atheist oppression

Malak Alshehri, Saudi woman arrested for not wearing a abaya in public. Where’s the feminist outrage?! Hey feminists where tf are you?? Can you here me? Do you care? Does your “intersectional” “feminism” include me? 🙆🏻 I hate to break it to you but you’re not feminist and we ex Muslim women are going to reclaim feminism from you.

anyways positivity post for all the folks who became atheists to escape the oppression and hatred of their former religious community and are now having to deal with hatred from other oppressed folks who wrongfully stereotype all atheists as shitty dudebros and equate them with their oppressors, who then get “aw dont worry ur valid sweaty uvu” jokes when they react reasonably negatively to that hate-mongering.

i dont know why anyone thinks “atheism is a dudebro movement, kill atheism” is a revolutionary opinion but it needs to stop, because it ignores the many people who became atheists after facing years of abuse in their former communities. 

Every now and then I see hashtag discourse about supporting kids who are black sheep in their communities. Occasionally, these posts will also mention atheist kids, and OP will get dragged across the coals because atheists are not an oppressed group.

Which is easy to say if you don’t live in a fundamentalist community or come from a religious family. Not all atheists or agnostics are Richard Dawkins, “euphoric”, and militantly hostile towards other people’s religious beliefs. I’m originally from a small, rural town in Mike Pence’s home state, where local churches often exercise a cultish level of influence over the community. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a left-leaning household with agnostic parents who embraced multiculturalism, so I only had to worry about religious abuse outside of the home. Almost all the bullying I experienced at school was because everyone knew I didn’t go to church… kids mocked me, called me names, and kicked me around a bit, while public school teachers told me I was going to Hell. On my first day of kindergarten, my teacher had us raise our hands if we went to church. As the only child who didn’t raise his hand, she interrogated me and then informed me that I needed to find Jesus. I had classmates tell me that they weren’t allowed to be friends with me because I wasn’t Christian and their parents were afraid I’d infect them with my sinfulness.

So, here’s to anyone who grew up in suffocating religious environments, at home or in your larger community. Spiritual abuse is real, regardless of your background, and if your beliefs, behaviors, or identity have made you a target of it, I’m sorry. Just try not to let your experiences poison your tolerance of the healthy religious beliefs of others.

I saw the ultimate atheist cringe. It said that atheists are actively, systematically oppressed not only because they are atheists though but because atheists are largely liberal woc and LGBT+. Therefore, by oppressing and creating a system of violence towards atheists, they can wipe out the poc LGBT communities too.

Like this is truly the ultimate cringe far more than neck beards. Because it marries the cringe of the left with the cringe of the right to create this Frankencringe.

Another patch, but this needs some explainations: I’M NOT ISLAMOPHOBE. Seems that here on Tumblr if you go against Christians and Church it’s ok or nobody gives a shit, but when you go against Islam you’re islamophobe. Islamophobia means discrimination towards Muslims, but I have nothing against them. Muslims are people and people aren’t the problem, religion is. I also respect Muslims that made their choice (if they respect mine), but I will never respect an insane ideology. I’m never gonna respect a religion that tells to kill non-believers, apostates and blasphemers. I’m never gonna respect a religion that puts women under men. I know that Muslim women lived better than catholic ones centuries ago, but according to the Quran the difference is clear. I also admire what Muslim feminists are doing, but their moderate and liberal interpretation of the Quran is incoherent with the original Islam.
I’m NOT even saying that Islam=terrorism or other right-wing bullshit, while every refugee is welcome, no matter their creed: I’m against Islam the same way I’m against Christianity and every other religion that limits the freedom of the individual. I’m particoularly against Christianity and Islam because they are the most oppressing religions nowadays.

you know, atheists absolutely are oppressed in some parts of the world wherein religious hegemony is intrinsic to the structure and function of a government and rampant abuse occurs as a result, but i don’t know why people always assert that whenever someone marginalized or affected by religious discrimination criticizes white male pseudo-intellectual atheism. i attribute criticisms of white male atheism onto their white male status, not onto their atheist status, but what i criticize is their contrived sense of intellectual superiority for being atheist, not their atheism itself. i have no personal or ideological problems with atheism. i am cognizant that many ex-religious people turn to atheism because they have suffered abuse and brutalization in religious organizations and households. this is rooted in institutionalized religion. but you don’t have to get angry if a jewish, muslim, hindu, sikh, or other religious person is talking about how white male atheism does nothing to combat christian hegemony or the problems caused by religious hegemony in general, lol. like every time we have this conversation someone inevitably has to defend atheism in an almost infantilizing manner. when i consider white male atheism a la richard dawkins i’m not considering east-asian or west-asian atheists or ex-religious women or lgbt people or ethnic minorities oppressed by religious abuse. 


وجمعة مباركة للجميع

While these may be controversial & provocative, Muslims have no right to be offended by it. What’s offensive is that atheism is punishable with the death penalty in Saudi Arabia & many other Muslim-majority countries both in the middle east & outside of it. Not all Muslim-majority countries have the death penalty, but there are other punishments like prison, lashes, annulment of marriage, loss of child custody & family inheritance, seizure of property, loss of employment, & others.

Even if these laws didn’t exist, atheists still experience oppression from society. Most will not come out to their families for fear of being disowned, kicked out, or even worse, killed. If the apartheid laws weren’t bad enough, you still have to worry about how your family, friends, & neighbours will react to your lack of faith. So these pictures aren’t offensive, they’re resistance against oppression & apartheid. When you oppress a group of people so much & take away their right to live, expect the frustration to be released one way or another, even if it pisses off your oppressors.

While one can try to argue that the death penalty has nothing to do with Islam, the politicians & clerics who advocate the law use Sharia, verses from the Quran, & hadiths to support it. Only a tiny minority of clerics & fiqh experts oppose it, & they are constantly being accused of apostasy themselves.

Thirteen countries punish atheism with the death penalty. These are Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Somalia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Qatar, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, & Sudan. All are Muslim-majority & use Sharia to varying degrees, except for Nigeria but the death penalty only applies in certain Muslim-majority states in the north.

Until these laws no longer exist & atheists can finally live, Muslims have no right to be offended by legitimate resistance & our response to oppression.

Testimonies from Saudi atheists I personally know:

“It’s hell. Religion is always pushed down our throats. We’ve worked so hard to get rid of the brainwash we’ve been receiving all our lives just to put on a mask every fucking day in front of people. A socially acceptable mask. It’s like we’re in a zombie apocalypse & we’re disguising as zombies to not have our brains eaten. You MUST agree with them. You MUST wear that mask every fucking day of your life. You start to get less & less chances in life of taking that mask off & relaxing for a bit & the more you wear that mask the more painful it gets because that fucking mask is poisonous. But you wear it anyway because the alternative is getting killed.”

“The first thing I’d start with is how hard it is to live a double life. Religion & the place I’m living in are some of the reasons why I’m suffering from severe depression. Religion haunts me. I’m always having nightmares that I’ve been caught & will face beheading. My life is in danger 24/7.”

“In Saudi Arabia, god is your judge, jury, & executioner. God is not in the sky but on the ground in the form of long bearded men with evil in their eyes. God wanted me dead but now god can’t reach me (thanks to getting asylum). How godly of him.”

“Being an atheist single mother is terrifying. I’m always paranoid someone will find out & take my son away from me because I’m an “unfit mother”. It breaks my heart that I have to lie to him about god & religion because he’s too young to realize how dangerous speaking the truth is.”

“I can’t think of anything that would describe it better than hell. It’s way too risky to say anything.”

“I seriously don’t want to think about this shitty place we live in becuse I’m already depressed as fuck.”

I’m not openly an atheist. I generally keep my views and ideas to myself when it comes to my family. However they have a tendency to shove religion in my face and when they see me shake my head they get super riled up. And whenever I try to defend my views and ideas they act like I’m being irrational and they have the audacity to act like its atheists that’s oppressing religions and not the other way around. And whenever I’m expressing these ideas to them they’re still looking at it in terms of religion “BUT THATS YOUR BELIEF RIGHT?!” And I’m like No that’s not what Atheism is. But again they’re so conditioned into seeing everything through a religious lens they can’t even accept the fact that I’m not even putting an effort into this conversation.

Hey Tumblr, you do realize that not all atheists are militant pseudo intellectual douchebags and that in many parts of the world atheists are heavily discriminated against if not outright oppressed right? Like there are countries were you can die for being an atheist and there are also places in the United States were you cannot run for office if you are an atheist, separation of church and state be damned!