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I can’t believe it I was reading Hammer of Thor in English but like in the four minutes I have in between bells (my homeroom is also my English classroom so I didn’t have to switch classrooms) and I just read the part with Alex being gender fluid and Magnus’ explanation of it and how accepting he was and he’s in love with Alex Fierro. I loves Ricks equality in this new series so much.

• A Muslim main character, who also doesn’t care about Alex being gender fluid

• an atheist as the main character who DOESN’T SHAME OTHERS FOR THEIR RELIGIONS

• a black dwarf

• a deaf elf

• a gay relationship because Blitzstone is cannon i don’t care what you say

• Magnus is pan I haven’t finished the book yet so I don’t know what happens but he is and that’s that

Religion is an issue, and biased like crazy

Here was my main issue: religion is really hard to work into a story, especially a comic. The only author that comes to mind right away as being good at it is Mike Mignola (and the other writers in the Mignolaverse) who did a ton of research on religion, mythology, etc. to weave it into Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Witch Hunter, BPRD, and all the other series they’ve produced (seasoned with a lot of Lovecraft, of course). I find Zoophobia’s portrayal of religion personally offensive and confusing. The references to anything specific are always incorrect, such as when they say the symbol for Satanism is the St. Peter’s Cross [which is an upside down cross that has nothing to do with Satanism]. Also Satan comes across as compassionate, and Christians come across as indiscriminate assholes. Gee, thanks. And all the really compassionate characters are atheists. Every one. Is this like Kevin Smith directing Dogma to work through his issues with Catholicism?

 Is there ever a webcomic that does religion well? 

 The problem is that Vivi brags about how much she knows about religion and goes as far as to criticize other artists (Ava’s Demon) for their use of certain terms, meanwhile she obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’m agnostic, I don’t give a flying fuck either way, but even I see plenty of glaring issues. And Beth was raised Christian so she knows a lot more than I do. 

 Myself, I would have less of an issue if she didn’t go criticizing OTHER artists and bragging about how much she knows when she obviously doesn’t know very much. There are a lot of characters that feel forced, like she’s trying to make a point but she’s not doing a good job of hiding it. Daphne, Leeson, Black swam, Broadway musical, they’re all inserts of people that Vivi probably grew up not liking and is trying to make a point out of. 

- Jen

So... a bit of stuff on the happenings of Youtube.

Where as I agree that what Pewdiepie did was wrong. I don’t think he should lose his job over it. It was a stupid mistake. I mean Maker Studios are in the right for ditching him but Youtube shouldn’t be making his life hell right now. Leave that to the comment section.


Next I want to bring up Jontron.

He has a point guys.

Okay, so I don’t like Sargon and I can only barely stomach thunderf00t and various other members in that circle. The Amazing Atheist puts on a character, he acts like an asshole on his channel for exaggeration. Even so, Sargon can have a couple of good points when communing through dialogue with people like Jontron. You learn through is conversations with Jontron that he does agree with equality and wants people to generally get along.

They bring up a good point, if you’d actually listened to the hour long conversation between them, that both sides have to actually work for equality through peaceful means and that racism will never go away completely.

The idea is that you can’t fight racism with racism like a lot of people on tumblr seem to think you can do. A lot of Social Justice Warriors seem to think that just because systemic racism against white people doesn’t exists in in the west that interpersonal racism can’t exist. Well, here’s the difference between systemic and interpersonal.

Systemic racism is based on a corporate or work place level. Some people may refuse to hire you in the states because of your race, covering up their racism with “their credentials weren’t good enough”. Or police racism that does still exist. Usually it’s run by racist individuals, but it’s still a system where a majority of people are white and a black person will only ever be used in a case to gain an upper hand by playing the race card. Much like in the case of OJ Simpson, they thought that having a black prosecutor would help them in his case. I mean there’s actual proof that OJ killed Nicole now but they still used a black man to gain an upper hand.

Interpersonal racism is between people, it has nothing to do with the system. This is like how my cousin was, even though he didn’t actually mean any of it he was being actively racist. Or half the people who come to the Home Depot I work at who are constantly making racist comments towards First Nations people and Filipino people. Or like the girl who told me I wasn’t allowed to female characters because I was a man and my testosterone limits me to only writing male characters well. or my Aunt whom, before I told her that I took great offense to it, stated that testosterone is the reason that the world is so hateful. Or the old man I used to work with who thinks that women shouldn’t be allowed to work and should be forced into marriage (he lasted two weeks before our female store manager fired him for saying something sexist around her one too many times). It’s a lot more personal and isn’t institutionalized.

Now this comes to some of my personal thoughts.

Being afraid of somebody based around their race or gender is wrong. Assuming that every man is going to rape you is both adhering to rape culture by treating every man like a pig who has no control over his sexuality. That’s very, very, sexist. It’s akin to a man believing that a woman should hide her body to avoid getting raped by other men. I can understand the fear if you’ve been raped or sexually assaulted before, because that comes from experience and at that point you need to go see a therapist to get over a fear that will become debilitating to you.

Just like I’m quite wary around almost everybody because I’ve had too many people take advantage of my kindness.

I’m a white man, I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I am not going to rape you. I can’t bring myself to kill a fly, let alone hurt another human being to that extent.