Emotional Roller Coaster: Downton Abbey A Journey to the Highlands

This episode was so damn great! But Julian Fellowes, you play with my emotions so well! There was so much happy and light hearted fun: The Bates, Mary and Matthew (for the most part), and everyone back in Downton. Pretty much half of the episode I thought this may actually be happy Christmas for us Downton fans. But then the drama escalated, which I guess we all expected. Well I hope you guys my roller coaster…


I hope you guys like my GIFs. I usually just reblog other people’s GIFs but there isn’t a whole lot out there for me to use. This is my first time making them so I’m still learning!


1 year later. No one aged a bit. I need to move to Downton!

OMG! BABY Sybil is the cutest thing in the world!

OMG! Pregnancy looks so lovely on Mary!

HAHAHA! I know he’s house broken! Oh Violent, the joy you bring me!

Please stop talking about Sybil, it’s too early to be crying!

Isobel and Dr. Clarkson? I approve this ship!

Fuck off Edna! It’s way too soon for my poor heart to see Branson with anyone!

ARGHHH! Stupid Rose is back!

Ahh! Ms. Patmore! Go for it!

Oh Isobel, you BAMF!

Everyone’s outfit is so lovely! But Edith especially!

Oh, Edna I’m kinda hating you right now! But I’ll give this to you. Mourning Branson is so damn hot!

So I guess there’s no denying, Edith officially has a type!

I’m starting to realize why Rose is the way she is! Her parents are damn annoying!

Baby Sybil melts my heart! They really casted the perfect baby!

I really wish Edna gets fired soon! I can’t stand this girl!

Oh Edith, he is wonderful but run away this is way too complicated!

Not gonna lie, I love bitchy Mary!

Oh, that is not a flattering angle for Dan! I guess that’s what you get for leaving!

Well, that’s just beautiful!

Oh Anna and Bates! I’m so delighted to see them so happy!

Get that smile of your face Edna! (I really need to stop hating this girl…)

Yup, totally aboard the Clarkson and Isobel ship!

I hate how happy Matthew and Mary are,  knowing what’s going to happen!

That’s right Ms. Hughes, eye her down!

I love that Daisy and Ivy friends now!

Go Downton!

Finally found a flaw in Downton! They suck at fake fighting!

Poor Clarkson, officially put in the friend zone!

I swear I never know whether to hate or like Thomas!

Aww, this is probably the cutest scene ever!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope the Crawley’s take Rose in!

Edith I just want you to be happy but why must you put yourself in these type of situations?!

I thought Mosley was awesome before! But apparently Drunk Mosley is the best thing in the world!

N0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0! Edna, I officially hate you!


Oh Branson, your breaking my heart!

Yeah, that’s right get out of here Edna! Thank you Downton gods!

They’re friends! Aww, not gonna lie it’s nice to see Thomas smile sincerely!

I never thought to ask!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


OMG! I Knew this might happen! But why am I still so shock!

Oh Mary…

Yeah, that’s it, I’m done. Gonna go cry in the corner for a while!


Robert: Life is strange isn’t it?

Violet: In so many different ways.

Robert: No, I mean, I think of all the uncertainty between Matthew and Mary or when the money was lost. When everything was so dark. Yet now here we are with two healthy heirs, an estate in good order, and I wonder what I have done to deserve it.

Violet: I agree, but then we don’t always get our just deserts.

Community Reaction: Paranormal Parentage

I enjoyed this episode a lot. It fell a little more like the Community we love and the pacing was a little slower. It had some super funny moments but I thought Troy was extra amazing in this episode.  However it may be the my least favourite of the Halloween episodes but that’s not a bad thing cause the other Halloween episodes were all pretty good. But anyways here’s my reactions while watching the episode.

(None of these are my GIFs. Visit the awesome people who made them via the little x beside the GIF.)


Troy and Abed, sorry, no Calvin and Hobbes are too cute!

Fuck Annie! You scared the she shit out of me woman!

Jeff’s dig at Pierce are really lame!

OMG! DEAN! You’re too hot for words!

LOL! Indoor swing! Oh Troy, you’re enjoying that too much!

Britta is extra annoying this episode!

Seriously THIS IS the best thing? Ummm… How about paint ball?

This would be me in this situation!

Oh Abed, this show was never about a Community College!

Can I just please hug Troy right now! just on squeeze.

Troy is extra awesome this episode!

Ghost can’t go through doors stupid! They’re not fire!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I love Shirley’s face!


I vote for more Jeff skin in future episodes!