Blackwall: Too bad we’re not here at night. We could come back when it’s dark, use the stars to see exactly where we are.

Cole: We’re on the ground.

Blackwall: I meant where in the world.

Cole: But I’m right here.

Blackwall: No, I meant…are you having me on?

I love it when my two favourite gentlemen discuss navigation techniques. ♥


“If you go to a Vancouver phone book or a newspaper, the whole back section is plastic surgeons. And they all look the same. All of these women look the same. They have the same cheekbones, the same lips, the same eyes, the same plastic forehead and I just think it’s so boring. It scares me. And it scares me because I’m also raising a daughter in this.  I think you can tell when people have had a lot of work done and it never looks right. They always look OLDER, when they trying to look YOUNGER. That’s just my opinion. It’s an impossible thing to tell someone ‘You have to find it within yourself’ because I struggled. Because I am on television and I do get judged for it. I get judged on my face or my weight or whatever. My advice would be just be, if you’re really feeling like you need to do something drastic to your face then go talk to a therapist before you do. Find out what you need to do yourself before you need to change physical things. Because beauty is diversity. That’s what’s beautiful. I think.”