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anonymous asked:

Were you like a little tiny twink in high school that got picked on all the time and now you're gaining weight to overcompensate for your feelings of insecurity?

I was just going to give a funny response to this, but I really want people to know my background.

So, an interesting psychoanalysis, anon, but not the case. I was never a twink. I used to be quite thin, but I was always broad-shouldered and had some beef and a bubble butt. Moreover, I was actually well-liked and somewhat popular in high school (athlete, theatre, choir, student council, yearbook, clubs, homecoming court). Now, school wasn’t always smooth sailing. I certainly got picked on from time to time for being gay. Nevertheless, I gained weight because I admired bigger guys and wanted to be bigger, myself. It is a unique, specific, and fetishistic facet of my sexuality that I wanted to fulfill.

If I really was unable and dismayed from ridicule or comments from assholes, both real and anonymous, I would have stayed thin. Being bigger can have negative affiliations. However, my security and confidence overpowers a comment from anyone, especially someone on the internet who opts out of showing their face (and is possibly insecure with themselves, thus projecting it on others to make themselves feel better). How’s that for psychoanalysis?