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What a happy kiddo!!!!!

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Alexander: First to ten?

Knox: Are you serious? It’s two of us against one of you, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Rhen: Let him be, he obviously wants to be horribly humiliated when he loses.

Alexander: Has anyone ever told you guys how mega rude you are? Because they should.

At our game this past Saturday I got to give my old team jersey to my superfan Morgan. Apparently made her year. She’s basically the best, and reminds me over and over how incredibly important it is that we have the privilege of being strong, athletic role models for little girls like her (and kids of all genders, frankly). What I wouldn’t have given to have had roller derby to go see when I was her age.


Novak at the Australian Open 2017 Kids Day with Roger Federer, Milos Raonic and Daria Gavrilova on the Rod Laver Arena on Saturday

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A is for Athletic Wear

Eustass Kid Week 2017 - Day 5!

Ahhh, I’m posting this so much later in the day than I wanted to! I ended up trying to edit it myself because @fitgirlfaith24 is still sick, which means I rewrote it like six times and probably still missed some grammar mistakes, so I apologize for that!

Once again this is kind of half from Kid’s perspective and half from Law’s. The first part is more setting up for the prompt so it still flows with the previous stories, so bear with me.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched all of the 10th Doctor there are some vague possible spoilers for Doctor Who? Kinda? Fair warning.

Author: fangirlwonder (WordsandWonder on AO3)

Pairing: Kid/Law

Prompt: Athletic Wear

Rating: Teenish?

Kid was back on his feet in no time after finally caving and taking his antibiotic, and while he was really happy to see them suddenly getting along, Kid wasn’t sure how he felt about Law and Killer suddenly ganging up on him and berating him for waiting so long. He’d had to resort to physically separating them to make it stop, which he did by picking Law up, taking him into his bedroom, and proving to him just how much better he was feeling. That tactic was more effective than Kid had planned, because he’d forgotten how loud Law could get, and apparently being in a poorly sound-proofed apartment didn’t deter him one bit from expressing his appreciation of Kid’s cock. It did, however, deter Killer from making eye contact with the doctor for about a week.

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Pokémon Sun and Moon starters as kids you knew in school
  • Rowlet: the chubby kid who you made fun of in elementary school for his size and knowledge.
  • Dartrix: smartest kid in middle school whom you avoid due to how you treated him in elementary. You have a crush on him.
  • Decidueye: the hottest babe in high school. He's also the top honors student. Best friends with Incineroar and Primarina. He remembers you but will acknowledge you.
  • Litten: the scrawny kid who would get in trouble a lot. You bullied him because he was avoided in elementary school. You have a crush on him.
  • Torracat: most athletic kid in middle school. You know he remembers you from elementary and you keep away. You have at least one class with him each year.
  • Incineroar: hottest guy in high school. He's the captain of every team there is, including chess. He's super buff and could break you in half. He claims to not remember you but you know he does. Best friends with Decidueye. Primarina is his girlfriend.
  • Popplio: the spunky girl who you made fun of in elementary school for not being pretty.
  • Brionne: one of the cutest and nicest girls in middle school. You can tell she remembers you and is still hurt but she is still nice to you. She says hi in the hall.
  • Primarina: hottest and friendliest girl in school. She gets a lead in every play and is student body president. Everyone loves her. She has forgiven you and has a friendly conversation with you once every little bit. She is best friends with Decidueye and Incineroar is her boyfriend. You have a crush on her.

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Lol what a coincidence I was just thinking about otayuri and the age thing and I open up Tumblr to this!! Like dang some people have to chill like the whole sex thing is a moot point because ppl can ship otayuri romantically but not engaged in sex at all until yuri is whatever age they deem acceptable like dang don't hate on the entire thing their dynamic is so great two young athletes, kids where most of the other competitors are in their 20s and?? Like dang chill they're cute together

P r e a c h

The pacer test is wild, my man. Everybody hates the day it happens and at least one kid forged a doctor’s note and you know it. People pair up and physically are fighting their partners to make them run first. The kids who were weak line up and glare aggressively at the cones on the other side. They fidget in line for a while until the announcements come on. “30 seconds,” the test says, until it will start. Everybody knows that is a lie.
The burly man announcing the test tells everyone to begin. The athletic kid immediately rushes out like a horse who’s been prepping for a race. Everybody else attempts to pace themselves. After eight laps, one kid drops. Everything is fine for twenty laps. One or two kids drop out and are okay with that. After twenty laps, faces are beginning to become red and hair looks stringy and damp.
Thirty laps go by. One girl is audibly singing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. The boy who has been holding out trips and accepts his defeat. Forty laps. “The Climb” has turned into consistent yelling and complaining about the test, and six other students have joined in. Fifty laps. A few kids are visibly shaking and half of the class has dropped out. The original Miley girl has dropped, and is crying into her friend’s shoulder.
Sixty laps. There are five kids remaining. One of them is tearing off his socks mid run. A boy drops unconscious in the middle of the gym floor and nobody does anything, like British soldiers seeing a friend fall. Seventy laps. There are two kids remaining. They are wide eyed and their legs seem to work like jellied noodles. The class is cheering them on while their mothers wait patiently at the emergency room.
Eighty laps. There is one boy remaining. He is not losing speed. There are tears streaming down his face, and he is dead inside. The teacher physically stops him due to medical concerns and he collapses in her hands. The class hosts a funeral by the drinking fountain. It is then time for push-ups.

Imagine that wife-swap show but with like. Heroes and Villains. The heroes swap territories for a little while to deal with each other’s problems and villains.

Sportacus swaps with Athletic Man. For a few days it seems perfect- Athletic Man has the kids doing quiet, relaxing, calming, quiet yoga, and Sportacus has everyone up and about and moving and making noise. Robbie and Bradley are ecstatic.

And then. Robbie starts to kinda miss the noise. Athletic Man is boring. Bradley gets tired of Sportacus turning into a blur every time he exercises. He misses Athletic Man’s soothing assurances.

After their week is up, they swap back out with a new appreciation for their heroes.

…doesn’t stop them from terrorizing them, though.

Meeting Him: Liam Dunbar

Summary: Liam and the reader meet for the first time

Note: part of the Meeting Him Series

Life is filled with things we don’t want to do, whether it’s picking up after the dog when it takes a dump in the front yard of the neighbor’s house or carting a little brother around because Mom bribed you with a new video game. In my case, it was the latter.

           It wasn’t really fair, but at the same time, it was. Mom had waited until the summer to move to Beacon Hills, had done the unpacking, the cooking, and the cleaning… all I had done was hook up the Xbox in our new house and sat on my ass, thumbs darting over the controller. So when she came to me with a weary look on her face, I caved.

           “Zachary, let’s go!” I called from the front hallway. Every Monday and Wednesday, Zac had lacrosse lessons from the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team. It was a program put together by the school to encourage young athletes and teach kids how to play the game. Usually Mom took him, but I could tell she was tired- she was up most of the night talking to her lawyer about her and Dad’s divorce- so it was my responsibility to take him. And we were already ten minutes late. “Zac!” I yelled one more time, unlocking the front door.

           The pitter-patter of my five year old brother’s feet smacked across the hard wood floors. “Y/N, I need help.” Zac pouted his lower lip as he showed me his jumbled shoelaces. Sighing, I squatted to help him tie his cleats.

           “There ya go, Bub. Now let’s go. We’re late.” I scooped him up and propped him on my hip, hollering a “Bye, love you Mom” over my shoulder before locking the house. Zachary giggled as I buckled him into his booster seat, reaching out to touch my hair. I swatted his hand gently. “Knock it off, Bubba.”

           As soon as I started the car, Zac squealed, “Danger Zone! Danger Zone!” I rolled my eyes and sighed. Still, I complied, popping in the Top Gun soundtrack. Lately airplanes and the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School had been his obsessions- besides Lilo and Stitch, of course. When he began to sing along, I glanced back at him to confirm a suspicion of mine. Ever since Mom started to let him dress himself, Zachary only wanted to wear his “Stitch” shirt. It was so worn that it had a hole in the shoulder and the left armpit. Still, it was all he wanted to wear.

           “Bubbie, has that shirt been washed? You wore it yesterday… and the day before that…”

           In a perfect imitation of Stitch’s voice, Zac cried, “Stitch doesn’t take baths!”

           “But Stitch stinks!” I giggled.

           Zac crossed his arms. “Lilo likes Stitch’s shirt.”

           I raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? Where’s Lilo?”

           Zachary appeared thunderstruck. “We’re going to see Lilo right now!” I furrowed my eyebrows. What was that crazy kid talking about? Before I could question him any further, the song ended, prompting him to chant, “Again! Again!”


           We ended up arriving twenty minutes late. Awesome. Mom will most definitely not be pleased.

           As soon as I set Zachary on the ground, he took off running. “Wait, Zac!” I yelled, chasing after him. He wasn’t listening though. His little legs charged for the open gate, passing through without slowing, and disappeared from sight. Heart pounding, I followed his path to find myself standing before a green field filled with little kids. Great. How am I going to find him now?

           The sound of my little brother yelling, “Lilo! Lilo!” had my head spinning. Finally, I spotted him in front of the bleachers, running to meet… an actual person? Lilo is real?

           “Hey, buddy!” I heard the boy greet him as he approached. Zachary threw his arms around the dude. From a distance, they could probably be mistaken for brothers: both of them had dirty blond hair and giddy blue eyes. I quickened my pace.

           “I’m late. Y/N said that I’m late. Were you waiting for me?”

           The boy smiled. “I was. It’s okay that you’re late; everyone is late sometimes. Are you ready to play?” That’s when I cleared my throat, almost instantly feeling like a jackass when ‘Lilo’ looked up at me. Damn, he’s cute.

           “Sorry. Zac, you know better than to run off like that.” I tried to scold my younger brother, but it was hard to when I could feel ‘Lilo’- who happened to be extremely attractive- staring at me.

           Zachary’s small shoulders drooped. “I’m sorry Y/N.”

           “It’s okay Bub. Just don’t do it again, okay? I’m too out of shape to be running after you. Especially in the summer. It’s too hot.” Inwardly I cringed. Great job, Y/N. Way to embarrass yourself in front of a super cute guy.

           “You’re…” My head jerked to look at ‘Lilo’. I probably did it too fast and looked like a total weirdo, ‘cause his eyes were wide and his pink lips almost gaping.

           “Y/N, yeah. Zac’s my little brother. You’re… Lilo?” Gosh, why am I so awkward?

           To my surprise, he laughed. “Um, no, actually. My name’s Liam. Zac calls me Lilo, though. I, um… it’s nice to see you… I mean, meet you. How come I haven’t seen you here before?”

           “I have no life outside my Xbox.” I deadpanned and then felt like a total doofus. Liam didn’t seem to mind though. In fact, he smiled, “You play Xbox?”

           As embarrassing as it was, I could feel my heartbeat rising. “Yeah, I do. I’m guessing you play?” My hand came up to awkwardly scratch the back of my neck. Liam nodded, smiling even wider. We gazed at each other for a few seconds before Zachary impatiently sighed.

           “Lilo! Let’s play!” Zac’s small hand grabbed Liam’s larger one, pulling him to his feet and onto the field. I watched them go, blushing when Liam glanced back at me with a smile. Crap, he’s cute. Looks like my next few Mondays and Wednesdays are booked.

Damn athletic kids being too rough
  • *Sirius and Remus plop down on the table with James, Peter and Lily*
  • Remus: God fucking dammit my hips hurt
  • James: Why
  • Remus: Blame Sirius Fucking Black
  • James and Lily: ...
  • Peter: *blushes and fans himself*
  • Sirius: No way! You're the one who thought you could handle that much last night
  • Remus: You're the one who went too rough! I told you it was my first time doing those kind of things!
  • Sirius: You're the one who begged me to do it!
  • Remus: Well, you're the one who--
  • Remus:
  • Sirius:
  • The others:
  • Remus:
  • Sirius:
  • The others:
  • Sirius: wtf no
  • Remus: we were doing aerobic exercises
  • Sirius: like srsly you guys
  • Remus: you pervs
  • The others: ......