athena mcgonagall

AU where they find out that McGonagall is roman and then someone remembers that Minerva is the name of the goddess of wisdom and they ask her about it and she just has this twinkle in her eye, and then after the Battle of Hogwarts they need someone to help rebuild Hogwarts and they all find out that she has a daughter named Annabeth who’s apparently an architect and Annabeth needs moral support so of course she brings her boyfriend, this kid named Percy Jackson, and then one day in the great hall they slowly notice annabeth with her blonde hair and gray eyes, and everyone just looks at Draco, and then Percy with the black hair and the green eyes and everybody stares at Harry and then Harry and Draco just look really horrified but when no ones watching, they share this look like

‘Shit they’re onto us’

1. Athena loved to cuddle. Although she was usually the “tougher” of the two, she could spend hours just tucked in Ivy’s arms.

2. Ivy would often hum randomly. At first it bugged Athena, but then eventually it grew into one of her favorite things about her.

3. The two of them would always hold hands in the corridors at school once they were officially “together”. They often got stared at, but it didn’t really phase them.

4. It took them forever to say their “I love you’s”, simply because they were both so nervous and shy about it. Eventually, it was Athena who said it first.

5. Ivy always woke up before Athena. She would then wake up her girlfriend by kissing her ear. It was sort of their “thing”.

Athena trying to hide her face from Sirius’ camera.

“Athena, stop looking down and hiding your face! I really want to take a picture of you, please?”

“Nuh uh.. I look horrible today.”

“You look beautiful. You’re gorgeous, love. Please, come on. Just one.”


Taken by Sirius, who decided to take a picture of Athena’s neck, because it was the only thing he could take a picture of. He then took a picture of her butt, but he had to delete it.