anonymous asked:

can you post yourr tumblr crushes pleeaasee ;)

  1. ylsw*
  2. atheistoverdose
  3. atheismforthewin
  4. christiantheatheist
  5. godlessscience
  6. religiousragings
  7. godless-apostate
  8. daisysnotebook
  9. atheism-shitthatblows

* Probably fair to note that I “like” a lot of ylsw’s posts because they have to do with jewish culture and ideas - and so inspire me for posts that I write! That said, he is nice guy and I’m digging his responses to a lot of the israel-hate here on tumblr. Don’t always agree, but good to see actual discussion, especially when backed with sources.

Also, I don’t follow/like that many personal blogs/posts as I’m trying to keep this blog focused on atheism and am hoping that my “likes” will remain a resource {but holy crap, tumblr needs a way to organize them!}.. so don’t take it personally if you didn’t make the list. I assure you that you’re awesome.