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Hi ! This week-end it’s the Jpo/exposition of my preparatory class, “Atelier de sèvres” in Paris, so there will be my works and those of my wonderful/talented/beloved classmates !

You can have free postcard, try to animate (paper cut, stop motion…), ask questions, talk to us…

And if you feel lonely, I will give you a big hug.

So if you can come, Come !

Here’s an image from the leather panel I’m putting together: the Sydney Losstarot costume I made for our Vagrant Story group at A-kon. Aside from the lining fabrics and the claws on his fingertips, this costume is solid leather. My panel at ConBravo will cover the principles behind building this type of armor, and lots of general info you can apply to many other projects!

Photo by pancakeremix
Modeled by projared
Costume made by myself with assistance from Jared, azureprops, and Lauren Moore

Meg, 22

“I’m wearing pants from Anthropologie, a J Crew sweater, a thrifted jacket, and shoes I’ve had too long to remember where they came from. I’m heavily inspired by watching videos of French broderie ateliers working on haute couture fabrics. I use to not wear blue jeans growing up because they didn’t “match” anything but the exact blue they were. I would put two pieces together and look very close to see if things matched. This was when I was 5, I guess I don’t care so much anymore.”

Sep 12, 2015 ∙ The Mission

Melody (1904). Henry Meynell Rheam (British, 1859-1920). Watercolour.

Rheam studied in Germany, in London at Heatherly’s, and in Paris at Julian’s Atelier, working primarily in watercolour. A staunch Quaker and first cousin of Henry Scott Tuke, Rheam moved to Newlyn in 1890. Stanhope Forbes ascribed this move not to art but to sport as Rheam was skilled in cricket.


My conference will be tomorrow Friday 1st of May, 6pm, at Pictoplasma festival in Berlin. I’ll go through my all work and try to explain my way, the links between experiences, inspirations and collaborations.
It is a very exciting time, thanks again to everyone that have been by my side, family and friends here, there and elsewhere ! ☮