atelier escha & logy


Hidari has always been an artist I greatly admired, especially after I played Atelier Escha & Logy so I was so so happy to see them working on Fire Emblem. Here’s my doodle for the day, my fav beautiful boy in my fav beautiful style. I was going to do full body but Hidari is master of making everyone’s clothes look amazing and I ran out of steam trying to reach such heights of skill. 


I lately got the Atelier Shallie Artworks artbook so I thought of sharing some poor photos of some of the pages from the artbook.

In this batch, I concentrated on the character design pages next to the character profiles.This is only a selection of the entire cast.

I don’t know if these are of any use, but I hope you enjoy looking at them~ oAo (and maybe purchase your own copy??)