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Tsukkiyama Headcanon

Ok ok just imagine Tsukki and Yama going on a fancy dinner date and Yama gets there first and he reserved a more secluded table so it takes a moment to find someone. Yama sat down and waited patiently and suddenly he sees Tsukki walking in

“Who’s that hot guy?”

Yama stopped and looked at two girls sitting at a table next to his and overheard their conversation.

“He’s tall and handsome, maybe he’s an athlete!”
“No way, he looks like a college student or a young teacher.”
“Hmm do you think he has a girlfriend?”
“I don’t know but what if he’s actually gay?”
“That could never happen, he’d be throwing away his chances of having a family!”

Yama immediatley faltered and started tearing up (bless him I can’t) but then Tsukki came over and lifted his chin up to kiss him.

“Finally found you,” he said,“Did I keep you waiting?”

“Not at all”

Yama then gave him his cute ass smile with his cute ass freckles looking like stars and the two girls shrieked loudly.

guy in my class told me “athletic girls are unattractive” … how ‘bout you … say that again, punk.

Yuri never liked it when people called him beautiful. It always sounded like a perfunctory, a statement coming from mere politeness when people didn’t know how to compliment him other than for his talent or personality.

“You’re beautiful,” his mother said when he put on his performance outfit. It was ridiculously tight and a bit too colourful for his taste, but he wore it because she liked it.

“You’re pretty,” reporters praised him when he sat uncomfortably for a two-hour-long interview, his legs crossed and eyebrows frowning when he was asked invasive questions. The flashlights without warning always made him wince in agony.

“You’re cute,” his fans squealed when they saw him down the aisle, waiting for his coach to meet him before the competition began. He learned to simper when needed, and sometimes his muscles hurt from faking smiles when people were around, to ‘not look as intimidating as usual’ quote Mila. For all he knew the teenager girls would move onto another fair looking athlete in less than a year or so. Bodies weren’t immortal, and neither was fame.

Sooner or later he wouldn’t look beautiful nor, at the least, eye-pleasing enough to get so many unnecessary cameos on television. To the people who only gawked at his face at its prime, it was just a process of fade. When he cut off his bangs and grew his hair, when he was two inches taller in height and gained weight as he aged and worked out more, the sigh of disappointment always confirmed his beliefs.

“Maybe I should cut my hair,” Yuri grunted in front of the mirror, harshly tidying his terrible bedhead while Otabek washed his face next to him. “Maybe I should get an undercut, like you.”

“That would be awesome, matching haircuts,” Otabek chuckled under his breath.

“Hey, I’m seriously asking for an opinion right now.”

“Whatever you do, you are beautiful.”

Otabek always made this statement sound extra believable, like it was an unchangeable fact.

And if there was one thing Yuri could never complain about, it was that.


majestically running Kim Jongdae

I know you don’t like zdeno chara but consider this:

1. He knows 7 languages ( Slovak, Czech, Polish, Swedish, Russian, German and English) because he wants to make sure that no one comes to the team feeling like they have no one to talk to (and he gets bored on plane rides).

2. humors children

3. He was the first captain born and raised within the iron curtain to win the Stanley cup. The Iron curtain being an area in Europe heavily cut off from the rest of the world by the Soviet Union until the end of the cold war.

4. he didn’t even start playing in boston until almost 10 years into his NHL career

5. He was told he would be better off playing basketball (no duh)

6. His hockey stick is 2 inches longer than regulation and needs a waiver from the NHL for it.

7. At the 2014 olympics, short athletes went looking to take pictures with him because the size difference was so funny to them.

Huh….it’s almost as if these women just want to the petrol station to get petrol, pay for petrol, maybe have a polite bit of chat, and leave. Strange.

True: videogame companies and designers in general (or people who give orders to designers) have an issue with portraying women over the age 30 as looking their age

Also true: we as a society have a problem where we expect women over the age of 30 to fit either the mother or crone archetype and we find it strange when they don’t.

Also true: women of 30 don’t automatically turn into mothers or grandmothers, it’s just one year short of 29. Women’s uniqueness, youthfulness, quirkiness, athleticism.etc. doesn’t have an expiration date.

Also true: my main issue is not with the people critizicing Blizzard’s design team, go ahead. My main issue is that the first 3 or see posts talking about this topic were about the last two points and insisiting Sombra lied about her age because she can in no way be that athletic or quirky or look or dress in a certain way after hitting that 29 yo mark. Which is ridiculous and you honestly don’t know many 30 yo women.

That’s my last word in this discourse.