still here… but a lack of time to work with my darling-app…
In between You can (if You want this and don’t know him) research a bit a man called “Jochen Hein” – a master of seascape! I found him after my experiments with waters…
For example:

cu – i’ll step in again after finishing my pictures for exhibition.
cheers, miki

Miki’s current exhibition I
This piece – like all so other works following – is realy hard to translate:
What we see is the beer-queen from Bavaria in 2009 holding a “Wolpertinger“ instead of a glas of beer. She is surrounded by Wolpertingers”, which are fairytale and phantasy creatures. So, what is the meaning of this picture? We have a transfere in meaning from actuality to presence, from history to fairytale. We have an illustrated picturelevel remembering to childbooks and an almost realistic level. Both are divorced, but both interact by the realistic painted animal in her hands.
This is the expression of the symbol “beerqueen”, which is not actual anymore, and the phantasy creatures, which are not real. What is real, what is symbol, what is the truth? (The woman on the picture is still alive, but not a queen anymore). What happens in a system of symbols, if exchanging symbols and meaning? The status of cult is exchangeable, independent from personality… or truth. We hook on symbols…

The queen of “Wolpertinger” acrylics and ink on paper, 70 x 50 cm