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Astrology chart basics overview

Sun sign = the essence of a person, the potential & ideal personality

Moon sign = the inner core of a person, private feelings, subconscious habits and attitudes

Ascendant sign = (aka rising sign) the outer layer, mask, the first impression a person gives to others

Planets (represent energies; what is taking place):

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ID #35566

Name: Gabby
Age: 23
Country:  USA

I’m not really sure how to start this out so I’ll tell you that green is my favorite color. Pretty boring right?

Anyway onto more interesting things. I am a competive national level athlete in the sports of hockey,track and field. I spend a lot of time training, working out, and just being active. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends. We like to do things outdoors…hiking,camping,running, and boating-pretty much if it’s outdoors I enjoy it. I’m excited for this winter season because I’m ready to get back on the mountain and do some snowboarding.

The kind of music I listen to varies with my mood. I listen to a lot of popular music like, Betty who, Katy perry, Miley Cyrus, nick Jonas, hedley,The Weeknd, Hiam etc, but I also love country music. I won’t name artist because there’s just too many. Classic rock and dance music are always getting great too! Without a doubt though my favorite artist is Taylor Swift!

I don’t get a chance to watch much television, but my go to shows are Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Law and Order, Suits, and Orphan black.Outside of music, movies, and tv I do lots of reading. Because I travel a lot I always have a good book with me to pass the time. The countries I’ve been to are Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Norway,and Mexico. I hope to add more to my list soon!

I love all animals except for snakes. There’s something creepy about how they slither on the ground.

My favorite sports to watch are soccer, hockey, rugby, lacrosse, and cricket.

I have a lot more I could share about myself, but I think I’ll end with the fact that I love food and I am always looking to try new things. If you like random conversations that range from meaningless to deep we are meant to be. I don’t mind sharing photos or witty banter. Talk to me tell me your secrets or,don’t but either way this should be interesting!

Preferences: Ages 21-35
Snail mail or online is ok
No gender preference
Open to all countries

👫people I know with each sun sign ☀️

*fyi this is a very generalized image of each sun sign based on people I know and doesn’t represent each sun sign because they are other!! very!! important!! aspects!! of a person’s chart that should be considered!⚠️ but this is just a fun observation I have made of individuals I’ve met in my life!😜 enjoy❣️


- always the one that picks fights with teachers or calls them out on stuff
- actually very nice and the kind of person that would take action whenever they see someone being mistreated, hate bullies!
- doesn’t like following rules or listening to authorities
- very good with computers👨🏼‍💻
- always late but never cares about being late 🤷🏼‍♂️
- smokes weed🚬
- was rather shy when they were young and then became more outgoing as they grew up
- wants to be friends with everybody😃
- got kicked out of a night club because they wanted to bring a bag of chips in with them


- a yoga instructor 🙏🏼
- very spiritual
- knows what works best for them and really wants to show other people the right way to live their life 
- love helping people
- very confident in that they know how to live a good life, kind of a show off
- lowkey a gossipy person💬
- close with their family 
- kind of reserved and timid


- always asks questions in class about stuff nobody else cares about🗣
- never shuts up🗯
- gets along super well with people older than them👴🏽
- has a very active mind👀
- likes to bike as a sport with a group of people🚴🏾
- very mature and interested in politics and following news 
- that person you can talk to about anything 
- curious af and likes to be witty😜
- kind of an outsider, people see them as different and wierd



- is super tough on the outside but is acutally super soft😤
- comes off as very nervous😰
- acts on how they feel instead of what is logical
- super emotional and passionate but doesn’t like to deal with their emotions
- either love or hate you
- defensive af🥊
- stubborn
- love hanging out with animals🐈


- athletic⛹️‍♀️
- that person that knows everybody
- quiet but doesn’t seem shy but instead proud and reserved, they usually only speak when they will sound or look good💃🏽
- witty and kind of sneaky😏
- wants things to look nice
- makes everything seem super easy
- analytical, intelligent and very picky
- has a small close group of friends


- very keen on details 
- worries a lot!! 😣
- somewhat reserved towards strangers and new things in general 
- files their nails during class 💅🏽
- a part of a trio of friends that are always together👭
- involved in group sports and a leader🤸‍♀️ 
- unsure of themselves 


- very concerned with how other people percieve them 
- they will literally talk about their crush 24/7 😍
- very obsessed with romance, drama 💕
 - is not mean spirited just wants everybody to get along 
- think they are super awkward but actually comes across as super chill 🤗
- a jock 🎽


- extremley nice 😊
- super helpful and polite 
- not a mean bone in their body 😇
- some social situations makes them super uncomfortable 
- loves fantasy and video games 🎮
- doesn’t show much emotion😐


- can play like more than 5 instruments, very musical and creative🎸
- super talented but still insecure about their talents 
- loves doing their makeup 💄
- if someone does something that pisses them off they will literally hate you forever, especially if you are mean to one of their friends!! then you are dead to them!💀
- stubborn af! They are never wrong! 
 - lowkey a mum to their friends 👵🏻
- seems super chill about everything and is a great listener☺️
- responsible


- very popular😎
- works a lot!!! workaholic warning!💼
- independent af
- quite private about emotions but very supportive of others 
- gets perfect grades in everything!!⭐️
- likes to exercise 🏃🏽
- amazing at multitasking, like how do you even get time for sleep???


- the one that can lead a group wether it be friends or classmates 
- sarcastic af!! loves to joke around with people 🤣
- intelligent!! but has very high standards of themselves 
- really good at making things happen or organizing things 
- usually friends with everybody 
- will act friendly towards you even if they hate you
- has weekly meetings with their family👨‍👨‍👦‍👦
- very critical of themselves and others
- cries at parties because they love everybody!! literally!! ❤️


- super soft 👶🏼
- has a creative side but not very expressive about it
- pls don’t scream at them like ever 🙅‍♂️
- introvert and likes things to be calm and quiet, they were however very outgoing as a kid and every single adult loved them! 
- studies video game development, computer nerd👨‍💻
- kind of lazy 😴
- just wants everybody to be happy, drama stresses them out

Well this took forever!! So there’s a short where Hiro and Baymax are just playing around with a football but I wanted to see Tadashi showing off his moves too u3u


When you use your ears as flotation devices because you can…and because your legs are short!


• Outgoing, optimistic
• Takes risks, gambles
• Independent hates fences
• Loves travel, outdoors
• Into religion, philosophy
• Seeks higher education
• Blunt speech; to the point
• Athletic, sports interests
• Love animals and wildlife
• Flippant, non-caring
• Impatient
• Intolerant of ignorance
• Avoids commitments

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