athletes in suits

Wearable tech that alerts you to injuries, inspired by a paralympian, this week on the Design & Violence blog. 

[Lucy Jung, Daniel Garrett, Ming Kong, Elena Dieckmann. Innovation Design Engineering Program. Royal College of Art. Imperial College London. Bruise, the Injury Detection Suit. Pressure-sensitive film embedded in sportswear. Project sponsor: Rio Tinto Sports Challenge. Images courtesy the designers]

Mutual (Niall Horan)

Niall grabbed the chair from the desk, bringing it over to the end of the bed.

“You can come on the bed you know,” you bit your lip softly, picking up the box of your toys from under the bed.

“I want you to have your space…” he chuckled, pulling his shirt over his head.

You nodded your head slightly and tugged off your athletic shorts. Your shirt followed suit, and having not been wearing a bra, your panties were the only thing left. When you looked up, Niall was bare, completely. There was no shred of clothing on him. You captured your bottom lip between your teeth, watching as he sat on the chair and propped his legs up on the bed.

You smiled at him softly and crawled onto the bed, kneeling with your hands on your thighs.

“Whenever you’re ready babe.”

Nodding your head, you fell back onto your bum. You shimmied your panties down your legs, tossing them down onto the floor and reaching behind you to adjust and stack the pillows up. As you leaned back, you slid your hands up and down your legs before spreading them just slightly.

Niall’s eyes lowered to the slight view that he had, pulling his legs apart slightly as well and wrapping his fingers around the base of himself. You smiled softly at him and scooped your hands under your breasts, pushing them up and together, massaging them slowly. For a moment, you pressed your knees together and just focused on your chest, bringing your fingers up to pinch at your nipples, getting them hard quick. You let out a soft breath and looked down to watch what you were doing with your hands, glancing up at your boyfriend for a moment.

His hand was pumping himself slowly, twisting his hand to the right on the way up and twisting it to the left on the way back down. You smirked and went back to focusing on yourself.

As one hand continued to play with your breast, you trailed the other one down your stomach. You pushed your knees apart as your hand got lower and looked down. You finally dropped your legs apart, giving Niall the full view of yourself. You trailed your fingers over your flower gently, just feeling your shape and curves. The stubbly skin tickled the tips of your fingers as you traced around the most sensitive parts.

Niall slowed himself down, seeing that you were taking your time with it. He didn’t want to come as soon as he was going to be if he didn’t slow down. He ran his thumb over his tip, collecting some of the clear liquid that had dripped from him. He spread it around himself and traced the vein down his erection, smirking at you.

You giggled softly, pushing your fingers in between your folds, feeling around softly.

“What?” he asked, chuckling softly.

“Nothing,” you shook your head, biting your lip softly.

He raised his eyebrow but dropped it, his eyes dropping back down between your legs.

You finally moved both hands down to your core, using one to spread your lips apart and open yourself up. As you held yourself open, you found your clit, the simple movement of brushing your fingers over it making you sigh out softly. You pressed down on it, pushing downwards slightly and moving it around in slow circles. Your eyes shut and your lips pursed together. Everything was still kind of dry, but the more you stimulated yourself, the more that changed.

You could feel the stickiness starting to gather at your entrance, your fingers picking some up and moving it onto your clit.

“You’re getting wet…” Niall chuckled, his words sounding out of breath.

Glancing down, you could just see the glistening skin of your lips, smirking and nodding your head.

“Yeah baby… nice and wet…” you murmured out, continuing the firm movements, quickening the circles. A soft moan fell from your lips and your eyes fluttered shut again.

As soon as you felt that you were wet enough, you dropped two fingers into you, the wet, aroused skin opening up for you with ease. Your nipples were stiff, so as you pushed your fingers in and out of you slowly, your other hand came back up to grab onto one of your nipples. You couldn’t help but whine out softly, wriggling your hips under your own touch.

“Use your toys…” Niall breathed, his hand starting to speed up and tighten around himself.

You pulled your hand out and reached over to your box, grabbing out a pink dildo that had a clit stimulator attached. Biting your lip softly you brought it to your mouth, sucking on it and closing our eyes, trying to imagine that it was your boyfriend and not a silicone wannabe. Your saliva lubricated it nicely, making the otherwise dull looking silicone all shiny and glistening. You turned the nob at the bottom, feeling the vibrations suddenly against the palm of your hand. You cranked it to the next level of intensity, feeling that it was good enough for now.

You sat yourself up a little more, bringing the dildo down to your sex. You ran the tip up and down our slit, prodding it against your hold gently. The vibrations started against you and you moaned out quietly. Taking a deep breath, you pressed it in. Your lips fell open slightly at the contact. When the clit stimulator came to sit on your clit, you didn’t even really need to thrust the toy in deep. You moved it slowly and groaned out quietly, moving the toy in circles slightly.

Repeated whimpers came from the back of your throat as the vibrations shot through you. Your stomach tightened and your breathing was so unsteady and heavy. You pushed in deeply, the stimulator pinching your clit. You cried out and dipped the dildo in and out quickly.

“Fuck…” you breathed out, tossing your head from side to side.

You lifted your hips up off of the bed, getting a new angle and letting out a high pitched moan. You were so vocal the closer you got to your climax, but you didn’t want to let up. You held your breath for a moment and heard Niall, his heavy breathing, grunting and the sound of his hand against his own skin.

Swallowing thickly, you picked your feet up off of the bed and pulled your knees back, bringing your free hand underneath your leg and gripping the back of your one leg. You could hear how wet you were, and you could feel yourself dripping into down to your backside.

“Fuck…” Niall gasped out.

You whined out loudly and grabbed your arse, digging your fingers into the meaty flesh. A thin layer of sweat coated your skin, your hair sticking to your forehead.

“I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum,” you breathed out, plunging the toy as deep as you could, grinding the other part to you clit.

“Me too…” he groaned out, pumping his hand fast. “Open your eyes I wanna see your face…”

You lifted your head up and opened your eyes, locking them with Niall’s. His teeth were grit together and his eyebrows were furrowed in pleasure. A couple seconds passed and then it hit, the climax that you brought on yourself. You nearly screamed out before any sound was cut off, silence coming from your open mouth.

Niall didn’t hold back, he yelled out as he came, the white liquid shooting up, some landing on his thighs, more on his chest.

You pulled the toy out of you and let your release flow from you, dripping down towards the bed. Both of you were panting heavily, a satisfied smirk on your faces. Niall sat himself up slightly, his legs falling off of the bed. You sat yourself up a little more and sat the toy off to the side, swallowing thickly.

He stood up to clean himself off, chewing on his bottom lip slightly.

You cleaned your little ‘friend’ off and started to catch your breath, getting up off of the bed to strip the sheets off. As you were gathering them up and putting them in a pile, Niall wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you back into his chest. You bit your lip softly and slid your hands over his.

“Thank was really sexy you know?” he mumbled, pressing his lips to your ear.

You giggled softly and scrunched your neck up.

“I could say the same thing…” you hummed out, rubbing his arm gently.

“Come have a shower with me… we can do the bed after, just come with me,” he murmured, his lips falling down your shoulder.

“Okay…” you bit your lip softly, turning yourself in his arms. “Let’s go then.”