atelier the animation

"Ah, there is dirt on your face. I'll wipe it for you. There!"

Hi ! This week-end it’s the Jpo/exposition of my preparatory class, “Atelier de sèvres” in Paris, so there will be my works and those of my wonderful/talented/beloved classmates !

You can have free postcard, try to animate (paper cut, stop motion…), ask questions, talk to us…

And if you feel lonely, I will give you a big hug.

So if you can come, Come !

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you any blogs that study animation? I love ur blog btw! ✨

Hello and thanks so much!!

Here are the active ones I found:

  • @animationlife - Kira, animation student
  • @emiliennxt - does Intermedia animation at the Ateliers de Sèvres
  • @lepagemegane - Mégane, animation student at the Georges Mélies Institute
  • @angele-sz - Angèle Sz, french animation student at l'Atelier Angoulême
  • @noenoeh -  Nono, first year animation student at l'ASA
  • @amaelnicolas - Amael Nicolas, former student of DMA Cinéma d'Animation in Marseille
  • @lemonjuiceday - studies animation at Atelier Supérieur de Sèvres in Paris (1st years)
  • @shliten - Agathe Leroux, 1st year animation student at Gobelins
  • @claradanjoux - Clara Danjoux, french student in 2D animation
  • @stigmox - animation student at Sörängens Folkhögskola

If you’re an active animation studyblr or blog please tag yoursef so I can add you!