13 Reasons Why

Can we just talk about the message of this show?

“Suicide is not a opition” “Suicide is not drama” “Bullying is not just a joke” “Rape is not the victim’s fault” “Rumors can ruin a person’s life” “If you love someone you tell them” 

This show is not about a boy and a girl who fell in love. This show is about a girl that was ruined, this girl felt so alone, so unloved, that she killed herself. She ended her life, because she thought no one cared. 

“Some of you cared, none of you cared enough”

Hannah was not making drama. Yes, she wanted atention. Hannah needed atention, she needed someone to see her, to talk to her, but no one did. At the end, it didn’t even mattered anymore. She was already gone. 

Please, don’t romanticize this show. Clay loved Hannah, he feels guilted, but there was so much more to the story. She was bullied, sexualy assaulted, stalked, lefted by all of her “friends”, raped. 

This is not normal. This is not drama. This is not okay.

Don’t be a reason why. 

Los signos enamorados

Aries: Se siente distraído u estúpido, se convierte en un stalker y se pone celoso muy amenudo.

Tauro: Se pone más torpe de lo que es y le encanta mirar a esa persona, pero tampoco le gusta demostrar que muere por esa persona, hasta que la otra esté enamorad@ de el/ella.

Géminis: Intenta llamar la atención de su Crush y a veces se vuelve más loco y hace el ridículo frente a ella, si se ríe, sabe que es el/la elegid@.

Cáncer: Se vuelve más tímido y reservado, y es muy dulce cuando habla con esa persona.

Leo: Intenta acercarse lo máximo a esa persona, le presta más atención que a él/ella mism@ y se deja hacer lo que sea por esa persona.

Virgo: Se raya mucho pensando en los pros y contras de esa persona, porque no quiere salir dolid@, ni querer a la persona equivocada.

Libra: Se vuelve super dulce y protector con esa persona, nunca la quiere dejar de lado.

Escorpio: Cuando se obsesiona comuna persona lo hace y es muy difícil que la olvide.

Sagitario: Intenta que su Crush sienta algo por el/ella haciendo cosas que se le dan bien, o llamando su atención.

Capricornio: Se vuelve tímido pero no lo demuestra, y quiere hablar día y noche con esa persona.

Acuario: Odia estar enamorado, no le gusta, pero se vuelve idiota y siempre está atent@ a esa persona.

Piscis: Hace lo que sea por esa persona, intenta acercarse lo más posible y es muy dulce.

social relationships when u have a personality disorder

(more like welcome to actual hell)

  • wanting to make friends but having no gotdamn idea how (an avpd+SAD classic)
  • knowing that all your friends (and/or potential friends) will abandon you someday and nobody will stay (bpd nightmare)
  • not making any friends because nobody will provide you with the atention you desire (bpd+hpd)
  • imprinting on someone and needing attention from them but you don’t know how to start conversation with them (bpd+avpd)
  • having friends means you have to sympthasize with them and you don’t feel like dealing with that (npd)
  • being apathetic and therefore an asshole and therefore a bad friend (npd)
  • wanting to tear all your hair out when someone you hate talks to your fp (bpd)
  • splitting on your friend for whatever reason but not wanting to hurt their feelings while you’re mad at them so you isolate yourself, but when you do they don’t come to check on you which makes you split on them harder (bpd)
  • being convinced that your fp loves you the most but that feeling goes away when you see them being affectionate with someone else (bpd)
  • being so possessive but also being scared that you’re being abusive (bpd)
  • you always. need. reassurance. (bpd+avpd)
  • being a romantic shithead but wanting to kill a guy when you see two people being romantic (hpd)
  • never being in a romantic relationship because you constantly flirt with others and don’t want to hurt your datemate’s feelings (hpd)
  • imprinting on anyone that comforts you once/is nice to you (bpd)
  • being possessive ofothers but hating when anyone’s possessive of you (npd+bpd)
  • wanting all of the attention but how? (hpd+avpd)
  • feeling worthless when your imprint doesn’t talk to/about you (bpd+)
  • feel free 2 add more
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Request: “Hii mmhmh, I just want to say that I like your blog so much, I think you’re cute and I would ask for a fic where Bucky and reader has to share a bed so he has a hard time trying to hide how turned on by reader he is. Smut, if possible. THANK YOU.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, SMUT (OH, YAS)

taging: SORRY, I totally forgot to tag people last time xd . @magellan-88         @bellastellaluna  @all-the-fandoms2  @nyu-kun69  @fashun–deevah  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @marvel-fanfiction  (again sorry if I’m missing someone, please let me know if you want to be tagged in my next series, or untagged!) :) Thank you XX.

Part 2. 

4.32 a.m

Bucky has problems. Serious problems.

Nearly an hour ago something has woken him up from his slumber. This “something” has been your leg spread freely over his tighs. It seems that in to the nigh both of you have moved and now, for his dismay, you are laying peacefully on top of him with your crotch dangerously near to his.

He has tried to move you a couple times but didn’t had the guts to wake you up, you seem so relaxed and you deserve it so much… So, every time you move in your sleep and rub your knee over his dick you stick another nail on his coffin. Bucky gulps nervous when your arm shakes a little in his chest as if you are dreaming, he knows from the start that sharing a bed with you was not a good idea. For fuck’s sake, how he has let you convice him of that? If he can’t bare with feeling your knee againts his when you dinner with the team, how is he gonna bare with the feeling your warm, half naked, body squashed againts his? He commit the mistake of taking a deep breath

- Fuck… - he mutters. You smell so well… And it was not the shampoo, that’s for sure, because the one in the bathroom doesn’t smell like anything. It’s your natural smell, and he can’t help imagining that same fragance saturating his nosetrils when he digs his head on your neck while burying himself deep inside you… - Virgin Mary… - he mutters under his breath, extremelly unconfortable when his dick twitch on his sweatpants at the vivid image.

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.:UnderLOVE Models: NightCross The Fam:.

They have a SURE PLACE on my AU

Nightmare and Cross are maried with two Sons, Incubux was “Born” and Faith is Adopted because their creator avandoned him by his Luck, but Cross one mornning found him alone crying and after a big “fight” Ok was a real fight with broken bones XD Cross and Nightmare adopted him

The NightCross fam have a funny situation, everyone fight for Cross is atention because if you are a good father you are a good Husband that means that Cross can’t rest so much XD

Cross by Jael

Nightmare by Joku

Faith by Vaults

Incubux by Nateeev

They life in Nightmare is Castle

When I was in la secundaria
I falled in love of
a little morra que se llamaba Liz
I was catorce años
y yo no era nada guapo
I was fat
I didn´t know vestirme bien
en aquellas épocas
estaba trending
be a cholo
I wanted gustarle a Lizy
but no sabía cómo
I watched her and noté
que ella prestaba
so much atention
to the bad guys
empecé a ir a la plaza
donde se juntaban los cholos
y entré en la gang
my clothes now eran
pantalones Dickies
and limas tumbadas
maybe she doesn´t know
all what I made
just para que me volteara a ver
but su actitud
fue changing
and I remember that she
invited me to the partys
then she told me
Que no le gustaba por ser cholo
sino por la manera en que la trataba
—  La alegría es un roadtrip, Quetzal Noah 
Mă plictisesc.. Hai să ne jucăm puţin. c:

Despre mine:

1. Cum te cheamă?
2. Câţi ani ai?
3. De unde eşti?
4. Unde te-ai născut?
5. Şcoală/liceu/facultate?
6. Semnul tău zodiacal?
7. Eşti mulţuimit/ă de cine eşti?
8. Ai vrea să te schimbi?
9. Ce culoare are părul tău?
10. Ai vrea să îţi vopseşti părul?
11. Ai tatuaje?
12. Ai vrea să ai tatuaje. Justifică-ţi răspunsul (eventual pune o poză cu un tatuaj pe care ai vrea să-l ai)
13. Porţi ochelari?
14. Porţi aparat dentar?
15. Ce culoare au ochii tăi?
16. Ai fi vrut ca ochii tăi să fie de altă culoare?
17. Ce fobie ai?
18. Dreptaci sau stângaci?
19. Ce orientare sexuală ai?
20. Fumezi?
21. Bei alcool?
22. Te-ai drogat vreodată?
23. Ai un animal domestic?
24. Câini sau pisici?
25. Ce gen de filme îţi plac?
26. Te-ai sărutat vreodată cu o persoană de acelaşi sex?
27. Ce hobby ai?
28. De când ai tumblr?
29. Care este ultima persoană căreia i-ai zis ,,te iubesc’’?
30. Ultima dată când ai zis ,,sunt bine’’,ai minţit?
31. Ce părere ai despre mincinoşi?
32. Ce visezi să faci în viitor?
33. Ai fost vreodată la psiholog?
34. Ai fost vreodată într-o depresie? (Prostească întrebare,ştiu)
35. Te consideri o persoană bipolară?
36. Eşti alergic la ceva? Dacă da,la ce anume?
37. Ce lucruri te enervează cel mai mult la o persoană?
38. Crezi că există prieteni adevăraţi?
39. Cât crezi că durează în general o prietenie care se presupune că ar trebui să dureze pentru totdeauna?
40. Descrie-te în 5 cuvinte.
41. Ai facebook?
42. Pune o poză cu tine aici. (Dacă vrei)
43. Ai o părere bună despre tine?

Lucruri preferate de mine:
44. Culoarea preferată?
45. Blogul preferat?
46. Actorul preferat?
47. Mâncarea preferată?
48. Filmul/serialul prerferat?
49. Cartea preferată?
50. Anotimpul preferat?
51. 5 locuri în care ai vrea să le vizitezi să mori.
52. Oraşul preferat? De ce?

53. Cel/cea mai bun/ă prieten/ă?
54. În cine ai cel mai mult încredere?
55. Dacă cel mai bun prieten ar muri,ce ai face?
56. Ţi-ai minţit cel mai bun prieten?
57. Te-ai simţit vreodată înlocuit/ă?
58. Te-ai simţit vreodată singur/ă deşi camera/locul unde erai, era plin de persoane?


59. Single sau într-o relaţie?
60. Dacă eşti single,îţi place de cineva?
61. Cu cine a fost primul sărut?
62. Ţi-a plăcut primul sărut sau preferi să nu vorbeşti despre asta?
63. Crezi în dragoste la prima vedere?
64. Descrie băiatul/fata perfectă.
65. Care este primul lucru care-l observi la o persoană?
66. Ce părere ai despre relaţiile la distanţă?
67. Crezi că dragostea nu are vârstă?
68. Eşti îndrăgostit/ă?
69. Dacă persoana de care eşti îndrăgostit/ă,ţi-ar spune că iubeşte pe altcineva,cum ai reacţiona?
70. Spune 3 lucruri despre persoana pe care o placi.
71. Crezi că cineva are un crush pentru tine?
72. Ai plâns vreodată din cauza persoanei pe care o iubieai/iubeşti?
73. Atunci când începi să placi pe cineva,îi dai de înţeles sau păstrezi pentru tine?
74. Cel mai drăguţ lucru care ţi l-a zis cineva?
75. Există cineva pentru care ai face orice?
76. Ai scris vreodată o poezie/un cântec pentru persoana iubită?
77. Cineva a scris vreodată o poezie/un cântec pentru tine?
78. Cel mai drăguţ lucru care l-a făcut cineva pentru tine?

Genuri de muzică şi preferinţe în general:

79. Ce gen de muzică asculţi?
80. Preferi manelele sau muzica rock?
81. Ce părere ai despre fetele care îşi pun poze goale pe facebook? Le admiri sau te fac să vomiţi?
82. Ţi-a cerut cineva vreodată o poză nud?
83. Ţi-e ruşine de ţara ta sau de persoanele din ea?
84. Ce părere ai despre persoanele de alt cult?
85. De ce religie eşti?
86. Îţi pasă de ce cred alţii despre tine?
87. Ciocolată sau vanilie?
88. Căpşuni sau cireşe?
89. Ţi s-a părut vreodată că lumea vorbeşte despre tine când nu eşti atent/ă?

O întrebare la care chiar vreau să fii sincer/ă!

90. Eşti fericit/ă?

Dacă şi tu te plictiseşti,hai să aflăm puţine lucruri între noi. Anonimi sau nu,vă aştept în inbox. :)

(I’m 1 day early but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh….)

Happy Birthday precious Holy Angel Akoya! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Thanks to @silvormoon for the inspiration! 

The deep conversation scene between Sana and Yousef is not only cute, but it was also so well shot. Like the way when one is talking the camara shows us the other person, so we can see how they both pay so much atention to the other and how despite not sharing the same opinion they are willing to listen and to respect the other. You can see in their eyes how much they care and how much it means to them that the other is happy and passionate about their beliefs.

And that’s also thanks to the amazing job Iman and Cengiz are doing. They are both fantastic actors and I’m so grateful that they are treating these characters with so much love.