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Shout out to all of you having a tough time right now
  • Whether you’re struggling to make content
  • Feeling lost or alone
  • Having an identity crisis
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Dealing with the loss of someone you love
  • Or going through personal issues that feel like they just won’t end

I love you and you’re doing great. Just remember, a journey is not a straight road. It is littered with mountains and rocky edges and cliffs that sometimes feel too high to climb. But you’re going to get past them, and continue on. You’re doing great. You’re valid. I love you.

Can someone tell me why Rose and Pearl’s ship name isn’t Prose??? Because their romance was a story, a long and beautiful story, as proses go. Their love was of the best kind, like Pearl describes in It’s Over Isn’t It . A story of reinvention and glory, a story of beauty. Who the fuck made their ship name pearlrose??


Waking up with Hobi was a natural occurrence for Jin. He constantly felt this need to be the parental guidance amongst all of the guys and a large part of that had to do with him being the son of the most powerful god. Zeus as a father was something of a shit show. Being married to Hera, the goddess of marriage and women, it didn’t look too great that Zeus was also the biggest player on the books. A lot of his tales had to do with him coming to earth and fucking around with some nymph. So as a father, he wasn’t the greatest.

However, there was one thing that Jin knew and that was he had to be respectable. His father was king of the gods, so even though Hera hated his guts, and Zeus was fucking around all the time, Jin did everything in his power to remain a good child. He worked with Athena, the goddess of wisdom as well as the daughter of Zeus, to make sure that he was knowledgeable about his ancestry, as well as how to make himself more powerful. He never resented his father, and he didn’t care to be around Mount Olympus for longer than he had to, so once Athena said his teaching was done, he packed his things and left. The group of misfit demigods that followed him formed their own family and Jin seemed to always make it his mission to be the parent.

Handing Hobi a mug of coffee, the bright smile on Hobi’s face was thanks enough. Jin sipped his own coffee, with less of a sunny disposition, as he pondered speaking to Zeus.

So you’re coming to Mount Olympus, huh? Hobi asked and Jin nodded, still looking a bit forlorn. How long has it been since you’ve seen your dad? Hobi asked. Hobi saw Helios almost every day to help rise the sun in this part of the hemisphere, so it was strange to the happy demigod to think of the estranged relationship between Jin and Zeus.

I think it was when we moved down here. Jin murmured. Athena has visited, but Zeus and Hera stay at Olympus. Jin muttered into the mug. Hobi saw a glimpse of a sad child, longing for acceptance or maybe just attention, but it was replaced with Jin’s usual smile. Shall we get going? You have a job to do. Jin said in his usual parental tone and Hobi rolled his eyes.

Yea, yea, yea. You know my father is eternally grateful to you? Hobi said as Jin quirked his brow.

And why might that be? Jin asked as the two walked up the stairs to the third floor that was Hobi’s room.

Because you never let me miss the sun rise. Hobi laughed infectiously as Jin shook his head. The two boarded the stopped chariot on the rooftop of the house, the darkness of the dawn cloaked their departure as they flew off to rise the set sun.

Mount Olympus wasn’t exactly how the storybooks had depicted it. It had the temples and toga-clad servants, but there were also modern twists. Mansions erected in the place of cloud-like homes, and each of the gods had their own palace to call theirs. Jin wandered up the terrain to make him way to the front door of his father’s home, knocking on the front door, he was surprised to see Athena opening it.

Jin? What are you doing here? She asked. Athena had taken Jin in as the younger brother he was, and had truly taken him under her care. She hated how jealous Hera was of the demigod and found a lot of similarity in the lack of attention from their playboy father.

Well, I have to ask father about someone I have just met. Jin said, teetering from foot to foot, and Athena rolled her eyes.

He’s not home. As per usual. I wanted to tell him about the discovery of some temples in southern Italy, but Hera said he was sewing his oats. Athena cringed as she repeated the words and Jin scrunched up his face in disgust. A part of him was relieved to not see Hera or his father walking around Mount Olympus, but his curiosity caught the best of him.

Athena? Do you mind if I talk to you then? Jin asked, knowing full well that Athena would agree, as she nodded and guided him away from the golden mansion that her father and step-mother shared. Athena’s home was unlike a lot of the gods and goddesses, she enjoyed being a goddess, but she didn’t feel the need to shove her power in everyone’s face. Instead of gold clad walls, she opted for a spacious, but cozy home, much like the demigods modern home on earth. Her large glass walls, allowed for her to look out and take in the beauty of the land of the gods.

Walking into the house, it was full of books. Stories of wars that she helped plan, to various things that she would read about history and art. Jin picked up a book that contained pictures of statues and their origins, and held it up to Athena’s gaze.

Are you now the goddess of art? Jin asked with a chuckle and she snatched the book from his hands.

Apollo isn’t the only one that can know about art. She muttered and placed the book back down on the table. So who is this person? You didn’t get her pregnant right? She asked abruptly and Jin gave her a horrified look.

NO! He shrieked and Athena threw her head back in laughter.

Alright, then what’s up? She asked, sitting down on a large leather chair and crossing her legs in lotus position. Jin sat down in the opposing leather chair with a bit of a huff.

Well last night, I was upset with the guys. Jin started and Athena rolled her eyes.

So it was thundering. She muttered and Jin nodded, looking down at his lap.

I went to this park across the street from me and there was a girl, so I called out to her. You know it’s really dangerous for girls especially at her age, to be out alone at such a late hour. Jin began to rant, when Athena held up her hand.

Get to the point, Seokjin. She murmured and Jin knew that by calling his full name, he needed to speed this story up.

She could hear the thunder. She was confused how a clear night was rumbling. She could hear my powers. Jin said in three broken sentences and Athena’s jaw dropped.

So you want to know who has a demigod child and isn’t open about it? She asked and Jin nodded.

Do you think father would know? He asked and she shook her head.

He’s barely capable of paying attention to us. She muttered. I say, treat this like war.

WAR?! Jin exclaimed and she held up her hand.

Get close to her. Figure out her powers. Then we will know her connection to Olympus. Athena said in a sly manner and Jin smiled.

Makes sense. Jin nodded and Athena smiled.

It helps that your sister is the goddess of war strategy. She muttered and let out a little laugh as Jin shook his head.

Leaving Olympus, Jin felt like a man on a mission and he had you in his sights.

So I was walking through street vendors in Manhattan and I came across this lady selling plated jewelry. I saw this section of pendants and immediately recognised them as Greek drachma because I am a Nerd™, and then I came across this gorgeous cast of an Athenian drachma– complete with the Owl of Athena and the Athenian motto, “Of the Athenians.”

Being a teenaged girl is hard.
We thrive on attention, belonging, hopes and dreams.
Some work for grades, some for boys, some just dont care.
We are in the stage where we must choose where we want to be, where to go, who we are.
As hard as it already is. Our old nemesis decides to join the party.
Because Eve had to listen to that serpent to eat that stupid apple!
It’s like a headache but in the lower abdomen.
Like someone is punching it.
The destroyer of white clothing or anything else that it can bleed through!
Do you know how many lab coats it ruined for me?!
Im supposed to be DEAD! WHY ME?!
I look at a person one day, im fine…
Look at them now… DEATH! DEATH TO YOU!!!
I feel fine just walking. Then a great surge of pain! Just…Explodes!
So now im lying here on the lab floor, getting trampled by my robots.
I tried medications, off the counter pain relivers, warm environment.
So… if anyBODY! Has any ideas! I’m all Mickey Mouse ears! ((Please… I kinda written this to get my mind off this… It was meant to make you laugh or smile. But please im all ears. There is no such thing as dumb ideas… I call it “the ones less likely to work”