The Christian owners of a Northern Ireland bakery have lost their appeal against a ruling that their refusal to make a “gay cake” was discriminatory.

A Jewish or Christian shopkeeper is not required to trade on the Sabbath just as a Muslim butcher is not required to sell pork. But if a business does supply a service, it must not discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation, which means it must not refuse to provide a gay person with goods that it would provide to others.

In this case, said the courts, the correct comparison was not with a straight man who wanted a “gay” cake, which Ashers would have refused. It was with a gay or straight person who ordered a cake celebrating traditional marriage, which the company would have supplied.

As the appeal judges said, “the fact that a baker provides a cake for a particular team or portrays witches on a Halloween cake does not indicate any support for either.”

Perhaps the central point is that being gay is not an opinion, whereas homophobia definitely is.
Samantha Bee warns us all...of the dangers of tolerating primitive religious belief controlled modern health care facilities...
Allowing "celibate" religious fantasy fueled old continue to kill off/unnecessarily cause suffering to the name of god/because of the disproven Garden of Eden "original sin" instigation myth...since the dark atrocious...


Good afternoon guys!!

 Just got out of class about to wash my curly ass hair….  My college has a significant Muslim student population. I see abayas everywhere lol.. when I wore the scarf I would always get stopped by Muslim students and they ask “where I am from”(I wore my hijab very stylish. See my previous posts for pictures) It would be annoying when ppl ask me where I am from? are you Muslim etc etc...I  don’t like telling ppl my business and getting judge for my appearance. I would say yes I’m Muslim… and they would stare at my tattoos with disapproving looks… (yes I have a couple of mini finger tattoos and two big ones) Anyway now I can just be myself,carefree and not worry if I get bombarded with mad questions about what is my ethnicity  or religion. I feel like after I took off my hijab and left Islam(I left Islam THEN took off my hijab 3 months later) I am starting to finding myself without religion without Islam without the hijab… and It’s SCARY…. but  i’m soo happy i broke free and left and i’m NEVER looking back. I get a rush of excitement to start a new chapter in my life as a carefree loving atheist!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗💖💁🏾 

  Love you guys!!!


Pretty sure this is just me but I cannot stand the idea of having to work with people who believe in a magic man. In my eyes you are deemed and idiot if you believe in a god. I am strongly against the idea of a god, I think that those who believe is a god have the IQ of a grain of sand.

If you don’t believe in a god then, to me, you are automatically smarter than anyone who does.

*sighs into oblivion*
  • It's possible to be atheist without being a douche
  • It's possible to be an atheist and respect other people's religion
  • It's possible to be an atheist and respect other people's life choices
  • It's possible to be an atheist and take part in other people's religious ceremonies when invited to
  • It's possible to be an atheist and not shit on religion
  • You are not better than other people for being atheist and this is coming from an atheist who is tired of all this edgy immature bullshit