing to women. Now sure you have your Bend it like Beckham’s and League of their Own’s, and just because their focus isn’t women doesn’t mean that I can’t still get worked up watching Miracle, or laugh at Major League (although while this movie is fucking hilarious it is also super disgusting in how it treats women.)But a lot of times sports media falls into the trap of a) trivializing the women who do show up and/or b) focusing purely on the development of its male characters as athletes rather than as characters.

              So then what does sports media that caters to women look like? Well I don’t think it’s as simple as “it has women in it.” I mean, obviously sports media that has women in it is catered to women, because that’s the only reason sports media about women gets made. But what about sports media that focuses on men, but still takes into account its female audience? Well friends, for that let us turn to Emma’s two favorite sports: hockey and baseball.

             There are a lot of good baseball movies. As America’s past time baseball enjoys perhaps the greatest collection of movies to its name of any sport. Bull Durham is the best. Maybe not like, objectively. But it’s the best. It is pure unadulterated 80’s nacho cheese complete with Kevin Costner back when he was kind of dreamy, and Susan Sarandon being sexy as fuck. There’s a scene where Susan Sarandon sexually ties a guy to a bed and makes him read homoerotic Walt Whitman poetry. There’s a scene where a bunch of ball players walk out to the pitchers’ mound in the middle of a game and start talking about what to get their teammate for a wedding present. There is a scene where one of the pitchers is shown pitching in lace garters, covered in sweat. IT’S THE BEST.

             No but actually, Bull Durham, is the perfect example of how a sports movie that focuses on men can still appeal to women. First let’s start out with how women are portrayed in the movie. There are really only two women, Annie and Millie, both of whom GET FUCKING LAID. Like, a lot. Annie, Susan Sarandon’s character, is actually arguably the main character of the movie. Deeply passionate about baseball, Annie is something of a groupie for the minor league Durham Bulls, and every season chooses one of the players to be her lover which the team regards as something of a good luck charm. The movie hinges on her choice between seasoned veteran Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) and new pitching prospect “Nuke” (Tim Robbins.) Millie, a sort of younger Annie, doesn’t necessarily sleep with just one man over the course of the season, but with whomever she likes, whenever she likes. The best part of this is, at no point in the movie are the women framed negatively for having sex. Not by the narrative, not by the other characters. Well, ok there’s one time when one of the players implies Millie’s a whore, but Crash immediately shuts him down. Also, despite sleeping with the same population group, Millie and Annie are kind of BFF’s. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when, in the first scene, Nuke and Millie are shown fucking in the shower before a game, and then two scenes later Annie asks Millie whether or not Nuke is worth sleeping with (Millie’s response is also great. “He fucks like he pitches: all over the place.”)  While Annie is the love interest of the two main characters, her development and, perhaps in some ways more ground breaking, her baseball smarts, are also really played up over the course of the movie. Annie’s desires evolve. Her insecurities and passions are brought to the center. She’s a well-rounded character, and her knowledge and passion for baseball are put on the same level as the men’s. She gives Crash batting tips, helps Nuke get his pitching under control, and also seems to be the only person in the country who notices Crash is about to break a minor league homerun record.

             Then of course there’s how the men themselves are portrayed. Bull Durham has a lot of that ensemble comedy charm to it. But unlike a lot of sports movies it doesn’t have…a goal. Because the focus is on a low level minor league team there’s not a championship to win or a hardship to overcome. The Durham Bulls are a shitty team, and there’s not really any getting around that. What that means is that the actual relationships between Crash, Nuke, and Annie, are put front and center and how they develop takes up the bigger chunk of the movie. It’s not just about men doing the thing and being men and winning the day. It’s about three people and their relationship to the sport and how that changes them. Also, this is a really female gazey-movie. Like seriously, topless sweaty pitchers in lace garters female-gazey. It’s not afraid to let the women be the ones to get their cheesecake.

             Speaking of which let’s talk aboutCheck Please!, the webcomic that launched a thousand hockey fans. CP! has a lot more liberty than most sports media in the story it tells, in part because it’s an independently published webcomic. Off the bat, it differs from most sports media by having a protagonist, Eric Bittle or “Bitty”, who is not only openly gay and a really great pie baker, but is also probably not dreaming of being a professional hockey player one day. Bitty instead is a small, former figure skater, who plays hockey on a team at a small liberal arts school, and whose relationships with his much more conventionally masculine teammates make up the primary setting for his personal growth. The second main character of the comic, Jack Zimmerman, is a former top NHL prospect who came to Samwell (Bitty’s school) in an attempt to restart his career after an overdose on anxiety medication and period of rehab.

             On the surface CP! seems to be a typical sports ensemble comedy, from the hockey haus parties to the eccentric personalities of its core group. But, similar to Bull Durham, there’s no goal (heh) in CP! The boys make playoff runs, Jack strives to reclaim his place as hockey prince, but these seem to take place in the background of the relationships between the players. There’s almost none of the hyper-masculinity characteristic of most sports stories. There’s a tender bromance between the defensemen. Bitty’s sexuality is talked about and supported. There’s an entire comic devoted to players on the team appreciating each other’s glorious hockey asses. Jack’s struggles with anxiety and self-esteem are given extensive treatment. One of the main character’s splits his time between exchanging profanities with his teammates on ice and discussing gender theory. Also similar to Bull Durham is the treatment given to its female characters. Though CP! only has two recurring female characters (Lardo and Georgia) and neither feature as prominently in the story as Annie does in Bull Durham, both are shown to have hockey knowledge on par with the men (Lardo is the team’s manager and Georgia is an assistant GM for an NHL organization.) Lardo especially is interesting as she is characterized as having equally close relationships with the team as they do with each other, and even fits into their bro culture while maintaining an identity outside of it.

             So what about the aforementioned characteristics make these stories more appealing to women specifically? Obviously having your characters not treat women solely as jokes or romantic props helps (not to mention giving your female characters the same level of sports knowledge as your male characters.) The titular baseball smut and hockey butts don’t hurt either (even from a lesbian perspective, it’s refreshing to not be the objectified gender every now and then.) But the thing about most sports stories is that the main character usually operates as a male self-insert fantasy, much in the same way that superhero narratives can work. There is a (usually white straight) dude who people don’t believe can do the thing, and then he does the thing, and then maybe there are feelings about doing the thing, but the focus is still that the guy who you can identify with did the thing. Now obviously sports stories can cater to women by putting a woman in this role instead. But Bull Durham and CP! do it by simply not putting their male characters on some sort of pedestal. In Bull Durham Crash kind of…settles on his dreams. He’s smart, but he’s not talented enough to make it to the big leagues and he knows it. That means that the story has to focus a lot more on his relationship with Annie and his relationship with baseball. Similarly, since we know the team isn’t winning a championship any time soon, they’re situated in the narrative such that we are able to see them in a much less glorified way. This makes the story a lot more compelling for someone who might not have been able to identify with the macho glorified narrative to begin with. The same principle goes with CP! We’re not invested in Bitty and Jack as athletes were invested in them as characters. Even though Jack’s goal is athletic in nature, the focus is still primarily on his recovery and his relationship with Bitty and his other teammates. We see the Samwell hockey team not as a unit trying to win a trophy against impossible odds, but as a group of loveable characters who form a support network for each other. Yeah obviously they all love hockey and they want to win. But those are more the circumstances that throw them together rather than the force that drives them.

I think what it comes down to is both of these stories don’t assume that a macho heterosexual guy is the only one looking to get something out of their stories. Instead they consider more fully what it means to be a sports story outside of a goal, how to convey a compelling narrative with a love of a game as the vehicle rather than objective. In turn, those of us that are frequently told that we have no business being fans are invited in rather than excluded. There are no prerequisites on our part for liking the characters, and their likability is established rather than being taken for granted. Now, all that being said, who has some recommendations?