take me to your holy places-

let the birthmark on your inner thigh be the north star which guides me to a miracle

let me light your laugh on fire only to find that it burns for days longer than it should

let the meeting of our mouths cleanse my soul like a splash of cold water to my forehead

let your fingernails be the messiah who etches prophecies onto my back in scarlet ink

let me memorize the pages of your mind

let me read the collection of freckles scattered across your shoulders from right to left in a broken language that sits heavy in my chest

let the eight delicate bones bound in your wrist be the eight steps on my path to nirvana

let me swear by your name

let me worship at your feet

let me be reincarnated as your tongue so i can taste your lips whenever i please

let my pilgrimage be the journey of my teeth from the slope of your collarbone to the hollow of your throat

let your blood be my wine and your body be my bread

take me to your holy places-

i never knew i was waiting for something to believe in until i touched you for the first time

—  Kat M., an athiest’s prayer
Why don’t you believe in God? I get that question all the time. I always try to give a sensitive, reasoned answer. This is usually awkward, time consuming and pointless. People who believe in God don’t need proof of his existence, and they certainly don’t want evidence to the contrary. They are happy with their belief. They even say things like “it’s true to me” and “it’s faith.” I still give my logical answer because I feel that not being honest would be patronizing and impolite. It is ironic therefore that “I don’t believe in God because there is absolutely no scientific evidence for his existence and from what I’ve heard the very definition is a logical impossibility in this known universe,” comes across as both patronizing and impolite.
—  Ricky Gervais
I am…

Atheist plus i care about social justice,
Atheist plus i support women’s rights,
Atheist plus i protest racism,
Atheist plus I fight homophobia and transphobia,
Atheist plus i use critical thinking and skepticism

Me too. I worship what gives me the food I eat, the water I drink and the air I breathe. Characters in a storybook mean to inspire morales and a sense of community are just that to me. If we don’t wake up what gives us life will be destroyed. I believe it’s time to turn our eyes from the clouds and focus on how we shall survive ourselves, as a species. Seems a bit more important than which sect’s storybook is right.

I don’t want to be anti-christian or anything, because some of the stuff in the bible is pretty helpfull and peacefull. But sometimes when I read about it, even if I don’t believe it, I want to cry.  If God -if he actualluy exists- and was exactly how they Bible explains, would hate me and send me to hell.
That is why I’m not Christian.
And why I’m an Atheist.

Today  in my  honor sci-fi and fantasy english class  we were talking about what society and the world might be like and weather we have a pessimistic or optimistic  view on it.

so some  mixed nignog-cracker says

“I have a pesamistic view of it , with how liberal people have become with being gay ,I think everyone might be gay in the future

It says in the bible that homosexuality is wrong and it needs to stop”

me:well the bible has as much factual evidence as harry potter, and harry potter  says there’s a bald pedophile touching his snake to killing people and I don’t see anyone stopping Voldemort ,oh yeah he doesn’t exist ,the only thing real about the bible is that a man named jesus existed at some point in the middle east

#stopvoldy #prayforthewizardworld