900 Follower Milestone Crossover Wrap-up and Recap (Part 1)

#1 - Scarf - At this point I intended to every single entry in this minimal, not-even-inked, half-colored style. Pfft.

#2 - Yuki Nagato - And at this point I intended to alternate between games, anime, and simple clothing items. I kept to half of that.

#3 - Cat Suit - Super popular for some reason. I get that it’s cute, but it’s so messy.

#4 - Sakuya Izayoi - I have a lot of fun making this gif. As you would expect, it involved copying and pasting a single knife a dozen times, then perspective flipping and mirroring the entire group of them. WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

#5 - TWEWY Reaper - The pose is a little skewed, but she looks dark and mysterious even when she’s about to fall over. Her dialogue is inspired by the guy who makes you get him a burger in the game.

#6 - Patchouli Knowledge - I didn’t put a lot of effort into this one. I did, however, play through her Touhou stage to get a good reference for one of her spell cards.

#7 - Business - Anthro Twi enters the scene. She looked really irritated when her eyelashes were clipping through her hair, so I covered them up.

#8 - Vivi - Drawn by my lovely friend athaon. I was hoping it would be more popular. It’s pretty impressive, seeing as she doesn’t draw ponies.