atheist overdose

Really atheist-overdose?

Are you really sure?

Because you claim that all of the screencaps you post on tumblr come from your facebook.

Are you sure you just didn’t find these screencaps somewhere else and are posting them?

It’s okay.

You don’t have to lie every time to make it seem like you’re a real person.

Your posts don’t lose validity if you didn’t personally screencap the facebook posts.

Your posts lose validity because you’re like a bot that endlessly churns out pictures, but has nothing of value to add yourself.

PSA to all my followers.

Yes, I spam atheist overdose. No, I am not going to stop. If you have a problem with it, find your own way to deal with it. I will not accommodate people who have chosen to follow me when they can very easily press the unfollow button and never deal with it again. I reblog it not for your sake, but for mine. I once went through this stage of lucidity, but I was brainwashed into giving religion another chance. By reblogging this, if my mind ever wavers and starts to fall into the darkness of religion, I will be able to go back and see why I disavowed it all. I can see clearly now, and I don’t want my vision to become clouded again.