athens 2007


Greek students fight back

Revisiting down the memory lane the year-long student resistence to the neoliberal reform of higher education, by means of squatting hundreds of universities all over Greece and weekly protests and riots leading to the massive demo of 8 March 2007, that turned into a fierce lengthy riot outside the greek parliament in Syntagma Square in Athens, that changed and shaped the way of protests in Greece in the critical events of years to come (December Revolt 2008,  Indignados summer of 2011, anti-austerity protests etc.), by moving the field of prolonged protests and street fighting around the greek parliament, (May 2006 – March 2007).


2004 Athens Olympics : Gold medal.
2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup :  Bronze medal.
2008 Beijing Olympics : Gold medal.
2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup : Silver medal.
2012 London Olympics : Gold medal.
2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup : Gold medal.

230 Caps with the National Team. 
46 Goals with the National Team 
3 Olympic Goals.
3 World cup Goals.