ate her whole

I have devoured Persephone, the pomegranates, and death
myself. Stolen the myth and carved it open for myself. Ripped
it and twisted it and spit it back out until the only thing left
is a story about a girl-goddess, and myself.

Maybe I’m being too selfish; maybe I’m being too vain. Maybe
the myth doesn’t belong to me, maybe Persephone had nothing to do
with a girl from a nuclear world about to split in two. I taste pomegranates
sweeter than she did; I taste death sweeter than she did.

But still, I eat the myth and let it pour down my lungs, crawl inside my stomach,
linger in my bones. The taste of Persephone in my mouth, the powerless to
empowered, the morals disintegrating upon my lips. Children respect what
can eat them; I respect what I can eat. She belongs to me, now.

She fell, she was pushed, she climbed down looking for adventure. She fell
in love, she fell in faith, she fell in hate. She picked six seeds and shoved them
down her throat, she was forced, she was starving. She had a choice, she had
no choice, it doesn’t matter, everything matters.

She is a story, a painting, a poem. I am real and human and breathing and she lives
inside me because I want her to. Because I want to run my fingers into the ribs
of her messed-up moralizing mockery of a tale and pull out the intestines and
squeeze them until something real bleeds from them.

This isn’t a poem about Persephone. She doesn’t exist, and I do, and I ate her.
I ate her whole, till Demeter stopped screaming and Hades stopped scheming,
and the only thing left is me, and the taste. Me and myself. She exists within me,
however I want her to. This myth belongs to me.

She chooses the pomegranates now, because I want her to. And so did I.
Babysitting (Scott Mccall Imagine)

Gif not mine x

Request : Can you do an imagine where Scott and the reader had planned a date but the readers sister (or whoever) really needs a babysitter and asks if the reader can watch their kid? Then the reader tells Scott and he doesn’t mind and helps her watch the kid? I just want this to be cute! Thanks love!

A/n: It was fun writing this, also request are closed! I hope you like this imagine/oneshots x 

It wasn’t always when me and Scott had time alone for eachother. And if we do there’s always something coming up and we have to cancel. Like that time when Scott had planned this amazing dinner date but we ended up being kidnapped by Kate or that time when we were alone and the whole pack came barging in. The point is we barely have any time for eachother. I don’t mind having my friends around but it would be nice to have an alone time with my boyfriend.

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Your Kind of Lover - Bucky x Reader [ Ch.9 ]

Summary : There are some things she should’ve known, like the fact that she was not even close at being a good witch. Oh! And the huge obvious fact that this fake girlfriend-boyfriend thing always sounds better in theory.

But hey, c’est la vie, right?

Character : Bucky Barnes X OC ( Reader )   |  Warning : Cursing

Author’s Note : Thank you @pleasecallmecaptain for reminding me to write birthday Bucky. This chapter is for all of you who are dying because of the CACW trailer. 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7  | Chapter 8 |

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Your name: submit What is this?

[Y/N] was hunched over the cashier table when she heard the doorbell jingle. A familiar woman walked in, her lips pressed into a thin line as she read the descriptions on the jars. [Y/N] hopped off the chair and walked over towards the woman with a nervous smile. She softly tapped the woman’s shoulder, awkwardly waving her hand when the red-haired woman turned around.

“Hi. Do you need any help?” She smiled.

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shit the international line did on mlt

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you take requests for writing, and I totally respect if you don't, you should write what you're interested in, but I really love your style, especially about women in typically male dominated stories. Would you consider writing something about ginny during the early harry potter books? She has such an interesting story that just gets kind of swept over in the early books until she becomes a love interest. But a story about 12 year old Ginny could be really cool. Thanks!!

Ok, so if I had to pick a favorite from the Harry Potter books, Ginny Weasley would almost definitely win. For the first dozen or so readthroughs I hardly noticed her. Readthrough #13 (+/- 5) though… I started paying attention. She only has about twelve on-page lines of dialog in the entire series and every one of them is gold.

“The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

We get snippets of Ginny for books: her fiercely violent Bat Bogey Hexes, asking Neville to the Yule Ball, befriending Luna, kissing boys and rolling her eyes at Ron’s brotherly horror, hurling Dungbombs at the kitchen door in Grimmauld Place and blithely lying to her mother about it, naming Dumbledore’s Army because it’s what the Ministry fears most.

She transforms herself off the page. Whether or not I think keeping that transformation off page was a good writing choice– this child transforms, from shrill, shy enthusiasm to waking up on the Chamber floor to shaking under the dementors’ sway to hexing Draco in Umbridge’s office to living through an occupied Hogwarts in the final year. This is a coming of age story. It’s a reclamation story.

Ginny is fierce and cheerful, a bit selfish, a touch violent, and determinedly aggressive in the things she wants, and I love her dearly.

“I didn’t want anyone to talk to me,” said Harry, who was feeling more and more nettled. 

“Well, that was a bit stupid of you,” said Ginny angrily, “seeing as you don’t know anyone but me who’s been possessed by You-Kn-w-Who, and I can tell you how it feels.”

Harry remained quite still as the impact of those words hit him. Then he wheeled around. 

“I forgot,” he said. 

“Lucky you,” said Ginny coolly. 

So, handily, this is pretty much precisely what I’m interested in writing :) I’ve actually already written a few Ginny pieces– it is utterly likely that more may exist in the future, but I thought I’d point you to what I’ve already got. I kinda think of these three as my “ginny+luna friendship cycle” and together they’re one of my favorite things I’ve written:

heir to nothing but herself
(also called lost: in defense of ginny weasley)

Ginny Weasley dreamed about waking in the Chamber, Harry and his halo of phoenix gold pulling her back to life. It could have been an image for her to cling to when the shadows around her all sounded like rustling pages, but instead Ginny squeezed her eyes shut. The last time a charismatic dark-haired boy became her world, he ate her whole.

scattering blooms at her watery grave

How about this story? Arthur Weasley lurked in Muggle used bookstores, bringing home battered comics, penny and dime mystery novels, swooning romances for Molly and Charlie, and once an old bound copy of Shakespeare’s collected tragedies.

Ginny holed up with the Shakespeare the summer after her first year at Hogwarts. She needed other people’s tragedies to retreat into and an excuse to sit in an secluded corner where no one would touch her.

She wrapped herself in all the stories, but got drawn back to Hamlet. The men there went mad in their minds, and the women went mad from their hearts.

Ginny vowed, if she went mad, it would be in Hamlet’s shoes. She would be the hero of her story. If she went mad it would be from the head, from ghosts whispering in her ears, from guilt and bottled rage. If she went mad, she would destroy her world before her self.

She would wreak her wrath, not drift off the page.

loony: in defense of luna lovegood

But the ruckus came the end of their first year– the writing on the wall, the Chamber. They didn’t tell the students who had been taken, but Luna saw the Weasleys huddling together. When Ginny got out of the infirmary, Luna tried to catch sight of her. The castle was all bright lights and celebrations. Harry Potter had saved the day; the monster was gone, the girl saved, the peril lifted. Filch had scrubbed down the walls to shining.

There had been a girl, dying, sitting beside Luna for a whole year of Charms. Ginny had been caving in on herself, rock falls under her rib cage and avalanches in the curve of her belly. How had Luna missed the roar and crash of that fall?

Luna didn’t see her again until the next year on the Hogwarts Express. Ginny was tucked in a compartment all her own. She was pretty, freckled against her dark robes, her hair a little wild, her gaze a little gone. This was the settling dust, the jagged aftermath. Who was trapped under the rubble?

I tried to art... Archer White!

These are some reaction images for my oc Archer White. From the rp of Pear Patrol and my fic “Ate her Whole" I'm doing with Mechanical Leo. He’s over 100 years old ex brown suit agent exposed to White Matter. He’s had a long weird and traumatic life. Unfortunately this makes it hard for him to ‘fit in’ with normal mortals. Lots of things he doesn’t understand yet of our daily lives. 

He has a serious Man Crush on Michael because well… Michael enjoys life and he can’t understand how or why and it fascinates him. 

Those ones on the end. I think eventually I will put them digital cause I had to take a picture with my ipod but. Ya know. How’d I do? Maybe I should draw more?

Ate Her Whole Ch. 10: Making History

{{This is THE chapter for my side of the story. The one that shows how my OC Archer White got his white matter poisoning. It really let me test my limits on how much gore I can fit in one chapter. Apparently almost 7 pages full. So WARNING GORE, BLOOD, FIRE, and lots of screaming.}}

Previous Ch. 9: Rage


The henchmen unloaded from the Brown Suit trucks. Standing outside the large warehouse building waiting for orders. The supervising Agent stood out front chewing his tobacco and checking his lists.

“Now we have Intel that there is a Kazooland outlaw smuggling explosives out of this warehouse. You all know the drill. Don’t shoot unless you have to. You don’t know what kind of monster this might be. Stick with your partner.”

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