Ateneo College Entrance Test

 Application Process: Paper (you have to claim your application kit from the university)

Application Period: June – August

 Exam Date: August – September (last year’s exam was held on September 24)

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So last month, a vigil for the victims of the on going Extra Judicial Killings was being conducted outside one of the gates of Ateneo de Manila University. This vigil was done on school grounds– ergo, private property. Students & faculty had every right to be there. It wasn’t even a protest. It was a vigil.

However, an unlicensed police car rolled up and two police men came out, armed, asking the people present for the names of the organizers. They allegedly also went on to ask what the vigil was for, and what the people present were fighting for. No one gave any names (that I know of), and the group was forced to disperse. Then, just a few days ago, Ateneo used their half-time during a UAAP match to protest once more the EJKs.

Today, police men have been swarming Katipunan, the area where Ateneo is located (alongside Miriam College & the University of the Philippines– institutions that also have been loud in their protests against President Duterte and his administration), unlawfully asking people in bars and on the street, to surrender their bags for “random” inspection. WITHOUT A WARRANT.

I cannot help but think that this is their half-assed attempt at trying to scare us.

If you so happen to be walking along Katipunan or you are eating/drinking in a bar, posted above are the steps you must take when faced with policemen demanding a look into your bag.

Always speak politely and clearly, so that nothing you say or do can be used against you.

Know your rights.

They cannot and will not scare us.

Remember this.


I was able to visit my alma matter when my brother graduated from College last week. Oh how I missed the simple days of my younger years!

At the upper left hand corner photo shows the graduates wearing their mighty blue togas (which I also wore way back during our HS graduation). The photo beside it shows the stillness of our chapel. The facade hasn’t changed a bit but as you can see on the photo to at the lower left-hand corner, the altar has become grandiose and surreal. The last photo shows the soccer field where we used to have our PE classes back in high school.

Time flies. I wish I was with my dad when my brother graduated. Nevertheless, I am sure he is happy to see his youngest son walk down the blue carpet tall and proud.
Grade 11: a summary

((I’m feelin’ extra artsy hehehe))

My classmates have started Vlogging. For me, I’m sticking with blogging because I like expressing myself through words and pictures more. Although, yes, vlogging is cool. I get the hype and I might even go back to vlogging. It just takes more time, really, with all the audio, video. Zzz.


At first, Senior High seemed scary for me. Especially that I came from Middle East. Philippines is foreign to me. I was already overwhelmed with the new environment, let alone being overwhelmed with the new curriculum.

I feel like I have to post this mandatory end of the school year throwback. I feel like I have the obligation hahahahaha since I am one of the survivors of the first year of Senior High School. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! do you have any tips on how to do the ateneo essay? I really want to get into ateneo but i have no idea how to start on the essay. Do you know what they are looking for?

honestly, i don’t know what they’re looking for?? HAHAHA maybe just be genuine in your essay and show how you can be a great fit in ateneo? and probably not be braggy since the goal is to write the achievements/what defines you as a person (right ? hehe)

i was also super clueless on what to write about so i looked up some essays that previous batches have written to have inspiration :^) and i found it there! the essays were so good that it motivated me to write a good one as well :D

some essays i read and really liked: x, x, x (my fav), x

i wrote about the little things that made me, ME (such as…what i enjoy, hobbies, and my journey throughout high school and how i used to have bad habits but improved for the better! but i wrote it in an emotional and OA para may dramatic effect ganern HAHAH

some extra tips:
1. start early — i wrote my essay during summer break so i don’t have to worry about it during school na! 

2. write multiple versions then ask for help — i wrote 3 different essays! i showed it all to my english teacher and she gave some corrections and told me what she liked best! i submitted and edited the one she liked :D

3. u dont have to list down big accomplishments !! it can be about a significant event, big or small, in your life, that you think changed you as a person/your values/your perspective in life!

God bless! I hope you find these tips helpful even just a little hahaha see you in campus next year ;-) 

Nami-miss mo na ba sila?


Nami-miss mo na ba silang panooring maglaro?


1. ‘Yong tipong kebs kung buwis-buhay ang tumbling at dive nila, basta makuha lang ang bola?


2. Eh 'yong mga paandar na sets at dump ball ni Jia?



3. Eh 'yong mga hampas sa bola na akala mo wala nang bukas?



4. 'Yong mga block na wagas ang tatag at hindi matitibag?



Nami-miss mo na ba makita ang 'happy fighting’ sa court?


5. 'Yong kung mag-celebrate, akala mo, nanalo sa lotto!  



6. 'Yong nakakahawa ang tawanan at kulitan nila sa court?



7. Eh 'yong cute na chismisan nila sa gitna ng laro, namimiss mo?



8. Pati kaya 'yong minsang down na sila pero panay pa rin sila tawanan? HAHA.




Nami-miss mo na bang makita kung gaano sila ka-close as a team?


9. 'Yong ang lakas maka-pump up ng high fives nila?



Sa sobrang hilig nga nila sa high five, pati sa kalaban, nakikipag-apir sila eh. Char lang.



10. Pati 'yong mga pasimpleng apir nila para i-console ang teammate, lalo na kapag lamang ang kalaban. Aww.



11. Pati ang yakapan nila as teammates na nakaka-touch panoorin.



12. Pero ang totoo niyan, minsan si Kiwi, lost sa yakapan. LOL



13. Pero nakaka-miss din kapag seryoso na sila, di ba? Kapag hindi na maipinta ang mga mukha nila, matakot ka na.



14. Pati kung paano sila makipaglaban para sa isang point! OUT NGA EH. HINDI, CHECK BALL! AYY, LINE BALL!



Pero kapag hindi mapakiusapan ang referee, daanin na lang sa tingin. Pak. Makuha ka sa tingin!



15. Eh kasi naman sila, may simpleng tinginan din. HAHA



16. Minsan pa, may simpleng choreo din!



17. Pero minsan din, akala mo mga ballerina!



18. Pero ang totoo, minsan, nakakamiss lang talagang makita ang bawat galaw nila sa court. Makita sila sa ere, gan'yan.



19. O kaya makita sila sa court. As in lapag, lagapak. Gan'yan. Chos lang.



Ang totoo niyan, nakaka-miss lang kasi talaga sila, ang bawat isa sa kanila.


Di bale, ilang tulog na lang (mga bente), mapapanood na natin ulit sila.


Konting hintay na lang.

Konting kapit.


Excited ka na ba?

Ikaw, ano'ng nami-miss mo sa kanila? :)