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Gold Medal T-Shirt (part 2/2)

Emma is an Olympic swimmer at her last games. Killian, her boyfriend and fellow Olympian, is at the pool to watch her race for a medal. But what Emma doesn’t know is that Killian got crafty to suprise her afterwards. Two-shot.

Find part 1 here on Tumblr and here on FF. Thanks for all the support on this story! It’s blown me out of the water and convinced me to do a second part!

Emma had to miss Killian’s race the day after her own. It wasn’t a big deal because in a laser dingy regatta they raced ten times before the final. There was just no way Emma could get out of all the TV interviews the networks wanted after her gold medal win. It meant more attention and potentially help with attracting students as she planned to transition into coaching as soon as the games were done. Killian recognized that and had actually been the one who ended up successfully convincing her to go get interviewed instead of making the journey to the regatta.

Of course there had been more questions about her reaction to winning, climbing into the crowd to be with Killian and the following proposal, than her race. The camera men wanted to see the ring she now wore. Interviewers wanted to know when they would hold their wedding. Who would be invited? Would any of the Olympic swim team come? What about the sailing team? Who did she call first after the proposal? In reality she hadn’t had to call anyone since the proposal had been broadcasted across the world. For a private person like Emma, the attention on her personal live rather than her athletic ability was overwhelming and uncomfortable. But when she slipped into bed that night beside Killian, Liam’s ring on her finger, she found the prying eyes didn’t really matter that much.

Just because Emma had missed the first day of racing after the proposal didn’t mean she didn’t have a plan to respond with her own t-shirt. But she was going to wait until the final. What she was planning on putting on it would be too much of a distraction for Killian and it would risk his final races.

With the four race days crammed so close to her swimming competitions she only made it to two of his races. She knew the camera crews watched her after the races but she was waiting. Killian was making a decent showing but she knew he had more in him and she wouldn’t distract him to the point where he’d throw his whole competition. On the day she did make it she was there to watch him capsize, an Italian laser crashing into him and bringing them both down. Her heart was in her throat as the other lasers raced past, her hand fluttering down to rest on her stomach while she held her breath. But a few long moments later Killian surfaced, cursing and angry but safe.

Emma knew Killian was a capable sailor. One of the highest ranked in the world, sitting in third place after the year’s circuit but having oscillated through all three top standings since the last Olympics. The capsizing wouldn’t ruin his chances as the worst race was dropped before the medal race, so long as he didn’t do it again. It had never really bothered Emma when Killian flipped his boat because it had a weird sense of nostalgia to it for her and capsizing lasers was just part of the sport since the boats were so small and light. But now, now things were different. And not just because of the ring she wore on her finger.

That night Emma had been so amped up with the residual stress from the race, her muscles tight and strokes shorter than usual, that she came third, a bronze medal, in the race the world thought she’d be a shoe-in for gold for, the 100m freestyle. When Killian pulled her into bed that night he made her promise not to go see his regatta the next day and concentrate on her final two races, the 4x100 relay and the 100m breast stroke happening the same night. Emma knew Killian had figured out something was up. As an athlete they all knew injury was always possible and had almost become numb to it after so long in the circuit, yet Emma was suddenly terrified to see him get hurt.

If only he knew what Emma was waiting to reveal.

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