Attention Followers: We're Back!

Hello there, everyone. My name is Samantha, and my main blog is at Utpian. I will now be running Atheists’ Confessions.

If you’ve left a message (such as a link request or question), please expect a response within the next week or two. Confessions will be posted once a day for now until I can catch up on most of the submissions left in the past few months, and then the frequency will increase. However, please submit your confessions in the meantime.


Attention followers:

This blog has been inactive for a number of months now and I’m sincerely sorry that I haven’t been able to keep up with it.

For that reason, I’m opening up its ownership to someone who can keep it going. All you need to have is Photoshop (any version) and a bunch of free time. (And also maybe the sense to pass it off to someone else before it sits for another few months…oops!)

Please send a message to my ask box if you’re interested!