Botis Snake

An often beautiful snake, Botis Snakes can grow to truly impressive sizes, and are constrictors. More than able to suffocate predators as well as prey, they are nonetheless usually peaceful and are known for a curious quality of their skin, with which they can occasionally show images. While usually these images are simply reflections of the world around them, simple patches of sky or leaves or flowers, they can also occasionally show the magics of a place, or ways to weave peace between two warring people, as well as (according to some magiherpetologists) images of possible futures.

Botis Snakes are not common as pets, but are not uncommon either, with even wixes who are not Parselmouths finding the snakes useful and friendly. Due to their distinctly non-dangerous, non-malicious and distinctly not Dark nature, they are popular even with those vehemently against all gifts associated with the Dark Arts (Such as parseltongue). Furthermore, thanks their magically enhanced intelligence, a Botis Snake knows not to eat their wix, and makes a loyal helpmate and familiar. As they grow slowly Botis Snakes shed only once every few years, and their skin is occasionally collected for use in Potions to aid forethought, foresight (in Seers) and clear thinking.

Botis Snakes are generally considered to be highly intelligent creatures, ad have been known to abandon wixes who change in a significant way that they disapprove of, making them a distinctly independent familiar, in a way many magical pets are not. Indeed it has been sometimes compared to Phoenixes in that, should their wix do something they consider truly heinous, they will leave without warning and either select a new human, or eschew all human company for many years.

White snake by Atenebris

(Read about the Goetic demon Botis Here. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCES OR MY CAPTION.)