We know Maggie’s gaydar is better than Alex’s. So one day, after game night, Alex is walking Maggie to her car when:

Maggie: How come you didnt thought about the possibility of being gay when you have a gay sister?

Alex : What you mean, what gay sister?

Maggie: Kara, you know, the only sister you have? 

Alex: Kara doesnt like women

Maggie: Dont tell me she too doesnt know ither..

Alex: Doesnt know what? What you mean Maggie? 

Maggie: You really dont see it? Pay a little more atention to your sister. I think she’ll need your help soon enough. And we need to work on your gaydar

The Lying Detective

She planted everthing. The “something” on low part of her dress, the limp, the damp shoulders, the blond hair, the gun, the suicidal thoughts, the red dress (red is usually related to John but this time, to danger). Even the skull was glowing in alert, but Sherlock was just too high to notice. All to be a John mirror, to caught Sherlock’s atention. Or more accurate, to conduce Sherlock’s atention to what she wanted him to see. 

He told her she was allowed some chips, because she was “suicidal”, and chips are the only perk. Ring the bell? He likes to eat chips, we saw him eating that when Mary came after him with the skip code. (I would talk about this and him feeling guilty but tumblr doesn’t want me to)

And Sherlock was so caught on her being “like John” that he thought she said something that sound like a compliment, like one of those John used to say, but she didn’t mean it as a compliment, after all, she managed things to make him think that, she wasn’t impressed at all. 

And after all, Mycroft wasn’t the only one watching Sherlock. Her acting suggest that she was looking him since the very start, and she has great knowlodge about his life and John’s (considering she has acting as a therapist). Now that’s a long game. A really smart game. 

And I can’t be sure about this because my native language is Spanish (so, sorry if I wrote something wrong), but when somebody uses the word “miss” for me, when I translate it, it could mean 3 things: “lady”, “long for”, and “lose”. So when I saw the “Miss me”.. well… you can imagine, can’t you?

Did you long for me, brother? did you lose me? did you ever know I was a lady? Did you ever know I was right here?

But, she said her name is Euros, East Wind, and that could be right if we take Sherlock’s word when he was saying good bye to John on HLV, that Mycroft used to tell him that story about the “east wind”. It could be her first name and the second Sherrinford, or could she be someone else? can she? We saw her telling John she was the other Holmes, but she could lie. After all, she was lying all the time, in the bus, and to Sherlock, and then again being the new therapist. But if she is the sister and she really want to burn out the heart of Sherlock, sure she found a really good way to do it. She aimed perfectly to John, to Sherlock’s damsel in distress.

And that breaks my -oh, I don’t have a heart- I mean, can you see how helpless John looks in here? I can’t. I just.. can’t

oh yeah, a little extra: 

Not glowing, glowing, not glowing. Why Mr. Skull, why indeed?

PS. I had a really longer analysis with a lot more of photos but tumblr collapsed so I’m letting this in here by the moment. I’m kinda upset u.u The other part was about John hitting Sherlock and “blaming” him and why Sherlock felt so guilty, but you see, tumblr just didn’t want me to post it.

social relationships when u have a personality disorder

(more like welcome to actual hell)

  • wanting to make friends but having no gotdamn idea how (an avpd+SAD classic)
  • knowing that all your friends (and/or potential friends) will abandon you someday and nobody will stay (bpd nightmare)
  • not making any friends because nobody will provide you with the atention you desire (bpd+hpd)
  • imprinting on someone and needing attention from them but you don’t know how to start conversation with them (bpd+avpd)
  • having friends means you have to sympthasize with them and you don’t feel like dealing with that (npd)
  • being apathetic and therefore an asshole and therefore a bad friend (npd)
  • wanting to tear all your hair out when someone you hate talks to your fp (bpd)
  • splitting on your friend for whatever reason but not wanting to hurt their feelings while you’re mad at them so you isolate yourself, but when you do they don’t come to check on you which makes you split on them harder (bpd)
  • being convinced that your fp loves you the most but that feeling goes away when you see them being affectionate with someone else (bpd)
  • being so possessive but also being scared that you’re being abusive (bpd)
  • you always. need. reassurance. (bpd+avpd)
  • being a romantic shithead but wanting to kill a guy when you see two people being romantic (hpd)
  • never being in a romantic relationship because you constantly flirt with others and don’t want to hurt your datemate’s feelings (hpd)
  • imprinting on anyone that comforts you once/is nice to you (bpd)
  • being possessive ofothers but hating when anyone’s possessive of you (npd+bpd)
  • wanting all of the attention but how? (hpd+avpd)
  • feeling worthless when your imprint doesn’t talk to/about you (bpd+)
  • feel free 2 add more

This is my christmas gift to @miizj, who has a otp with that runs low on material, so i decided to put a little something out there for her.

Love ya, Mii, Merry Christmas!


If you pay atention, you can see the moment where I just admit defeat when drawing bayonetta’s frigging clothing ornaments, also, i forgot the earrings but I am running out of time here anyway…

Seventeen HipHop team- Reaction

 hip hop team reaction to you not paying atention to them because you are doing school work.

-Main Admin,M

S.coups: he would understand that you are occupied doing homework but its been 5 hours since you haven’t even talk to him and this is one of those days he gets free so he want you to pay attention to him all the time.



‘’Let’s cuddle and eat together”

Originally posted by coupd

Wonwoo: like s.coups he would understand that school work is important so he wouldn’t bother you, he would sit by yourside and help you if you need it.

“jagi, you haven’t eat anything in hours, eat this”

Originally posted by hosoeks

Mingyu: -gif-

“how could you not pay attention to this”

Originally posted by giantgyu

Vernon: he rather than help you in your homework since he doesn’t know how to do it, like wonwoo he would just sit by your side.

“how did you get that answer?”

Originally posted by sneezes

*after you explain it*

“wait, what?’’

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Ok y‘all are always about heart eyes howell but here‘s the thing

Dan is LOUD. And i’m not about his actual sounds, which yes. He speaks loud, and laughs loud and when he screams he SCREAMS, he’s PHIL I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU MADE THAT JOKE and OMG KANYE WEST and LET ME TAK ABOUT MUSE, but he also falls off chairs because he moves too much, and he uses his hands when talking so much and everything is LOUD and his emotions are EMOTIONS and when he looks at Phil he’s FOND and he gets crinkles on his eyes from smiling too much and rolling his eyes to the other universe and everything is there for us to see how much he enjoys being with Phil.

But then there’s Phil.

And we don’t know about Phil. Well, that’s not true, he overshares childhood stories and let us know certain things but he is so quiet compared to Dan. His emotions are always so controlled, he listens atentively instead of the nodding and interrupting of Dan and you don’t know his actual emotions behind the polite smile, he is so careful in what we see about him, and his eyes give almost nothing compared to Dan’s open book face.

But sometimes when he’s with Dan, especially those times when Dan is behind the camera, he looks up and he smiles to him and God. He loves that boy so much. As a friend or whatever they are for each other, he adores him, and is super subtle, it’s just a few seconds but when we get to see Phil‘s face just show it…

Anul ăsta am avut alături persoane care păreau minunate, de neînlocuit. Le vedeam deosebite. Apoi mi-au greșit, iar scuzele erau fără efect. Nu zic că nu am greșit și eu, dar nicidecum în sensul de a minți sau de a-mi bate joc. Din 2017 lucrurile se schimbă. Voi fi mult mai atent, un om mai dur. Voi înceta să-mi pese de oamenii care mă hrănesc cu iluzia că țin câtuși de puțin la mine. Voi mătura pe jos cu fiecare om care va incerca să-mi strice buna dispoziție. Din 2017 îmi propun sa fiu un alt EU.
—  gandurinocturne
Da tată, am înțeles că nu sunt cea mai buna fiica, dar mi-ar plăcea ca măcar o data sa fi mândru de mine. Îmi zici ca nu sunt bună, ca nu am cele mai mari note, dar mereu uiți sa te privești în oglindă. Uită-te la tine si uită-te atent sa vezi care din noi e o dezamăgire mai mare.
Bambam Smut - Soaked Wet

Genre: Smut

Pairings: Bambam x You

Words: 2274

Warnings: Dirty Talking, Cum Play, Fingering

Summary: Your argue with Bambam turns into something more interesting.

Author’s Note: This wasn’t a request or anything, I just have a lack of posts about GOT7 and decided to write a smut since I had some time.


You just finished your work on your laptop, after spending almost 5 hours straight in front of the screen. You were tired and sick of so many effort put in just a school work, and you were internally screamming at how hard life was. But on the outside you seemed just normal. At least that was what your boyfriend thought as he was laied on the sofa next to you, cuddling with his long legs tangled on your short ones, as you finally finished your boring duty. You were both really silent, and the only audible sound in the room was your typing on the keybord and the movie playing that was playing on the television, which Bambam was paying close atention to.

You sighed as you closed your laptop, Bambam looked instantly up to you.

-Are you done? - He asks interlocking his fingers with yours as he reached for your hand, laying his arm over your waist.

- Thank God, yes I am. - You got up, leaving the heat of his embrance, making him look at you in disaproval.

- Where are you going? - He asked, following you with his eyes as you walked to the kitchen.

- I am going to get us something to eat, aren’t you hungry? - You asked from the kitchen.

He hummed in response. You took some food out of the fridge as you started to walk in circles on the kitchen, prepairing the meal for both of you. Then you notice your boyfriend didn’t took out the trash as you kindly asked him to. You left the dish you were holding on the sink to rub your eyes with both hands. You were too stressed and exausted, and there was still some trash to take out.

- Bambam, didn’t I ask you to go take out the trash? I know it’s your day off but I have been working like crazy too and you haven’t been helping to keep the house! I clean, I cook and once I ask you to do just one simple job, you ignore me and left it undone. - You went to your room to get some shoes and to put on a bigger sweater. It was a really cold night outside. 

You came back to the kitchen and grabbed the bag to go dump it in the nearest trash can. You noticed as you left your house that it was starting to rain, and it seemed like it was getting worse at every step you took. When you were trying to fit the key in the whole to get in again, after dumping the bag, you were already dripping wet and freezing. Your hands were so cold that you could not even complete the simple task of opening the door.

After a little bit of struggling, the door opens, not because you managed to fit the key, but because your boyfriend noticed your struggle from inside and came to help you.

Bambam looked at you with big eyes, as he was not expecting to see you wet and freesing like that. The movie caught his attention while you were out and he didn’t even noticed it was rainning outside, so he felt really bad seeing you like that.

You pushed him away and entered, going straight to your room, still mad at Bambam for not helping you with the house and complainning that it was the worst day of your life.

- Jagi, wait! I am sorry, I didn’t knew it was rainning, are you ok? - He went after you and knocked softly on the door, feeling guilty for what just happened to you.

- No. - You respond from inside, taking the soaked sweater from you and tying your messy and wet hair into a bun.

Bambam opened the door and stepped in, swallowing the apologetic words he was about to say as he noticed you were just in your underwear.

He bit his lip and gave you a smirk as he followed every curve of your body with his hugry eyes.

- I am going to take a shower. - You left him in the room, watching you walk from behind as you made your way to the bathroom, not having any of his shit.

- I don’t think so. - He grabbed your wrist as you were about to close the bathroom’s door and pulled you to him, placing his warm hands on your wet waist as he looked at you with intensely eyes. - Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are?

- Not now. I am tired, I am stressed and it’s cold as fuck. - You tried to pull him away, but it turned out a failed attempt since he gripped your hips even more strongly.

He then leaned, without a warning, for a kiss, a slow but really hot kiss. Even though he was fully dressed, you could feel the heat comming from his body, pressed to your almost naked one.

- You are just giving me more reasons, let me help you relax and warm you. - Your boyfriend twisted you around and started to kiss your neck as he slowly massaged your boobs with his needy and desperate hands.

You knew when he was acting like this, horny like this, you couldn’t do anything about it, just enjoy. Bambam started to run one of his hand down your body, as the other kept giving love to one of your boobs and his mouth whispering dirty things in your ear, causing your breath to lose control. 

-Spread your legs, baby. - He wispered leaving wet kisses in your neck making you start moaning softly as he got his hand closer to your womanhood.

As you didn’t obey, Bambam left your boob and placed it between your thighs, spreading them gently to givve him more room to work with. He sneaked his hand inside of your panties and started to caress your folds causing your moans to be more frequent as you arched your back to his touch, accidentaly touching his crotch with your but. He left a little grunt as he entered two fingers in you, punishing you for what you did.

- Don’t try to tease me, Jagi. You know I’ll win. - He smirked as he bit your earlobe, making you shiver.

-No, not now… - You whined as he started to finger fuck you slow and good, begging for him to stop but holding his arm to keep doing it.

Your moans increased volume as he sped up the rythim, and he giggled secrely at how loud you were getting by him just using his fingers.

-Your moans are so sexy. - He bit his lip as he pulled you closer to him with one hand in your waist, to calm his thirst for you. - I want to see you when you are doing those beautiful sounds. - Bambam twisted you around again and gave you a more rough kiss as he was still shoving his fingers inside of you.

He then stopped, making you cry a little at the sudden stop, leaving you hot and bothered and looking at him in the eyes to understand what was going on.

He smirked at you and slapped your ass winking at you. Then he started walking to your bedroom, never leaving his eyes off of you.

-We are not going to do it in the hallway, are we? -Bambam laied in bed, looking at you with lust on his eyes as you made your way to him, hovering over him and straddling him as you enjoyed one of the best kisses you have ever shared.

He grabbed your but with both hands and you started to grind on his lap to tease him, but your little action ended up getting you two even more turned on.

He raised one hand to your nape feeling your wet hair from the rain.

-You are soaked wet. - He laughed between kisses.

-It’s because you made me go outside when it was rainning. - You complained stopping the kiss.

- No, it’s because your body wants mine. - He changed his voice into a super husky one, sending stimulations through your nerves as you kissed him again, in hurry this time, managing to rip Bambam’s shirt out of him.

He flipped you both, so you were now under him as he took off his shoes and pants fast as he could, so he could go back to kissing you. Bambam positioned himself between your legs, making you moan when you felt his member, still covered by his boxers, pocking at your enterance as he leaned to kiss you.

He started to kiss the parts of your boobs that your bra didn’t cover, and then unhook it with you help, to start massaging them one more time and kissing them softly. 

He couldn’t take anymore foreplay so he slid down to your body, leaving kisses on your stomach and then in your thighs, finally taking off your panties.

-Do you miss my fingers? - He winked as he looked at you from between your legs. - I can make you forget about them with something better.

He took off his underpants and started to rub his dick in your pussy, who was already really lubricated from your wetness, helping to him slide it really easily.

-If you keep on being like this I will lose control… - He sighed closing his eyes and laying his head back.

You moaned his name when you felt him entering you, not too fast but not too slow either, amazing as your boyfriend always made sure to do it.

You supported your legs around his waist, putting some preassure on his back to make him go deeper on you, and making it more pleasurable for both of you.

-You…are perfect… - He struggled to say by the amount of pleasure he was feeling and the sounds that you were making that were sending him over the edge.

He then took your legs off his back and spread them open entering you again, faster this time. And it felt three times better, somehow, at every hump he always make it feel even better then the last one. You were now both sweaty and you were screaming his name like crazy next to his ear as he left more hickeys and love bites on your neck.

-Baby… if you keep moaning that loud the neighbours will complain… - He wispered, never stopping his rhythm.

-Fuck the neighbours. - You respond as you pulled him away and made him lay on his back, getting on top of him.

He looked at you in the eyes, surprised by your sudden wish in dominating him, since he was always on top. He smiled, and looked up and down at his perfect sight right in front of him. You grabbed his dick making him let out a whimper, and positioned the top of it in your entrance has you slid down, taking him all really slowly.

-Y/N… you are making me go insane. - He started to hump you faster, since your teasing rhythm was too much for him.

You wanted to keep your dominance so you put both hands on his stomach, getting support from there and making him stay still, unable to move as you rode him and swing your hips around his pulsating member. By this time the neighbours had enough reasons to complain about.

-I am…I am… - You tried to explain it to your boyfriend but the pleasure was so intense that you couldn’t say more then two words without starting to moan again.

You sped up, jumping more roughly on him as you felt yourself closer, the moans turned into screams of his name, you noticed he wasn’t too far away as well, since he was now a moaning mess like you.

- Baby… - You came all around him as you went to heaven and got back into your room in a matter of seconds

You couldn’t do anything but smile at how good your day ended, and how good Bambam made you feel. But he wasn’t finished so you got off of him and positioned yourself between his legs as you slid your hands up and down his cock, licking and sucking his tip.

- Y/N … stop…I will… - He tried to push your head away as he felt himself close, but you kept going, you were still hungry as you didn’t finished cooking, so you decided to wait for your boyfriend’s meal.

Bambam groaned and laid his back down, his chest coming up and down in exhaustion as you took all of his cum in your mouth.

- You know you are the best, right? - He pulled you up, next to him, and covered you both with the warm blanket as he brought you closer to him, to feel your skin touching his, smiling as he played with your hair.

-Yes I know. I just caught a cold because you forgot to take out the trash and I will most likely struggle tomorrow hidding all of the marks you just left on me. I am really the best. - He laughed at your sudden sarcasm and gave you a soft peck.

- I love you so much Y/N… I am sorry if I am not always the perfect boyfriend, I know I don’t deserve you but I promise tomorrow I will go shopping for the house. - He made a cute pinky promise.

- You are the perfect boyfriend. Sometimes I am just too demanding…- You caressed his cheek.

- No you are not. You are the best girlfirend anyone could ask for. - He kissed your forhead and grabbed you thightly. - I wish we could stay like this forever.

You both just fell asleep right there not that long after, and woke up the same way, in the arms of each other.


Hope you liked it ! It’s so hard to write this stuff about your biases, I feel like dying right now :P

If you want to send me some requests I write for EXO, BTS, B.A.P, GOT7, Monsta X and Infinite of whatever you’d wish (reactions, smuts, mtl’s, scenarios, fluff, ships etc.)



The Soulmate Series: Heechul

This is an incredibly lame oneshot, but yeah, It’s two AM over here, and I’m procrastinating by writing instead of paying atention to  the pile of antropology notes I should be reading. Let me know if you like it and I’ll do another one! DISCLAIMER: Since this has not been proof read and my brain is currently fried, there might be mistakes. Sorry ‘bout that. (Heechul is getting the first one because he’s Heechul and I love him, Nuff said.)

Originally posted by parkjngsoo

You stared at your face in the mirror, trying to will the big cut on your cheek, right under your eye to disappear. You pouted and sighed for the tenth time in ten minutes. You were going to have to go to school looking like that, since you couldn’t use makeup to cover it, it was far too big and puffy to hide it.

“Stupid soulmate, what did you do to injure yourself like this?” you muttered under your breathe. You wouldn’t be able to get an answer any time soon, but you hoped he was okay.


Heechul was laying down on a couch backstage when the rest of them poured in.

“Are you okay, hyung? What happened?” Siwon asked, instantly going to him.

“Ledboardhurtlikeabitch.” Heechul said, trying not to move his face too much, since that only made the cut hurt worse. Siwon looked to the manager to try and get an answer.

“Someone threw a LED board at Heechul’s face. Luckily, it hit right under his eye. It could’ve been really bad if it hit two centimetres up.” The manager explained, and Heechul pointed a finger in his direction, as if to say that was it.

“M’soulmate’s going to hate me” He breathed out, and Kyuhyun snorted.

“She already went through a fractured leg and a metal rod, hyung, this is a walk in the park for her”

Heechul rolled his eyes, and moaned out loud when it made his cheek throb.


He instantly knew something wasn’t right the second he woke up gasping for air. Leeteuk instantly woke up as well, hearing the pained scream Heechul emitted, and flew to his side.

“What is it, Chul, what’s wrong?” He asked desperately as he grabbed the phone to call the manager.

“Soulmate, hurt” Heechul gasped. “Can’t breathe” He grabbed his throat, feeling more and more lightheaded.

He could faintly hear Leeteuk desperately talking to someone on the phone, trying to get help, but the only thing he could do is try to get air into his lungs, not that it was working, and worry about his soulmate. Was she okay? Why couldn’t she breathe? Why wasn’t anyone helping her breathe?

Multiple hurried steps and loud, frantic voices could be heard, he thought he could recognise Kangin and Kyuhyun, and maybe Yesung, or was that Ryeowook? He couldn’t really tell, too far gone, too little oxygen making it to his lungs.

Suddenly, he grasped the right side of his face, still trying to breathe, as a sharp pain erupted all over it. Someone was trying to pry his hands away from his face, and he allowed them to, his strength starting to abandon him.

And then, as abruptly as it had begun, he suddenly could breathe again, and he did so in shaky gasps, trying to breathe in all the oxygen he could, face stinging and lungs burning.

“Heechul! Heechul, are you alright?” When he could finally breathe at a somewhat normal pace, and wasn’t feeling as lightheaded as before, he opened his eyes and angled his face a little to the side, finding Leeteuk’s worried face staring back, and he could see a teary-eyed Ryeowook standing behind him.

“Soulmate couldn’t breathe, something’s wrong with her.” He whispered, throat still burning from the effort and the swell that was slowly going away. “My face hurts”

“You have a really, really big bruise on your cheek.” Kangin said, as he and the manager helped him up, and back in the bed. “It’s getting a really ugly shade of purple, I bet it’s going to hurt like a bitch when you wake up tomorrow.”


You were making your way down the hotel hallway. Your parents had left on an excursion, but you didn’t feel like getting stared at because of the huge bruise on the side of your face. You contemplated what to do, not wanting to spend the afternoon locked inside your room, finally deciding to go to the roof.

You sat on the roof for hours, humming a random melody and staring at the clouds as they made their way through the sunny sky, but turned around when you heard the roof door open, jumping a little from the shock.

“Sorry, I didn’t know there was someone up here already” a male voice said, and you turned around to find a tall stranger wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask standing there, frozen.

“It’s okay, I should be leaving anyway” You smiled a little, careful of your bruise, and got up. You were passing next to him when he grabbed your wrist.

“Are you okay now?” He asked.

“I’m sorry, what?” You asked, puzzled.

“You couldn’t breathe last night. Are you okay now?” He said softly, your eyes widening as you suddenly understood, turning to face him, watching as he removed his mask and sunglasses, revealing an extremely handsome face that had a bruise that looked an exact copy of yours.

You stood there frozen as he stepped closer to you, softly grabbing your face.

“You look beautiful even with that ugly bruise. Are you okay now?” He caressed the skin of your cheek, and your heart jumped.

“Yes.” You hesitantly brought a hand to his face and caressed the soft skin as well.

Then he suddenly hugged you, tightly, warmly and lovingly, sighing.

“What happened?” He whispered in your ear, his breathe making you tremble.

“Anaphylactic shock. I’m allergic to cinnamon. Fainted and hit my face on the table. My dad found my epipen and everything’s okay now.” You simply explained.

“I’m so glad you’re okay. My beautiful soulmate.”

-Admin Narwhal

  • <p> <b>friend:</b> what happened? are you okay?<p/><b>external me:</b> i'm okay, don't worry<p/><b>internal me:</b> what if harry and draco started a friendship in madame malkin's? they would be together in the train to hogwarts and harry would introduce ron to draco. hermione and draco would be close friends, bc they're so smart that they could share their knowlege. the golden trio would help draco stop being so rude, bc it's wasn't his election; he was raised like that. probably draco and harry would fall in love. draco wants everybody's atention, everyone knows that, and that's why he would ask harry to the yule ball. draco would be in the order of the fenix and he would help harry to teach curses. in sixth year they would fight, bc they're so broken, sad and confused... but, instead of the sectumsempra spell, harry would hug draco and both would end up crying there. in the war of hogwarts (like the delated scene of the deadly hallows part 2) draco would run to the potter's side, yelling his name... he doesn't care about the opinions of his parents, he only wants to be the family he created in hogwarts. his boyfriend harry, his quidditch companion, ron, and  his bff hermione.<p/></p>

- Uită-te la ea și zi-mi ce vezi.
- O fată cu chipul obosit și păr ciufulit.
- Exact. Și ai fost la ea să vezi de ce este așa?
- Păi, le spune tuturor aceiași poveste.
- Care?
- Spune că a stat până târziu să învețe.
- Iar tu o crezi la fel ca ceilalți. Dar ai stat vreodată să te uiți atent în ochii ei?
- Nu, mereu privea în jos.
- Pai, uite acum nu face asta, așa că uită-te și zi-mi ce vezi.
- Nimic. Ochii ei nu exprima nimic. Privește în gol de ceva timp, parcă ar fi hipnotizata.
- Exact. Și altceva nu mai vezi?
- Indiferență, nepăsare, ură, răceală. Dar nu înțeleg, de ce este așa?
- Din cauza oamenilor care au criticat-o prea mult. Acei oameni care i-au promis că îi vor fi alături și apoi au plecat. Din cauza problemelor cu familia și a tuturor răutăților. - Oh, nu știam. Îmi pare rău. Vreau să o ajut.
- Atunci, du-te la ea și ia-o în brațe și nu-i da drumul, chiar dacă se opune. Ține-o strâns la piept și arată-i afecțiune. Are nevoie de asta. Iar data viitoare când vezi o fata sau orice altă persoană nu o judeca după aparențe. Poate că nu-i perfectă, dar asta nu înseamnă că nu are și ea suflet și că nu o doare. Și ține minte: “ Ce ție nu-ti place altuia nu-i face.”

Fnaf Affinity

Actually i wanted this au can be more like a FNAF Horror story, but if i do that is….idk sad? scared? all of those, XD probably we can do something with this, maybe we can put together, horror and ideas?, i will se what happens haha, Good Night

-image For call the atention-


Please love them, they need more fans and more atention. They are so talented and funny. Just stream “love paint” or “overcome” on youtube or coment something positive. I feel that would really help them. I just don’t want them to give up on their dream.English is not my first language so don’t be mean to me.