You saw the tweets, you saw the photos, now it’s time to watch it! Hear from the SA Atlantic cast alum themselves. SPRING AWAKENING COMES HOME!


ATC Uncovered: Spring Awakening Livestream Facebook Video Q&A

To commemorate the Broadway Opening, ATC UNCOVERED presented a special Live Facebook VIDEO Q&A with members of the original “Spring Awakening” cast on DECEMBER 10th, 8PM EST. This is the video of that event.


“The Spit-Take” LUCY v. POLLY - Catch The Drama THIS WEEK! @lauraosnes @lilcoopz #ATCUncovered #3PennyATC

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ATC Uncovered Launch Artist Brian Charles Johnson writes about how he came to the Atlantic Acting School as a student, performed in an Atlantic Theater mainstage production, and performed on Broadway in an Atlantic transfer. He truly encapsulates what it means to be an Atlantic success story.

Check out his final chapter in part 3 of his journey…


What It Meant to be an Atlantic Acting Student & How it Prepare You for the Whirlwind of Spring Awakening/American Idiot: Part 3

I had to take a leave of absence from NYU when Spring Awakening transferred to Broadway.  I continued working on the show for a total of a little over 2 years from Off-Broadway to my last show in July of 2008.  The following year I would start working on what would be my second Broadway show, American Idiot, which I would work on until April of 2011.  The following year I was cast in a few movies that will be coming out this year including Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, Admission starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, and 2 independent films Doomsdays, and Construction.  Be on the look out for those! 

This past year, I’ve had a little more downtime due to the fact that film work requires hard work for a few weeks or months and then you wait for about a year (or more) for them to come out.  With all of this time on my hands, I decided to get readmitted to NYU to start chipping away at finishing my last year of credits that I had left.  This semester I have currently been interning back at the Atlantic, my home away from home, and have been loving every minute of it.  I just recently made my directorial debut directing a one act play called “Dead Boy” starring three very talented NYU 2nd year students.  This experience, while scary at first (but a good kind of scary), pushed me to do something I’ve kind of wanted to do for a while, but have never had an opportunity to do it.  That process was very enlightening not only to my skills as a director, but an actor as well.  Up until then I’ve always been the one being directed, so it was nice to be able to step out of it and approach from a different angle.  I felt like a proud parent as I watched the performances from the audience last week.  These one acts just finished their run last Sunday, but the second half of students are premiering their one acts this week!  

I’ve always had an immense appreciation and gratitude towards the people of the Atlantic, but I have experienced a new surge of familial love being back inside these walls these last few months.  To see how the Atlantic Theater Company has expanded as a school, theater company, and community is amazing.  It’s amazing in the fact that the number of students has increased, and  their place in the theater world continues to grow (as well as their theater spaces!), yet they are as humble as the first day they began.  Neil Pepe, Mary Mccann, and the rest of the Atlantic staff are not only friends in which I have a profound respect for, they’re family.  I owe everything I’ve achieved thus far to my time spent as a student here.  Glad to be back home.