atg art

Named by Yukio Mishima after Kenneth Anger’s film Scorpio Rising, Theatre Scorpio (Sasori-za / 蠍座) was a legendary underground art space beneath the Art Theatre Guild’s Art Theatre Shinjuku Bunka. The venue quickly became a centre of activity for all corners of the 1960s arts scene, offering a platform for performance art, theatre, dance and screenings of avant-garde films. Although their autonomous voices were characterised by diversity in approach and style, the artists were united by their urge for individual expression and a desire for a space to share their ideas. Theatre Scorpio met their needs and became a nexus for their experiments.

I’m not giving back the sugar cubes till you admit pegasi are better than unicorns

Well I’ll just magic it down then!

I’ll counterspell.

I’ll just buy some more then.

I’ll accuse you of treason!

I’ll just tell everyone you’re a changeling again!



Day 4 Draw a pony looking down and/or stepping up.