athens farmers market


Some days you just need to take a trip to Crazy Mountain and feel the threads of your life unravel and whip around in the wind up there. It can be a nice place to visit for a time. Just don’t plant roots. 

When you eventually come back down, get yourself a good book and a glass of red wine and some fresh flowers and just enjoy the chaotic rhythm of life as you sip and read and think about how blessed you are to get to play a part in the madness that is being a human person in this wild land. 

obsessed with sugar gliderz.

i would wear one in my hair. 

it’s name would be carly rae jepsen. 

i know i said babies were the best attention-grabbing accessory ever, but I lied. Totes the sugar glider. 

a woman was carrying these around in her purse at the Athens Farmers Market. This goes to show, you should ALWAYS look through other people’s purses to see if they have tiny flying marsupials for you to cuddle.

or  you should invest in one. it will be the best $300+ you will ever spend. 

Senior editor @johnnywogs is visiting Athens, Georgia today!First stop is the Athens Farmers Market for a cooking demo by chef @jzygmont and @fiveandten. Squash salad with pickled blueberries and nasturtiums. Thanks, @my_athens! (at Athens Farmers Market)

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