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Μια μέρα τέτοια πριν 41 χρόνια οργανώνονται ξανά κάποιες δεκάδες αναρχικοί μέσα στο πολυτεχνείο, συνδιαμορφώνουν και μάχονται στα οδοφράγματα. Εκεί στο αμφιθέατρο του Γκίνη βρίσκονται οι ρίζες του σύγχρονου αναρχικού χώρου

On This Day: May 23
  • 1832: Execution of Jamaican national hero Samuel Sharpe; instigator of 1831 slave rebellion.
  • 1838: US government begins forced removal of 16,000 Cherokee by forced march known as “Trail of Tears” from US states to “Indian Territory”.
  • 1855: Birth of Isabella Ford in Leeds, UK. She was a suffragette, socialist and first woman to speak at Labour Representation Committee’s conference.
  • 1871: Spanish anarchist Ramón de la Sagra dies in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
  • 1900: Birth of Franz Neumann in Katowice, Poland. He was a left-wing activist, Marxist and labour lawyer
  • 1903: Mother Jones leads “March of the Mill Children: thousands of child workers in Philadelphia mills strike for better work conditions.
  • 1909: Two people were arrested at a speech by Emma Goldman.
  • 1928: Australian anarchist David Andrade dies in Vendouree, Australia.
  • 1928: Severino Giovanni and the Scarfó brothers bombed the Italian consulatein Buenos Aires.
  • 1932: Four students shot and killed during a demo against the dictator Vargas in Brazil. Their names used in MMDC a revolutionary group.
  • 1934: During Teamster’s Rebellion, strike culminates in “Battle of Toledo” a 5-day battle between 1,300 National Guard and 6,000 pickets.
  • 1951: Tibetans sign the Seventeen Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet with China.
  • 1963: US Congress passes Equal Pay Act for women to get equal pay for equal work. Legislation was originally submitted in 1947.
  • 1966: The British government declares state of emergency a week after the National Union of Seamen went on strike.
  • 1969: A strike was declared in Rosario, Argentina in response to police killings and social injustice from dictatorial regime.
  • 1976: in Athens a general strike turned to violent clashes between left-wing workers and students and the police. For 12 hours all of central Athens was like a battlefield. A woman was killed when a police tank ran over her. Anarchists and others fought over barricades near the Athens Polytechnic.
  • 1982: 10,000 march in London protesting Thatcher’s Falklands War to maintain colonial control over the islands.
  • 1996: Death of Kronid Lyubarsky in Bali, Indonesia. He was a Soviet dissident, journalist and human rights activist and political prisoner.
  • 1998: The Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation dissolved.
  • 2006: Bangladeshi workers set fire to seven textile factories after police kill a worker during protests for better pay and conditions.
  • 2008: Anarchist folk-singer Utah Philips dies in Nevada City, CA.
  • 2008: The British Columbian government unanimously passes a motion apologising for 1914 Komagata Maru deportations.

Athens, Greece: ‘Polytechnic Day’ anti-fascist protest, November 17, 2014.

Every year on November 17 in Greece, anti-fascists mark “Polytechnic Day”, the anniversary of the violent suppression of student protests in 1973 by the fascist military junta.

The 41st anniversary was celebrated with a mass demonstration by thousands of students, workers, leftist forces, anarchists and anti-globalists, which begin at the Polytechnic University, and ended at the US Embassy. The main slogans of the demonstrators were: bread, children, freedom. 

This year, for the first time, the event was attended by members of the anti-fascist resistance from Russia and Ukraine, as well as societies speaking for immigrants. They came to the rally with placards reading “Say no to fascism," the flags of USA and Germany with swastikas painted on them, and also carried the flags of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Via Pavlo Onoyko

Few years ago the greek government nullified the university asylum, ie. the greek police was banned from entering any university ground, supposedly because scenes like this one from last night in Athens Polytechnic School, do not happen in a democracy! 

Video from last night’s riot police attack:


VIDEO: Aerial view of the massive solidarity protest to anarchist Nikos Romanos, on hunger strike since 10 November, where 8.000-10.000 people took part in Athens tonight. (2/12)

Fierce riots have broken out at the end of the demo in Athens where the Polytechnic School of Athens has been taken over by anarchists at Exarchia.

Other protests also took place tonight in 7-8 cities in Greece.

3 other anarchists are also on hunger strike in solidarity to Nickos.

Video by Katerina Igglezi