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Hey Mama, is it okay if I request some HC's for Demigod!Kuroo? How would he tell his Human!SO about him being a Demigod? And how would he introduce them to his mom especially when they are a fan of Athena because she's a badass heavenly being. (Athena is my favorite goddess period and having Kuroo as her son is 💯‼️) Please and thank you. P.S Lana is the goddess of writing smut. 😏

The Demigod AU will always be my favourite AU. Hopefully you enjoy these headcanons. :) But I like bing the Goddess of Smut, this title suits me well. I’ve taken several quizzes which all points to Zeus being my Godly parent. I think that’s about right and considering that he enjoys sexual pleasures, he’d be proud of having a daughter that is the Goddess of Smut. ;)

-Admin Lana

How He Tells You He’s a Demigod

  • Honestly, Kuroo hadn’t really planned out on how he would break the news that he was a demigod. He figured it’d come out sooner or later, which it did. Except not in the way he would have liked.
  • He had planned on taking you out on a quiet date to a lake with a promise to treat you to a wonderful picnic lunch he created by himself. Unfortunately for you, you didn’t get the chance to even open the basket before disaster struck.
  • Neither of you noticed the unusual ripples in the water, figuring it was simply the marine life that lived in it. It gradually grew larger and larger until the creature made itself known. Just as luck would have it, it was a damn Cetus.
  • You let out an ear-shattering scream, scrambling to run as you tugged Kuroo’s arm in an effort to escape. But he didn’t seem to budge as an expression of fierce determination morphed on his features. Maybe this was all a weird dream, but you were pretty sure that the creature charging at you was very real. 
  • And so was Kuroo’s sword as he struck off an arm. You were in shock at this point. Nothing made sense anymore. A creature out of Greek Mythology had quite literally appeared on your date, and your lover was now wielding a sword.
  • He screams at you to run and you did just that, hiding in the distance as you watched the battle unfold. It was strange, Kuroo moved with lithe and precision as if this wasn’t the first time he’s battled such a creature. If anything this was a part of his daily routine. It didn’t take too long before he defeated the monster, leaving with hardly a scratch. There were so many questions running through your mind, Kuroo could tell. But first he had to get you out of here and to a safer place.
  • It isn’t until you’re in his apartment where ehe sits you down with a steaming mug of jasmine tea, allowing you to ask anything that comes to mind and he’ll answer as truthfully as possible. 
  • “What the hell was that, and what the hell are you? There’s no way any human being could have even had a chance of doing what you did?”
  • He was silent for a moment as if debating something, but he knew his mother would scold him if he lied now. You knew too much as it was. Time to come clean lest he want to put you in more danger. “I guess it’s time you know the truth. I’m not quite human, but rather a demigod.”
  • Laughter was the first response that bubbled from your throat which quickly died out when he remained with a serious expression. Kuroo was not joking. Naturally you asked whom he was the child to, excitement and curiosity rising within you. If this all turned out to be true, that means that Greek Mythology was true, not made up stories. You always loved learning about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Your lover knew too about your interest in myths, more specifically in Athena. You were going to have a field day when he told you.
  • “My mother happens to be the Goddess of Wisdom. I take it you know her?” He was teasing you with that smirk, but you could hardly register anything past the sentence he just uttered. The Goddess you most admired was your boyfriend’s mother? Well this changes everything.

Meeting His Mother

  • You were nervous, actually beyond that. You were terrified. It wasn’t an everyday experience where you get to meet your boyfriend’s mother who happens to be Athena? Athena for Olympia’s sake! No amount of research nor reading “How to Get a Goddess to Like You” wiki articles could prepare  you for this moment.
  • Kuroo laughed at how flustered you were, but it was understandable. To make matters less intimidating he managed to get his mother into the human realm for a while, knowing full well that if any of the other Gods/Goddesses were present, you’d faint.
  • “What if she doesn’t approve of me?” was the main question that left your mouth in the time spent waiting for her arrival, but Kuroo constantly reassured you that she’d love you. Besides, you were quite dedicated to her.
  • A knock resounded at the door and you wanted nothing more than to scream and cry. This was not real life, this was not happ- A powerful firm voice rang through the air as Kuroo opened the door, greeting the visitor with a hug and kiss to the cheek. This WAS happening!
  • Kuroo sent you a wink as he entered the living room, a tall figure following behind him. A feeling of awe filled every inch of your body as your eyes settled on the literal Goddess in front of you. She was tall and beautiful, radiating intelligence and authority like no other. You weren’t sure whether to bow or shake her hand, but she answered your question as she opened up her arms for an embrace.
  • You wanted to melt into her arms, burning this memory into your mind for a lifetime. You were in the arms of such an amazing being, it was almost ethereal.
  • “You must be ______, I presume. Kuroo speaks so highly of you, it’s a pleasure to meet the woman he’s so smitten with.” Athena spoke, a gentle smile withered into her features, Kuroo shooting her a sheepish glare. It was so strange to be having a normal conversation with her, but you felt comfortable with how down-to-earth she was. 
  • You wanted to ask several questions like what were the other Gods/Goddesses like, what was Olympus like, etc, but you didn’t want to bombard her with questions. You had to keep it cool. So of course the first thing to come out of your mouth was, “What was Kuroo like as a child? He never shows me any pictures.”
  • Athena took an instant liking to you, more than delighted to show you childhood pictures and embarrass her son a little bit. It may not have been too fun for the demigod, but it was lovely seeing his two most beloved women in his life getting along so well.

So earlier today I saw someone asking for other people’s bellarke headcanons (i think it was @clxrkblake but i’m not sure) and I’ve had this one stuck in my head for a while:

Bellamy talks about ancient Greek and Roman mythology in his sleep.

Clarke’s eyes met her own as she found her reflection, studying herself in the mirror; something she hadn’t been able to do for weeks. And though she knew she hadn’t changed she couldn’t help but think that she was looking at a stranger. All the things she had done. They wouldn’t alter what a person would look like. But damn if she didn’t feel like it could.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of mumbling behind her, and she found a different face in the mirror.

And Clarke smiled.

Bellamy was still asleep behind her. His arm was wrapped loosely around her waist, his bare chest pressed against her back. And she reveled in the feel of him; all things forgotten.

“Zeus was a dick.”

Clarke almost snorted but stifled her laughter, worried of waking him up.

She knew he had an interest in ancient Greece and Rome, she figured as much given the story he told her about when he named Octavia. But talking about it in his sleep was some kind of next level fascination.

“Prick couldn’t keep it in his pants.”

His short, broken sentences were almost inaudible. But he was practically whispering them into Clarke’s ear and she wanted to shiver at the deep grovel of his voice being so close.

She closed her eyes again and sank further into him if it were at all possible.

And listened.

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my concepts for my modern olympian sets explained (part 2)


This is just my explanations for all my Modern Olympian Greek God aesthetics series. The concepts I had in mind while making it, and the story behind each one. If you haven’t seen it, the link is HERE.


A man who accomplished all that he had done merely for being exceedingly charming. Dionysus is an investor of hedonism. If it makes you drunk, stoned, dance, or horny, Dionysus has his hands in it. He owns several dance clubs, and rave venues across the nation, as well as has his own line of hard liquor and elite wines. On the downlow, he is also a drug lord. Pushing everything from weed to ecstasy; the only thing he won’t touch are prescription pills. He has homes in many countries, but his favourite is his mansion in Miami. A gorgeous luxury beach home where he hosts many Gatzby-level parties almost every weekend. Dionysus is a little person, and one of the more successful of Zeus’ bastards. Despite his birth, Dionysus had built a huge following for simply doing what he loves: partying. 


One of the most driven of Zeus’ daughters, Athena had reached her position with little help from her father. Started as a traffic cop, Athena rose up the ranks in a considerable short period of time for someone as young as her. She went into homicide, detective, and then found herself as an FBI agent. However, she did not stop there, as her talents and ambition earned her a high ranking level in the CIA. Athena is an unstoppable force and an immoveable object; she is intelligent and lethal. Only briefly had she thought about joining her brother, Ares, in Military, but thought better since her talents suited something more political and sophisticated. Still young, it is only a few short years before she is running the entire show in the CIA headquarters. More often than not, Ares and Athena butt heads like rams on who is more badass. Athena usually wins. 


Apollo has many talents, though he is mostly known for his music. He became a famous musician quite quickly, and soon after his artwork thrived as well. In almost every medium of art, whether it was music, painting, sculpting, or theatre, Apollo is good at it. What he is also good at is falling in love. He can’t help it, when he sees something beautiful, his heart gives in. They become his muse, and he obsesses over it until the next beautiful thing walks by him and steals his heart as well. His heart is nondiscriminatory; he will fall in love with any beautiful soul or face regardless of gender identity or sexual preference. He will write songs about them, paint a picture, or write poems, etc. It is plainly that Apollo wears his heart on his sleeve. Because of his charm and his beautiful talents, Apollo has many fans, and many vying for his affections. There are some, though, that dont always fall for him, and it sometimes…doesn’t end pleasantly. A few revenge songs here or there happen quite often. Apollo is very friendly and keeps his friends close, but his strongest friendship is with his twin sister, Artemis, who is the very opposite to him. While he is the sun; shines brightly and demands attention, Artemis is the moon; distant and mysterious, and sometimes disappears for a day.  


Artemis is a completely independent woman. Also, the complete opposite of her twin brother, Apollo. She doesn’t open her heart so easily; the last time she did that, she got her heart broken. Therefore, romance isn’t something she is interested in, and being an Asexual, neither is sex. Artemis focuses on things that make her happy, which is taking care of wildlife. She volunteers at shelters and rescue centres, and does her best to defend urban animals in the city where they are often treated like vermin. Artemis has taken many strays in her time, and nursed them back to health and returned them back into the wild. Artemis prefers to be alone, though she has a close knit small group of friends that support her and her life choices. In fact, they practically live with her. She actually doesn’t have a standard job; she isn’t a fan of conforming, and picks up jobs for quick cash, but ultimately, she isn’t one to live for materialism. Artemis wouldn’t consider herself ‘homeless’, but she has couch-hoped, and slept in subways before. But, she is happy because she is doing what she loves, which is being the silent guardian of animals. And if you are ever caught abusing any of them, she will probably have her dog castrate you. Artemis prefers animals and nature overall more than people. Being an activist, she attends many rallies, many of them for environment issues, and for animal rights. The environment is a big one, and one of the ways she makes money is by picking up cans and bottles and selling them for pocket change. She would also fight you if you litter in front of her, so…. don’t. Additionally, Artemis is a fierce feminist, and will defend the virtue and honour of women if she saw injustice in front of her. If she had a computer and internet access, she would have a tumblr, let’s be honest. 


This seasoned traveller is easily likeable, and knows many people thanks to his job. While he does live primarily in Vegas, and spends a lot of time being lucky in casinos, Hermes’ primary job is a courier. This is how he gets to travel so often and at such a cheap rate. Though he wasn’t always a courier… He had less socially acceptable careers, such as a thief. A thief who had a massive gambling debt that he owed the Mob Boss, Hades, and in order to pay it, he stole some money from his friend Apollo. Though all was forgiven after he repaid everyone (and let’s be honest, his “luck” at the casino isn’t luck at all). Even if Hermes has a tendency for trickery and most people wouldn’t trust him with their credit cards, it’s hard to hate him, because he does keep his allies and friends close. He knows how to pull strings to bring opportunities to his friends and family, and anyone willing to pay him. Especially since he has traveled all over the world, he’s met many people from different backgrounds and different talents. Hermes’ primary client in his courier career is Zeus, where he hand delivers important papers, packages, etc, to certain people that he doesn’t want to risk using the mail for.


Ares did not follow his father in business or politics. He was a difficult child to raise, even Hera’s coddling did not soften his edges. In school, an all boy’s school, he got into so many fights that he got expelled more than three times until they decided to send him to military school. That was the beginning of Ares’ career. It turned out the military life suited him perfectly… Probably not the best idea to allow him near fire arms, but it turned out he is very good with them. He still got into trouble; his easily triggered anger would get him into fist fights that would end up in broken noses and bruised eyes. However, with his father’s name, and his natural talents in warfare, his rank rose to Master Gunnery Sergeant after a few years. Though he shows promise to raise to higher ranks, his youth and his hot-headedness has been keeping him where he is. Besides, he works better on the floor than he does with political-side of the military with the lieutenants and generals. More often than not, him and his half sister, Athena, always butt heads on who are better, the CIA or the Military. They also often find themselves on opposite ends of every argument. Ares’ always comes off more emotional and Athena more logical, so it is no wonder than his older sister wins every argument. 

next up: Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Persephone, Hebe, Eros, and Pan

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You know what? They're right. The A in LGBTQIA+ doesn't stand for Asexual, it stands for Athena, the badass Asexual Greek Goddess, who will strike down all the aphobes with her spear. Happy Pride month to all ace/aro people!🖤💟

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We’ve been asked not to use Athena as an ace icon so just a heads up to other mods and followers. I don’t know anything about the religions that worship her, so anyone wishing to know more should do some research.


first and foremost, what is your name? yekaterina petrovna zamolodchikova (but your dad just calls me katya) 

……..jk it’s just megan

what is your favorite myth? i don’t have a joke for this like everyone else but - when zeus was attracted to leda so his first thought naturally is to tranform himself into a swan so he seduces her and she has sex with a fuckin’ bird and lays an egg

do you have a favorite quote? if so, what? “and the gentleness that comes, not from the absence of violence, but despite the abundance of it.” [ richard siken, crush ]

what are some of your favorite face claims? i could go on forever about this honestly… . . xavier dolan, reece king, lee soo hyuk, naomi scott, jessica sula, adelaide kane, zoe kravitz, daniel sharman, ash stymest, keith powers, sen mitsuji………

which of the big twelve gods and goddesses do you think you can relate to most? probably athena because she’s a badass and i’m always ready to fight

what is your favorite go-to meme?

old olympus, new olympus, the titans, or neutral? titans because both old and new olympus should get their asses kicked :’)

I don’t see nearly enough love for Kendare Blake’s Goddess War series. Seriously. I just reread the first two books and it makes me sad that no one is shrieking about how awesome this series is. 

Athena has feathers growing out of her. And not in a cute, funny way but in a gross, terrifying way that is sheer brilliance. The gods are dying, Persephone is a fucking monster, not some cute manic pixie dream girl twit that YA likes to continue writing her as. 

Athena is a total badass, Hermes is a total sweetheart and if you aren’t rooting for Athena and Ody to hook up at the end, I’m not sure we read the same book. 

And Kendare Blake is IMPOSSIBLE to guess what will happen next. She’s one of those authors who could go either way. Everyone could live, everyone could die, the world could end, they could be reincarnated. IT COULD BE A REPEAT OF THE TROJAN WAR. Like ANYTHING could happen. None of this predictable shit. I loathe knowing/guessing what’s going to happen and I CANNOT WITH THESE BOOKS BECAUSE KENDARE BLAKE IS SMART AND SNEAKY AND CLEVER AND BOOM. 

Goddamnit. I don’t think I can hold on until Fataliste comes out (and yes, I know that they’ve changed the title but I loved that name so much.)

Didn’t They Warn You About Me

I make babies cry
I want to kick pigeons
I’m moody most of the time 
but when the weather’s right 
I dance on tabletops like it’s twelfth night,
I sing to the sun and
drink single malt like a badass Athena, 
like Helen of Troy with a strap-on,
if you can solve a mystery 
you can kiss me, 
baby my body 
commands the sea,  
I’m the Gregorian calendar in the flesh,
I dream in manifesto
didn’t you know 
that Dante wrote Paradiso about me, 
that Courbet painted The Origin of the World
about my pussy, 
(where do you think Adam’s rib went?
I’ll take another if he isn’t careful)
Didn’t they warn you about me?
I’ll end this whole thing as easily as I started it. 
And it will be beautiful. 
And you will be better for it. 

You MUST Be Great- You're Hanging Out With Me!

How Tim started Inspiring his team.


Tim was dead inside.

Well, he’d literally just died. However, the universe insisted on bringing him back exactly to where he didn’t want to be.

He dragged his feet back to the battlefield, not even upset at the rest of his team for grabbing all of the loot. Tim wasn’t meant for this sort of thing. Born far away, never even held a gun before. All he felt like was a burden.

“You broke yet from dying so much?” Wilhelm laughed as Tim mumbled how much he had in reply.

“You’re awful at being Jack,” Nisha informed him.

“I can still act!”

She snorted and walked away and Tim’s shoulders sagged. Even if he could act like Jack, it didn’t help he was so bad at fighting and everything else vault hunters did.

Tim waited until everyone was out of earshot to summon his Jacks. “No one likes me!” he blurted out.

His Jacks reacted immediately. “What?” gasped one.

“We like you!”

“Who said they didn’t like you? You’re great!”

“Who do I need to kill?”

Tim kicked at a pebble and watched it soar through the air at low gravity. “I’m really bad at being a vault hunter, and I hate dragging my teammates down and wasting money that’s supposed to go to my mom and using supplies they need!” He had tried to keep it all bottled up, but once it spilled out of him he started to cry. His shoulders shook and he let his Digi-Jacks hug him.

“Hey, you’re a sweet guy. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve gotten so much better since you started!”

“Yeah,” agreed the other Jack. “You’ve helped out a lot!”

Tim shook his head. “You guys help them fight. I barely do.”

The Digi-Jacks exchanged a glance and one of them said, “Everyone’s really negative, right? Like it just drags you down?”

Tim nodded sadly.

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I was thinking about how Athena kids are conceived and now I have this headcanon that Athena can have a kid with women too. I just love the idea of a demigod coming to chb and everyone's thinking "oh their godly parent is one of the men" but nope! They have two moms bc Athena is a motherfucking badass that doesn't discriminate gender when conceiving a child

Oh for sure. At least half the cabin has two moms– I like to think Malcolm does.

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I saw on a post that you said Apollo was lame. Apollo is my bae and I love him but I get why you think that; however, what I was wondering is what are your favourite and least favourite gods, and why? Love you very much btw :3

See, I actually love Apollo - he’s probably in my top 5 favourites! I just love him in a hand-on-forehead, Apollo why did you do that Apollo stop Apollo make better life choices kind of way. Like he’s my second child who will endearingly never live up to the expectations set by my firstborn. Y'know?

I would say that my favourite gods are:

  • Athena (ultimate badass female god, there is nothing not to love except maybe her tendency towards temper tantrums)
  • Apollo (for the reasons above, what a ridiculous and hopeless cutie)
  • Hera (I’m sorry, I have a soft spot for her and also I always picture her as Angelina Jolie but I have no idea why)
  • Hades (daddy issues all over the place and a weird canonical moral pendulum. Played by Steve Buscemi)
  • Dionysus (you cad)
  • Aphrodite (again, I always imagine her as Beyonce and I DON’T KNOW WHY)

And my least favourite gods are:

  • Zeus (you dick)
  • Poseidon (you dick)
  • Hera (we have a love-hate relationship)
  • Demeter (stop talking about corn)

I love you also!! Your URL means that I’m following you immediately, like Eurydice. Except hopefully you won’t make a stupid schoolboy error and send me back into the underworld.