atheltic championships

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Can you please tell me what happened with Vernon?

ofc. so today is Idol Star Atheltic Championships (ISAC) in which select idols/idol groups compete against each other in what is essentially one big athletics day.
idols are put into teams, seventeen (from what i know) are in their own team, except for hansol who was put in the foreign team with a group of other idols. the issue with that is that hansol is not foreign. he’s simply half american but was raised in korea. fans are upset because hansol has repeatedly mentioned that he doesn’t like being called ‘that white kid speaking korean’ or to be referred to as simply american. he is korean. essentially by putting him on the foreign team ISAC has done exactly the opposite of what hansol has told us all he wants. On top of this they have ignored the three legitimate foreign members (aka china line and joshua) all of whom it would have been fine to place in the foreign team.