Which two people who HAVE met on-screen do you wish had/would have more interactions?

I’m going with Athena and Maya. I want to see how Maya would react when Athena asks her about her relationship with Phoenix, and whether Athena would sense any discord in her heart at her reply. XD

Alternately, Ema and Gumshoe. It would’ve been nice to see him congratulate her on joining the force and/or finally becoming a CSI.


Phoenix: Imagine if someone handed you a box of all the items you’ve lost in your life.
Apollo: It WOULD be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
Trucy: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! I knew I lost that somewhere.
Athena: Mental stability! My old friend!
Phoenix: Kids, could you lighten it up a little?

Family movie time commission for @caromellarts! This took a while to finish because of such a busy month, but I’m glad it still turned out well! 

EDIT: Please do not repost this, edit or use as your icon whatsoever! I would usually allow it with permission and credit, but this is a Commission and I would like everyone to respect that this is also partially my client’s property. Thank you very much!