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Animage (02/1998) - Top 100 anime characters, according to the magazine’s readers.


Research shows that one out of every 100 children has a potentially fatal heart defect. Not even the luck of the Irish can help with those odds when you are talking about sudden cardiac arrest.

Sudden cardiac arrest is what happens when a heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. It has become a leading cause of death of student athletes. 

Because sudden cardiac arrest can affect any seemingly healthy student, athlete, or child, it is important to know the symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest, and to listen to your body.

Fainting: Fainting is the #1 warning sign of sudden cardiac arrests and usually occurs immediately after physical activity or as a result of emotional distress. Don’t assume it is from exhaustion or dehydration.

Unexplained shortness of breath: It’s normal to loose your breath during exercise or at practice. However, if you are experiencing shortness of breath during normal activity or your breath loss is severe during or after exercise, you should have it checked by a physician.

Extreme Fatigue: Of course you’ll get tired when you have to do three hornpipes in a row, but if you are more sluggish than everyone else or you feel like you don’t have any energy, check it out.

Unusually Rapid Heart Rate or Chest Pains: If your heart is racing or it feels like it is going to jump out of your chest, your body is telling you something may be wrong. Make sure you listen.

We listen to the beat in Irish dance. We should listen to our heartbeat too.



1. Minnesota Vikings – 42 
2. Cincinnati Bengals – 40 
3. Denver Broncos – 36 
4. Tennessee Titans – 33 
5. Kansas City Chiefs – 28
5. Miami Dolphins – 28
7. Jacksonville Jaguars – 27 
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 27 
9. Cleveland Browns – 26
10. San Diego Chargers – 25 
11. Indianapolis Colts – 24 
12. Chicago Bears – 23 
13. New Orleans Saints – 20
13. Seattle Seahawks – 20
15. Baltimore Ravens – 18
15. Oakland Raiders – 18 
15. Washington Redskins – 18
18. Carolina Panthers – 17 
18. Green Bay Packers – 17 
18. Pittsburgh Steelers – 17 
21. Atlanta Falcons – 16 
22. Detroit Lions – 15 
22. New England Patriots – 15 
22. San Francisco 49ers – 15 
25. Buffalo Bills – 14 
26. Dallas Cowboys – 13 
26. New York Giants – 13 
28. Arizona Cardinals – 12 
29. New York Jets – 11 
30. Philadelphia Eagles – 10 
31. Houston Texans – 9
32. St. Louis Rams – 8

BUCS’ DT AKEEM SPENCE ARRESTED ON MARIJUANA CHARGE - Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie defensive tackle Akeem Spence was arrested Tuesday afternoon following a traffic stop for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, the Escambia County Sheriff’s office confirmed. reports that an Alabama State trooper caught Spence, 22, driving in excess of 100 mph in Flomaton, Ala., near the Alabama-Florida state line north of Pensacola, and a search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of an unspecified amount of marijuana. He was booked into the Escambia County Jail and later released on a $3,000 bond.

Spence, an Illinois product drafted in the fourth round, 100th overall, last April, had 29 tackles and one sack for Tampa Bay last season. He started 14 games. (Photo: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)


Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White has been arrested on a warrant charging him with failing to appear in court, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

According to the Journa…l Constitution, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Deputy Shannon Volkodav confirms that White was booked into jail in suburban Atlanta early Tuesday. He was released about an hour later after posting $168 bond.

A copy of the warrant says White failed to appear in court last March after he was cited on charges of driving a vehicle with tinted windows that were too dark.

A Falcons statement says the team is aware of White’s arrest, adding, “we anticipate this will be resolved shortly.”

It was not immediately known whether White had an attorney.

White was the Falcons’ first-round draft pick in 2005. He had 63 catches for 711 yards and three touchdowns last season. (Photo: Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Dept.)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Michael Hill was arrested in Missouri on Thursday and charged with resisting arrest and failure to obey lawful order, according to the St. Joseph News-Press.

Hill was in a bar in St. Joseph, Mo., just after 1 a.m. on Thursday when a fight broke out. The fight left two officers with minor injuries and led to Hill being taken into custody. One of the injured officers described his injury as a ‘minor bump and bruise.’

“We have been informed of the situation involving Michael Hill and are in the process of gathering additional information,” the Buccaneers said in a statement, via Pro Football Talk.

Hill was a rookie in 2013 and has only been with the Buccaneers since November. Tampa Bay added Hill to the roster after running back Mike James was placed on injured reserve following an ankle injury. The Buccaneers signed Hill off of Green Bay’s practice squad.

The 24-year-old went to college at Missouri Western State, which is located less than five miles from the bar where Hill was arrested. (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)