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One thing I think a lot of people miss/forget about David is that he’s also incredibly smart in canon. I think because of his attitude, build, behavior, and speech, people will often associate him with the stereotype of “dumb jock”. I’m intrigued as to what specific academic category he excelled most in (math, science, history, literature, etc), but because of the statement “serious potential”, I have a feeling he was the type that took all the hard classes, did AP and/or dual credit. If he excelled in science/anatomy he could likely analyze an opponent for weak spots, making him all the more dangerous because he would know exactly where to hit to cause the most damage. Not only that, but if he was good at psychology, he could probably even elicit intense reactions from his opponent by simply analyzing them, their behavior, and then pinpointing a likely trauma from their past. That might explain why a lot of people would fight with him as well, because he knew which buttons to press to get under their skin. Most people display him as solely a rough and physically combative person, and even I fall into this fallacy. However, I think that what really made David a dangerous person is not just physical strengths and good looks, but the fact that people underestimated the power of his mind, that he’s likely extremely clever and adaptive to situations.

Ilvermorny Informal House Colors

I know there are no official House colors at Ilvermorny, but I figured it would be good to have informal colors for competitive events (Quidditch, debate, etc.) They’re all different combinations on the overall school colors (blue, cranberry, gold).

cranberry + medium blue : Thunderbird
gold + cranberry : Wampus
medium blue + pale blue : Horned Serpent
pale blue + gold : Pukwudgie

NOTE: At Ilvermorny, they wear more typical sportswear (jerseys and athletic shorts, plus sweatshirt-jackets and sweatpants for the cold months) to play Quidditch. The uniforms are as follows:

Thunderbird - cranberry jersey, medium blue shorts with cranberry stripes down the sides, medium blue sweatshirt-jacket/sweatpants

Wampus - gold jersey, cranberry shorts with gold stripes down the sides, cranberry sweatshirt-jacket/sweatpants

Horned Serpent - medium blue jersey, pale blue shorts with medium blue stripes down the sides, pale blue sweatshirt-jacket/sweatpants

Pukwudgie - pale blue jersey, gold shorts with pale blue stripes down the sides, gold sweatshirt-jacket/sweatpants

Jerseys and jackets say ISQ (for Ilvermorny School Quidditch) on the right breast and the player’s surname and number on the back. The sweatpants say the House name down the pant leg.

Class - The Rebirth Of The Cool

What does having class even mean?
Seems like people think it’s about your education, zip code, job title or make/model of their car. I see people that try to come off as having class but will not even acknowledge the janitor that comes into their offices to empty the trash can. That’s snobbery not class. Class is easy to recognize but much harder to define. Similarly, the absence of class is easy to detect.

Definition of classy
a :  elegant, stylish a classy clientele a classy hotel
b :  having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior a classy guy a classy gesture
c :  admirably skillful and graceful 

Class is much more than being born with money or having the money to buy the most expensive clothes. Class and elegance is truly something that comes from within. Something that is priceless. You know when you are in the presence of a “great lady or sophisticated gentleman.” Class in my mind means having a certain knowledge of social grace and proper behavior. A lot of people today don’t follow those kind of old fashioned social norms anymore, and I think that’s why people with class and elegance truly stand out, because they are a bit old-fashioned/ retro.

The epitome of class

Cary Grant

I associate class and elegance to someone who is poised, well mannered/polite and well dressed (not necessarily expensive). Such person usually carries himself or herself with dignity, and their presence is never flashy or over bearing. It’s a kind of inner beauty that transcends social and economic standing. For example, I know plenty of people with no money that possess such qualities and vise versa. I’m more than convinced it’s in the way you were raised and the standards you have set for yourself. It’s a kind savoir-faire, and it’s always evident when such person interacts with others.
The question at the end of the day is, can you be a gentleman without possessing class, or can you have class without being a gentleman? The answer to that question is that you cannot be a gentleman without possessing class. It’s an essential trait which every gentleman has. The term having class is the equivalent to being a gentleman or a lady.

Idris Elba

People with class are…
- … always appropriately dressed for the occasion, it never looks like they tried too hard, and they add to the sense of context of any occasion, almost making any occasion into a festive event, whether going to the open market carrying the proper accessories, going to lunch on the town with friends, teaching in the classroom, or whatever.
- They know how to age gracefully without resorting to drastic measures to change their appearance to appear younger. They just move along naturally with their age and with the times, with the right hairdo, etc. Naturally that means a lot of maintenance, in terms of exercise and diet, but they think they’re worth it, their spouses, friends, colleagues etc are worth it, and that’s their essential mindset.
- They make you glad to be alive and grateful that they add such an aesthetic sense to your daily perceptions, like passing a tree in bloom or sitting in a garden, depending on whether you stand next to them waiting to cross the street or spend an afternoon with them. They just spark a happy feeling in you for just being next to them and inspire you to work on a little self-improvement on your part so you can contribute to others’ pleasure in the same way.

Valentino Garavani & Giancarlo Giammetti

Valentino says, “The importance of fashion is to make one dream a little, to soften one’s imperfections”. I totally agree with that, and a person with elegance and class, I’m truly convinced, is a person who makes you “dream a little”. In the same vein, an elegant person is a graceful person to be around, one who somehow makes your day a happy day after you have left this person. Maya Angelou once said - “People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Finally, a person with class is one who isn’t scattered, he is focused in a zen kind of way in what is happening now, with you, who does one thing at a time and stays focused. It goes along with the idea of self-discipline and “a mindset” to always be at one’s best, to develop and improve spiritually.
“ My definition of ‘class; is that it is synonymous with 'quality’. It does not mean wealth, birth or position. It does mean that innate sensitivity to other people, that appreciation of the good, the decent and the fair, and that hunger for the beautiful and the appropriate that distinguishes an individual as a person one can be rewarded to know.”

Arrive as a King, leave as a Legend, but be remembered as Gentleman.

Being a CLASS ACT.
C is for calm, courteous and in control
People who have class carry themselves in a certain way. They stay calm under pressure and don’t lose their temper. They are respectful and use good manners. They don’t use crude language or criticise or complain in public. They don’t interrupt others.
L is for living by high standards
Class acts set goals in both their career and personal life. They are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and push themselves beyond their limits to see how successful they can become.
A is for above it all
Class acts take the high road and refuse to stoop to the level of their adversaries. They don’t have to apologize for their unfortunate words because they know better than to give in to the heat of the moment.
S is for self-respect, and respect for others as well
They don’t gossip or say mean and petty things about others. They take every opportunity to make others feel good about themselves and appreciated.
S is for self-confidence without being arrogant
Class acts understand their abilities and are not afraid to use them. You can develop confidence, just like any muscle or character trait, if you are willing to work hard. Class acts also increase the confidence of others.

Sean Connery

A is for accountability
Class acts take responsibility for their actions and results, whether it’s a success or failure.
C is for compassion
Classy people understand that helping someone up will never pull you down. Compassion is a vital part of class acts. Compassion feels and whispers, "I’ll help.” Class acts really care.
T is for trust
Truthfulness and integrity are the basis for trust. Classy people are trustworthy and understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality. To me the most important five-letter word in business is T-R-U-S-T.

“People want to do business with you or become involved in your sphere of influence. They perceive you as successful and someone who can expand their possibilities. They trust you to act with responsibility, integrity and aplomb. Class acts tend to attract people who are at the top of their game.” That’s true in the game of life or sports. Class athletes have an edge over their opponents. Why? Their poise allows them to concentrate better. They exhibit better confidence to play to their potential. An added plus: Classy athletes usually have the crowd behind them.
So take a close look at your network of friends, co-workers, customers and so on. Are they class acts? Whether you realize it or not, they are a reflection of you. The good news is that you can change.

Make a decision to recreate yourself as a class act and see what kind of people you start attracting. Do fewer things, but do them better. Change your behavior for the better. Raise the quality of your attitude. When you have a higher level of personal standards, you get better treatment from everyone around you. 


So I was watching the new opener for season 2 specifically to find Nathaniel in it and I just wanted to point out some of my fave parts to it. The major one I want to talk about I’ll put over the cut

1. This one of the main four kids all together. First off look at the cute little kisses Marinette put around Adrien like girl could you get more obvious? Though that is a hella cute detail. Now look at the cute kitty ears, whiskers and tail on Marinette! I’m totally better Adrien or Alya put those on her. Marinette just admit cat things look cute on you. Now check the little fox in the upper right corner by Alya’s head. I think we all know what that means. Fox holder Alya=more confirmed or Alya just really likes foxes

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just wanted to say something: i think it’s unbelievably cute that bolin carried the metal cables for wei and wing in “operation beifong” so they could fight if something happened - just a reminder that they didn’t know they would have to fight kuvira, they just did it cause zhu li was in danger. 

and it was for them, not for su. look:

i like to think they are really close friends. i mean, bolin has been dating opal for 3 years now, he must’ve visited zaofu a lot with her - cause i believe opal did so, given the fact she was almost killed when the red lotus attacked the temple, su would want her daughter around more often. even more after tenzin decided the air nation would traveled the world again. plus, su said that since baatar jr left zaofu their family has never been the same, so opal would’ve want to comfort her parents and brothers, being there for them. sooo for all of that, i believe opal went a lot to zaofu along with bolin - before he joined kuvira, of course. that made him get closer to wei and wing. i think the twins admired bolin for his strengh and skills, cause they’re athletes themselves. plus, bolin is a sweetheart and easy to get along with. i can see the three of them talking about pro-bending, earthbending in general, etc

when bolin gets to zaofu with kuvira and he realized opal was really mad at him, he kind of asked the twins for help, trying to convince them to back him up. they didn’t. in fact, they look way more disappointed than angry when bolin does so - plus he switch their names, which didn’t helped:

they look like the’re saying “dude, shut up. we’re friends, why are you working with the girl who wants to take our fuckin city?”

it’s personal. they are friends and i believe they do look out for each other. like bolin did, being cautious and getting the twins metal cables just in case they had to fight, cause like i’ve said, it wasn’t in their plans to do so. the plan was: get the beifongs and get out. just that

and speaking of personal stuff: the little hand thing wei did when bolin saved him. for me it was his way to forgive bolin for working with kuvira. that scene wasn’t just cute, it was a big deal

BLESS THEM!! bolin doesn’t have to marry opal to be a beifong, he’s already part of the family. i love it. wanted to see more of them. i miss it all SO MUCH


except………… if they already have superpowers then they wouldn’t be exerting themselves………………….. plus real athletes look like THIS so like miss me with all this hate towards those “if superheroes had realistic body types” posts 

just say you hate fat people existing anywhere in reality or fiction 

daddyscumhole123  asked:

Can you draw Peridot and Lapis kissing? :3

I’m sorry,it’s bad. I wanted to spend more time on it. But I’m so exhausted from training. (I’m lazy but idk how I got pick to be an athlete.) Plus,im bad at drawing kisses. I hope this trash will make you happy :>. Thanks for requesting! 

Fading Away

Spoiler Warning: If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War, this post contains some spoilers for the end of the move (i.e. part 3). You’ve been warned, but you don’t want to miss the end. If you don’t care, keep reading (but I warned you, didn’t I?). This came from an anon request. 

Setting: You are an athletic, lithe, strong Jabari warrior woman. You love being outside, but also love M’Baku. You spend your days training and your evenings together –two warriors in love. This is a different protagonist from my other stories, but is the counter to “Warrior Spirit.” 

Also, “Diplomatic Affairs,” “What’s for Dessert?”, and “Coming Home.”

M’Baku x Plus-Size, Athletic, independent, warrior woman. 

His in Training

You and M’Baku had trained for this moment for a long time. Not only were you fierce in your own right, but he was also your lover. It took the mental fortitude of a fighter and the heart of a champion to keep up with Lord M’Baku. He was a ferocious 6′5″ and thick in all the right places. He was tall, broad, and intense in battle. In the right light, he towered over you by about a foot, casting a wide shadow and you loved every moment. 

You loved your body. As a Jabari woman, you were often teased, but you had always enjoyed being outside in  the snow. You had muscular arms and thighs, carved from the hours of training. 

You were the first to jump in cold water and swim -testing your physical limits alongside the Jabari warriors. You were also athletic and nimble, more flexible than most. As much as you loved being feminine by stretching to grab an arrow or climbing a tree, you still were able to out-run most Jabari warriors –lithe like the lioness of Wakanda that you are.  M’baku  called you his little lioness. You were fast and agile, but also nimble. In training, you were often the lookout, climbing tall trees and saving countless Jabari lives.

The fresh, crisp air of a Jabari morning energized you. As the only girl in a Jabari household, you knew how to hold your own. M’Baku described you as the perfect blend of strength and sleekness. You never relied on him completely, but still melted into his arms when you had time alone. Being a Jabari woman meant being strong and self-sufficient, something that kept you from being traditional. 

“You are so odd.” M’Baku often told you. “You’re very different from the other girls”

“I suppose I am. Is that a bad thing?”

“I’m not sure” he looked at you, quizzically and shrugged, lumbering away. “I suppose I will accept you anyhow.”

“You have no choice, my king”

“There is always a choice, Y/N. Now, follow me.”

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His in Secret

Despite your reputation, you were painfully shy. If anyone found out M’Baku was your lover, you would be embarrassed, not because of him, but you didn’t need the Jabari men teasing you-respect was imperative. You enjoyed sneaking away to the caves in Jabari mountain to find alone time. You loved to write of your adventures in the cave…awaiting your love.

In your small cave, there was a small recovery pool in the back, glowing blue with minerals and known for helping warriors to recover. It was the small place where the two of you had your most private conversations-friends turned lovers.

After training, the weary warriors would come to this enclave to rest their aching muscles. The cave became a boys club and the men loved to be there-barely clothed. Although that would be a temptation for most women, the Jabari warriors were like brothers to you. You were immune to their jokes and often tucked away, lost in quiet thought in your own hideaway, awaiting your king.

When the raucous Jabari locker room emptied, you were relieved. The hum of the springs and the whoosh of the snow outside was soothing. You often perched in a hidden rock high in the cave, only M’Baku knew you were there. 

M’Baku entered the cave to raucous barking. You always knew when he was there, as the volume got really loud. As he was the king, he was always permitted to bathe in his own private pool, directly underneath your perch. You loved to watch the curve of his muscular back and broad shoulders. This was off-limits -and you knew it. 

There was a special whistle, late at night when he wanted your company. You would make your way down from your perch to join him in the mineral pool. Since you were bashful, you tried to keep your garments on. 

“I’ve told you, Y/N…no clothes”

“But, M’Baku…” you stuttered.

“What have I not seen before?”
“Leave me my dignity”

“It’s so dark in here, I can’t see anything”

“Ok, but turn your back.”

“Out of respect for you, Y/N. I know your shape better than my own.”

You slipped into the pool -nude.The warm springs felt amazing on your sore back and your training bruises. It was the perfect complement to a long day.

You heard a splash and looked up. M’Baku had disappeared.

Suddenly, a huge wave of water splashed in your face and you heard a loud laugh. M’Baku had fully dunked you…and you loved it. He was as funny in private as he was fierce on the battlefield.

The next thing you felt was his strong arms around you and his wet chest was in your face. “Be calm,  Y/N.” You laughed and splashed him back, but you were no match for his strength. There was only place that this could lead and you were grateful that it was just the two of you…recovering together. 

“Not in this pool, M’Baku” you said.

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WWE Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax
[April 8th, 2018]

If you were a fan during the days of The Attitude Era and have continued watching wrestling, then you’ve seen a significant change through the years. There were the days when the WWF Women’s Championship was contested among women who were simply eye candy, then a great period in the early 2000s where there were legitimate badass female wrestlers, followed by some rough times with lingere pillowfights and Diva searches. Granted, there were good wrestlers at all times, but rarely did they get the spotlight and even rarer were plus-size female wrestlers ever featured. Instead, a lot of the focus was on who was the hottest, who was bitchier, who was meaner, but not simply who is better.

Last night’s WrestleMania had an incredible focus on talent that doesn’t fit the typical mold of American wrestling. International talents and people of color were in the spotlight and the company featured talents that fit every spectrum imaginable, whether in minor or major roles on the event. One of the most dominant wrestlers on the card was the powerful Nia Jax. When Nia first debuted, she gained attention for her beauty, her intensity, and her size. Nia’s the first to admit that (no pun intended) like most girls, in that she’s proud to be bold, to be a plus-size athlete, and that her dedication and persistence make her a must-see star for fans and aspiring wrestlers alike. 

The most recent story featuring Nia is one that a lot of people can relate to. The Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss befriended Nia during Alexa’s reign as champion, often utilizing her friendship with Nia to help sway things her way. When Alexa expressed her distaste for Nia in a very rude and demeaning way, she unleashed the beast within Nia, whose emotions had been on a roller coaster over the last two months. 

At WrestleMania, Alexa wasn’t just going against her former friend, but someone who had a lot to prove. That being a plus-sized athlete isn’t a curse. That being someone who’s had to deal with mockery, teasing, and just downright bullying doesn’t mean that the words of vitriol and disgust do not define the person. Instead, it’s what said athlete is capable of overcoming and accomplishing, and Nia Jax is a fine example of what it means to rise above hatred. I’m sure I’m not the only one who shed a tear of joy to see Nia Jax holding the WWE Raw Women’s Championship high on the grandest stage of them all.