atem's lost memories

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm new to puzzleshipping. I wanted to ask someone part of this fandom, help me put this into perspective; why do some people want puzzleshipping and blindshipping to be a separate thing. In my opinion, it's the same thing, it just seems to be an aesthetical difference from my eyes. Isn't Yami/the other Yugi just Atem who lost his memories? Sorry for my n00biness. Love your writings by the way!

Hey, anon! Wow, I’m flattered you’d like my input on this! 

I assume this was prompted by that poll that’s going around? I haven’t taken part in it- Personally, while I believe that shared shipping names are handy for consistency, I don’t think a single blog or temporary poll should have such ‘power’ in deciding what everyone has to call their ship. 

But that said, I certainly understand the conversation… And I would say ‘just let people decide if they consider puzzleshipping and blindshipping to be the same on their own’. 

Because I personally use the shipping names interchangeably - or rather, use Puzzleshipping for both - but I recognize that comes quite a bit from HOW I write Atem/The Other Yuugi. If you take the approach of pure canon events or write the character from a late/post-series perspective, with his memories intact or at least an awareness of his past identity, it makes sense to consider the person and thus the ship interchangeable.

But that’s not always the case.

There are stories out there that have Yami no Yuugi, or Yuugi, or other characters going back to the past and meeting the live, pre-series Atem. And a lot of times, people imagine/portray that living pharaoh as a very different man from the Yami no Yuugi we know. A lot of the time he’s presented as very different in personality, emphasizing how experience and exposure to Yuugi/his friends changed him in the present. 

I don’t usually go for that approach myself - I like seeing Pharaoh Atem as a ‘variation on the theme’ of Yami no Yuugi’s personality, very similar even if the details have shifted. But that’s just me- And I can see how, if you see the Pharaoh as a very different person, you would imagine his dynamic with Yuugi as a very different, even unique ship.

And of course, all of this just comes back to the fact that Yu-Gi-Oh! is a series that plays with the ideas of identity, and what makes characters distinct as their own person. Example being Zorc vs Yami no Bakura vs Thief King Bakura vs Bakura Ryou… How many ‘people’ does this list include? The fact that there are no hard answers to this, and people will disagree, underlines how characters, and thus shipping names, can be confused. 

But I certainly don’t think we should just say “We are officially clumping THESE characters into one person and we expect people to use this one shipping name for the related now combined ships.” It just feels… Pushy. 

But thank you so much for asking- And I’m touched you like my writings!!