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Astrology chart basics overview

Sun sign = the essence of a person, the potential & ideal personality

Moon sign = the inner core of a person, private feelings, subconscious habits and attitudes

Ascendant sign = (aka rising sign) the outer layer, mask, the first impression a person gives to others

Planets (represent energies; what is taking place):

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Well this took forever!! So there’s a short where Hiro and Baymax are just playing around with a football but I wanted to see Tadashi showing off his moves too u3u

Overall Thoughts

The good:

  1. The show took me back to a nostalgic period of time.  It was fun seeing my favorite characters brought to life with voice acting and animation, and made them feel even more real.
  2. For the most part, I was pleased with the animation.  I prefer the art style of the comics, but I understand the need to simplify things for animation… especially since this was probably a low budget production.  And overall, I think they did a great job with the rendering and attention to detail.  
  3. I think Season 2 was better done that Season 1.  It’s too bad the show was cancelled… while I know a lot of you hated the animated series, for understandable reasons, I would have liked to see if they could have redeemed themselves given another season.  And perhaps some new writers.  But perhaps that’s just because I would have liked to see some of my favorite arcs and issues brought to life.  I would have loved to see Taranee vs. the Oracle.  I would have loved to see Orube.  And I would have loved to see Raphael Silla in action.  
  4. Yan Lin was as wonderful in the show as she was in the comics.  Actually, I think she had a bigger role in the animated series, and for that I am utterly delighted.  I love that they had an older female mentor.  How often do we get to see elderly women portrayed in the media?  Especially elderly POC women.
  5. Some of the dialogue was corny and cringe worthy, but I really do think they got better towards the end of the series.  And there were some very entertaining episodes.  I think if they had stuck a little closer to the source material, they wouldn’t have run into as many problems as they did.
  6. I really love the voice actor they got for Cedric and Phobos.  I found it very fitting to how I imagined it in my head.  
  7. They did change the girls outfits every episode.  Considering other animated TV shows I’ve watched… hats off for that alone.  It really helps the girls feel like real, organic characters.  
  8. They did not butcher Matt’s character, although they changed some things about him that I’ll never understand.  But considering how badly they messed up Caleb… hey, I’m glad they didn’t mess up my cinnamon bun.  
  9. The music brings up all sorts of 90′s and 2000′s nostalgia.  A+ for playing with my emotions while making me cringe just slightly. 

The bad:

  1. They butchered Cornelia’s character.  Instead of the fiercely rational, passionate, loyal, and protective girl we get to know in the comics, they reduce Cornelia to a the stereotype of the airhead blonde who cares only about her appearance and boys.  
  2. They butchered Caleb’s character.  Instead of the sweet, supportive, and somewhat clueless flower-man, we get the stereotypical sexist white-boy hero who gets to be a dick all the time and no one ever calls him out on his shit.  Comic Caleb and animated Caleb are so vastly different the only thing they share in common is their names.  Giant portions of Caleb’s history was erased and instead he was made the “son” of a rebel leader and an evil villain… because, you know, the boy needs an “epic” plot line.  And earning redemption after living a life of servitude to Phobos wasn’t good enough.
  3. They butchered Cornelia and Caleb’s relationship, which was supposed to be a tragic love story of star crossed lovers…and instead, relied upon the boring, over-used trope of “You annoy me so I secretly love you.”  It’s reminiscent of the boy tugs girls hair and that somehow translates into love.  It’s…cringe worthy at best.
  4. Caleb got far too much screen time.  I’m sure it was in an effort to drawn in “male viewers.”  But first and foremost, this was a comic series (and animated series) geared towards young girls and empowering young girls, and Caleb got at least half the screen time.  If anything, we should have been developing the girls backgrounds more or focusing more on their friendships.
  5. Speaking of which, I wanted more scenes between the individual girls.  We all know they’re a powerful, strong group… but what made the comic so amazing was that everyone had a unique and organic relationship with each other.  There were subtle differences in how all the girls interacted with each other and the comic focused on all of it.  I wish they would have explored Irma and Hay Lin’s friendship as well as the tension sometimes visible between Cornelia and Will.  
  6. Miranda’s character was completely unnecessary and in the end, sad.  But they never addressed it as such.  If she was a 15 year old girl, then she was manipulated and abused by Cedric just like Elyon.  I’m not sure how old Cedric is supposed to be, but we know he’s old enough to be an adult and own a bookshop.  So we’re definitely crossing into luring a minor and creepy shit like that.  While the comics did a great job of showing kids why adults aren’t always “safe” with Elyon and Cedric’s ultimate betrayal of her feelings, and we never once think “Elyon and Cedric are great together!”, the animated series fails to address this as an issue.  They don’t go “Wow this is creepy and wrong as fuck.”  The comics do.  The comics make it very clear that Elyon was manipulated by Cedric and Phobo’s, who used her feelings for Cedric and her love for her brother to twist her into a weapon for themselves.  So while Miranda was a background character, it’s very dangerous not to address this issue. Because if you don’t, it makes it seem “okay.”  
  7. Not enough Peter.  Period.   But I have this complaint with the comics as well.
  8. They changed Irma’s character too.  For some reason, they made her into this sarcastic tomboy.  I mean, Irma is pretty snarky in the comics, but she’s also probably the most girly of all the guardians.  And I will never forgive them for trying to make Irma feel guilty for rejecting Martin, who acted like a total creep and was pissed about being friend zoned.  It was an absolute injustice to Irma, who would never put up with that sort of shit.  She’s also pretty flirty.  And while in the comics she’s seen with multiple love interests, the animated series make it seems like she only ever pines after unattainable guys.  
  9. If they were going to change anything from the comics, they could have added more body diversity.  *my one sole complaint about the comics* 
  10. I wanted more about the girl’s athletic lives.  Cornelia is this amazing figure skater who has won medals and trophies, and Taranee is a fantastic dancer.  Will is a beast at swimming… and I think it’s important to show girls excelling at normal athletic events.  

When you use your ears as flotation devices because you can…and because your legs are short!


• Outgoing, optimistic
• Takes risks, gambles
• Independent hates fences
• Loves travel, outdoors
• Into religion, philosophy
• Seeks higher education
• Blunt speech; to the point
• Athletic, sports interests
• Love animals and wildlife
• Flippant, non-caring
• Impatient
• Intolerant of ignorance
• Avoids commitments

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We’re as enamored as every other nerd with Back to the Future Day lists of unrealized tech the classic movie promised, but we’ve opted instead to bring you gifs of jumping crickets.

These aren’t just any jumping crickets, mind you. These agile and acrobatic athletes are spider crickets, whose beefy hind legs can propel them more than 60 times their body length through the air. Even after a huge jump, the animals can amazingly stick the landing, returning to earth feet-first and then going on their way. 

A Johns Hopkins University mechanical engineer and his students have spent the better part of a year studying how the crickets launch and stay stable in air. The hope is that the insects could lead to better designs for robots that need to scramble over rough, uneven terrain during search-and-rescue operations. See a video and learn more below.

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