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Hi, do you know what happened to classicallyclashing?

Hi there! Yes I do - I just talked to him and in his own words “the blog got to a point where the details of my personal life were being exploited and it wasn’t healthy”

However, he would like to know how many people would be interested in a blog of solely his photography!! Like this post if yes

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whht athe fuck i love the way u type its so chill and like. shitposter ??? and the phrases u use really ?? like ??? add to the feeling and it feels really unique and nice and i love it wtf

Fukignbsm i say Swagever


“Three qualities are from patience:

(1)  not speaking about your misfortune
(2) (not speaking about) your pain
(3)  not praising yourself.

— Sufyan Ath-Thawri [Al-Hilyah, 6/389]

Why do theists

pick and choose which parts of the bible they like? same thing with science. there all down for using electricity and shit but evolution? hell no get that outta here. water cycle? no problem. the big bang? fuck no. god loves everyone, except the parts where he tells us to stone atheist gays and non virgins. god says not to mix fibers, well thats just a metaphor. your own theology and religion is a fucking joke.

5 LGBT-themed Plays on Teens that are Important for Society

5 LGBT-themed Plays on Teens Important for Society

A New Publication from Cambria Press Awkward Stages: Plays about Growing Up Gay edited by John Clum and Sean Metzger Cambria Press Publication: Awkward Stages: Plays About Growing Up Gay edited by John Clum and Sean Metzger Having looked carefully at more than forty plays, Professors John Clum (Duke University) and Sean Metzger (UCLA) finally selected five plays for the unique perspectives they…

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