What would marriage life be with Taecyeon

♥ He waking up early and then waking you up because he needs to talk

♥ He being such a baby and needy of your atention

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♥ He would try cook for you 

♥ He would like to take you with him on tour

♥ But your job won’t let u, so you guys facetime everynight before go to sleep

♥ He always cheer you up

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♥ You being with jealous because everyone sees his abs when they have a sexy concept 

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♥ And also happy bc at the end of the day he’s all yours

♥ He being really cute when jealous bc your friends

♥ He telling you everyday that he loves you, no matter what.

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Wassup guys? Hope you liked it ♥



atention;  if hellucard notes you on deviantart, i’d highly suggest ignoring him bcs he’s acting like a creep and making sexual comments toward minors.

here are some examples of him being lowkey flirty with me;

he also used th winky face in like every sentence and it says quite clearly on my page that i am 13. he is 28.


@thetomska says to avoid hellucard as well. stay safe, eddheads.

UPDATE; hellucard deleted his account!! we won!!