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Fallout OC Questionnaire

Whether your OC is a Lone Wanderer or Sole Survivor, these questions can be asked by others to know more about them! Or simply be used as a guide to further develop your character. Ask away, luv!

  1. Which Fallout game are they from?
  2. Which faction(s) did they join and which did they destroy? Why?
  3. What is their S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?
  4. Give us a summary of their backstory.
  5. What’s their full name and does it have a meaning? Do they have any nicknames and how did they get em?
  6. What’s their sexual, romantic, and gender orientation? Do they feel comfortable telling other people?
  7. Do they have any mental illnesses? How do they cope?
  8. Do they have any medical conditions? Is medicine/ treatment available for them?
  9. How much do they care about their outer appearance? What’s their “beauty routine”? How often do they shower/ bathe?
  10. What do they fear the most?
  11. They’re biggest flaw? Do they recognize it as a flaw?
  12. What are they most insecure about?
  13. What Wasteland threat do they fear the most? (ex. Deathclaws, super mutants, raiders)
  14. What’s their zodiac sign or which one do you think they relate to the most? What are their placements (if you know them)? (ex. Aries sun, Taurus moon, Aquarius Venus)
  15. What’s their Myers–Briggs Type? (ex. ENTP, ISFJ)
  16. What Harry Potter house would they be in? (ex. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw)
  17. Which Pokemon Go team would they choose? (ex. Instinct, Valor, Mystic)
  18. Out of the nine forms of intelligence (rhythmic, spatial, linguistic, mathematical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, and existential) which one(s) are they really good at and which one(s) is(are) their weakest?
  19. What natural alignment are they? (ex. Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil)
  20. Do they have any hobbies? What are they?
  21. Do they have a favorite holiday? How do they celebrate it?
  22. What’s their favorite season?
  23. Do they have a temper or are they level headed?
  24. Do they express their emotions freely or hide their true feelings?
  25. Are they a leader or a follower?
  26. How do they come off to others? What first impression do they usually make?
  27. Do they prefer to travel alone or with company? Who have they traveled with if any? Current companion if any?
  28. Would you describe them as selfless or selfish? Does it depend on the situation?
  29. What do they find most attractive in others? Name at least one psychological and physical trait. (doesn’t have to be romantic attraction)
  30. Do they flirt often? How easily do they fall in love?
  31. What’s their love life like? Are they interested in anyone or in a relationship?
  32. Do they prefer to solve things diplomatically or using violence?
  33. What is their combat style? What range do they prefer? Do they sneak?
  34. What weapon(s) do they always carry with them?
  35. Their most prized possession?
  36. Their thoughts on power armor?
  37. Favorite armor/ outfit?
  38. How’s their aim? Do their hands shake while pointing a gun?
  39. What are their thoughts on having to kill on a daily bases in order to survive? Does it take a toll on them? Or do they shake it off rather easily?
  40. Thoughts on death if any? (ex. Fear it, accept it)
  41. Do they move around a lot or prefer to have a place to call home?
  42. What’s their favorite location?
  43. Their opinions on ghouls, feral and not feral?
  44. Do they scavenge for their supplies or simply buy them?
  45. Are they the type to get distracted and go off to an unknown nearby location or do they stay on track?
  46. How do they sleep? Are they picky about where and how or can they sleep basically anywhere?
  47. What’s their favorite radio station and song? (post-apocalypse)
  48. What’s their favorite post-apocalyptic food? Are they a picky eater? Do they know how to cook?
  49. What’s their favorite beverage? Do they drink alcohol?
  50. Do they have any tag skills?
  51. Anything they like to collect? (ex. Unique weapons, Bobbleheads)
  52. Are they good at disarming traps or do they constantly miss them?

(Add other questions you want to be asked if I missed any)


Decided to make one mega post with all the Before and Afters. And the Afters are in their original HD format, which pleases me! (^-^)

For those whom missed it, these are not just still manips, they actually move!! 

 —> Belle, AuroraTianaPocahontas & Mulan 

Program used: Adobe After Effects CC

Movies used: The Little Mermaid 1 & 3, Mulan, Pocahontas, Princess and the Frog, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast

Part 2 & Part 3


Actually bye.. I had these baby shower pics in my drafts for like a week because bleh, I got lazy with the rest and this place is increasingly annoying.. but Barb wanted things so she gets her things.



The Non Diamond Leaders! I’m sure y'all can figure out which is which but I’ll throw y'all a bone and tell ya anyways!

Page One:
Sunstone - Apollo
Moonstone - Artemis
Smoky Quartz - Hermes
Hematite - Hephaestus
Rose Quartz - Aphrodite

Page Two:
Ametrine - Ares
Milky Quartz - Athena
Purple Scapolite - Dionysus
Corundum - Persephone

And that’s the gem gods headshots! I’m going to start on the full body shots for them and the earlier gems I didn’t get too now so be on the look out for more new stuff!

Can someone tell me why Rose and Pearl’s ship name isn’t Prose??? Because their romance was a story, a long and beautiful story, as proses go. Their love was of the best kind, like Pearl describes in It’s Over Isn’t It . A story of reinvention and glory, a story of beauty. Who the fuck made their ship name pearlrose??

my concepts for my modern olympian sets explained (part 2)


This is just my explanations for all my Modern Olympian Greek God aesthetics series. The concepts I had in mind while making it, and the story behind each one. If you haven’t seen it, the link is HERE.


A man who accomplished all that he had done merely for being exceedingly charming. Dionysus is an investor of hedonism. If it makes you drunk, stoned, dance, or horny, Dionysus has his hands in it. He owns several dance clubs, and rave venues across the nation, as well as has his own line of hard liquor and elite wines. On the downlow, he is also a drug lord. Pushing everything from weed to ecstasy; the only thing he won’t touch are prescription pills. He has homes in many countries, but his favourite is his mansion in Miami. A gorgeous luxury beach home where he hosts many Gatzby-level parties almost every weekend. Dionysus is a little person, and one of the more successful of Zeus’ bastards. Despite his birth, Dionysus had built a huge following for simply doing what he loves: partying. 


One of the most driven of Zeus’ daughters, Athena had reached her position with little help from her father. Started as a traffic cop, Athena rose up the ranks in a considerable short period of time for someone as young as her. She went into homicide, detective, and then found herself as an FBI agent. However, she did not stop there, as her talents and ambition earned her a high ranking level in the CIA. Athena is an unstoppable force and an immoveable object; she is intelligent and lethal. Only briefly had she thought about joining her brother, Ares, in Military, but thought better since her talents suited something more political and sophisticated. Still young, it is only a few short years before she is running the entire show in the CIA headquarters. More often than not, Ares and Athena butt heads like rams on who is more badass. Athena usually wins. 


Apollo has many talents, though he is mostly known for his music. He became a famous musician quite quickly, and soon after his artwork thrived as well. In almost every medium of art, whether it was music, painting, sculpting, or theatre, Apollo is good at it. What he is also good at is falling in love. He can’t help it, when he sees something beautiful, his heart gives in. They become his muse, and he obsesses over it until the next beautiful thing walks by him and steals his heart as well. His heart is nondiscriminatory; he will fall in love with any beautiful soul or face regardless of gender identity or sexual preference. He will write songs about them, paint a picture, or write poems, etc. It is plainly that Apollo wears his heart on his sleeve. Because of his charm and his beautiful talents, Apollo has many fans, and many vying for his affections. There are some, though, that dont always fall for him, and it sometimes…doesn’t end pleasantly. A few revenge songs here or there happen quite often. Apollo is very friendly and keeps his friends close, but his strongest friendship is with his twin sister, Artemis, who is the very opposite to him. While he is the sun; shines brightly and demands attention, Artemis is the moon; distant and mysterious, and sometimes disappears for a day.  


Artemis is a completely independent woman. Also, the complete opposite of her twin brother, Apollo. She doesn’t open her heart so easily; the last time she did that, she got her heart broken. Therefore, romance isn’t something she is interested in, and being an Asexual, neither is sex. Artemis focuses on things that make her happy, which is taking care of wildlife. She volunteers at shelters and rescue centres, and does her best to defend urban animals in the city where they are often treated like vermin. Artemis has taken many strays in her time, and nursed them back to health and returned them back into the wild. Artemis prefers to be alone, though she has a close knit small group of friends that support her and her life choices. In fact, they practically live with her. She actually doesn’t have a standard job; she isn’t a fan of conforming, and picks up jobs for quick cash, but ultimately, she isn’t one to live for materialism. Artemis wouldn’t consider herself ‘homeless’, but she has couch-hoped, and slept in subways before. But, she is happy because she is doing what she loves, which is being the silent guardian of animals. And if you are ever caught abusing any of them, she will probably have her dog castrate you. Artemis prefers animals and nature overall more than people. Being an activist, she attends many rallies, many of them for environment issues, and for animal rights. The environment is a big one, and one of the ways she makes money is by picking up cans and bottles and selling them for pocket change. She would also fight you if you litter in front of her, so…. don’t. Additionally, Artemis is a fierce feminist, and will defend the virtue and honour of women if she saw injustice in front of her. If she had a computer and internet access, she would have a tumblr, let’s be honest. 


This seasoned traveller is easily likeable, and knows many people thanks to his job. While he does live primarily in Vegas, and spends a lot of time being lucky in casinos, Hermes’ primary job is a courier. This is how he gets to travel so often and at such a cheap rate. Though he wasn’t always a courier… He had less socially acceptable careers, such as a thief. A thief who had a massive gambling debt that he owed the Mob Boss, Hades, and in order to pay it, he stole some money from his friend Apollo. Though all was forgiven after he repaid everyone (and let’s be honest, his “luck” at the casino isn’t luck at all). Even if Hermes has a tendency for trickery and most people wouldn’t trust him with their credit cards, it’s hard to hate him, because he does keep his allies and friends close. He knows how to pull strings to bring opportunities to his friends and family, and anyone willing to pay him. Especially since he has traveled all over the world, he’s met many people from different backgrounds and different talents. Hermes’ primary client in his courier career is Zeus, where he hand delivers important papers, packages, etc, to certain people that he doesn’t want to risk using the mail for.


Ares did not follow his father in business or politics. He was a difficult child to raise, even Hera’s coddling did not soften his edges. In school, an all boy’s school, he got into so many fights that he got expelled more than three times until they decided to send him to military school. That was the beginning of Ares’ career. It turned out the military life suited him perfectly… Probably not the best idea to allow him near fire arms, but it turned out he is very good with them. He still got into trouble; his easily triggered anger would get him into fist fights that would end up in broken noses and bruised eyes. However, with his father’s name, and his natural talents in warfare, his rank rose to Master Gunnery Sergeant after a few years. Though he shows promise to raise to higher ranks, his youth and his hot-headedness has been keeping him where he is. Besides, he works better on the floor than he does with political-side of the military with the lieutenants and generals. More often than not, him and his half sister, Athena, always butt heads on who are better, the CIA or the Military. They also often find themselves on opposite ends of every argument. Ares’ always comes off more emotional and Athena more logical, so it is no wonder than his older sister wins every argument. 

next up: Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Persephone, Hebe, Eros, and Pan

teamsweetflips-deactivated20170  asked:

juniper buying roses for athena in an attempt to confess her love through these really beautiful bouquets bc she's shy but athena is just oblivious and keeps just going "thanks junie!! you're my best friend!!" juniper is crying. athena has thirty vases of flowers in her apartment. simon comes over for game night. "why do you have so many flowers." "junie keeps giving them to me!!" "athena. you are aware of what roses mean, right." "they're just flowers??" [taka and simon stare into the camera]

this girl can Literally Hear People’s Feelings but she can’t figure out her best friend / crush is in love w her

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I offered Athena a rose candle+some rosewater that I made. Right after that, I saw the post about offerings on your blog that says you need to offer things that are appropriate for the gods. Roses aren't really connected to her, but they're very significant to me and my family, plus she's a goddess of arts/crafts and I made those two things. I know you don't work with Athena, but do you think they're still okay offerings? I'm worried now lol

That works! It’s crafty, right? And it’s special to you and your family? Then it works. You put thought into that offering, and I’m sure She appreciated it. I wouldn’t worry about it. Sorry to worry you, hun! 


I WAS THINKING CHIPOTLE (Cody Christian imagine)

words: 680

A/N: just a little idea i’ve had for a while now :> and you know, i had to add some cheesiness at the end, so don’t die. i have already a theo drabble written, i just have to fix it up before posting (not promising i have time to do it today) ! gif credits to the owner xx


It was a Saturday morning and Cody had finally the whole weekend free - the Teen Wolf filming had ended in season five’s behalf, so he was free from work for now.

The bright, sunny morning that was begging for people to go outside was spent on the bed in the mess of white, fluffy sheets. Cody and Y/N had the laptop positioned at the end of the bed, just about to finish the binge-watching of all the Iron Man movies.

“Do we have any food in the fridge ?” Y/N asked when the end credits started to roll on the screen. Half of her body was laying on top of Cody’s shirtless back, the two bodies in the mess of two blankets.

“I don’t think so … ‘M not sure when was the last time either one of us got some groceries,” Cody said, rubbing his eyes and turning his head to look at her. Y/N was occupied by playing with his bed hair: running her hand through it and hopelessly trying to braid it in little cute braids.

“We need to get food. I got hungry when Tony ate those two cheese burgers in the first movie,” she said matter-of-factly, kissed his shoulder and continued to stroke his hair. Like on cue, her stomach decided to make a loud rumbling noise, making Cody laugh.

“Mmm you didn’t think of mentioning earlier that you are hungry ? You just decided to wait, like, at least three hours.”

“Well, I wasn’t gonna end our movie marathon because if you start to watch Iron Man, you don’t stop it in the middle for overrated food break,” she said sternly. Cody raised his eyebrows, giving her a look.

“As much as I agree with your idea of eating food, I’m too lazy to get up from this unbelievably comfortable bed,” he said, rolling over, wrapping his arms around Y/N’s body and taking her with him, making her shriek.

After recovering from the sudden change of position, she tapped his chest, biting her lip with a thinking face. “You know, I was thinking chipotle, but if you rather starve I’m-“

She was cut short when Cody rose quickly from the bed, excited in the mention of the specific food. Running around the bedroom just in his boxers, the key necklace dangling from his neck, he went looking for some clothes. He got a confused look from Athena, who rose her tiny head from her place on the windowsill behind the bed.

“You know, I’ve never seen you not get excited over chipotle.”

“Shut up and get dressed babe !” he said excitedly, throwing some clothes at his girlfriend, who was sitting on the bed with an amused look.

They stepped into the restaurant hand in hand, stopping at the end of the short queue.

“D’you wanna eat here or take away ?” Cody asked, leaning towards Y/N.

“Umm .. we have nothing special planned for today, so why don’t we enjoy the day and eat here ? I mean, the weather is pretty awesome and they have a patio, so ..” she said, rising her eyebrows and swinging their intertwined hands.

“Perfect,” he smiled back, pulling her into him and pecking her temple.

Looking up at him, she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “Babe, why are you wearing sunglasses inside ? The snapback I get, but the glasses I don’t.”

Smirking, he answered, “because you’re so beautiful it dazzles me.”

“Oooooh cheesy one, Christian,” she laughed. Not being able to keep herself from blushing, she buried her face in his shirt from embarrassment.

“Only for you, Y/L/N,” he answered back, kissing the top of her head. Though, the moment wasn’t allowed to last. “Hey, it’s our turn to order,” Cody said and stepped towards the cashier.

Y/N raised her head from his shoulder, “oh yeah. I’ll take a burrito filled with … Well, I trust you remember my usual, so I’ll go and get us that corner table outside,” she said pointing at the table, patting her boyfriend on the chest before making her way outside, leaving him grinning after her.