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name: corri
nickname: corri is my nickname :+)
star sign: cancer
gender: im still a lil??? but rn feel comfortable bein  a nb boy
height: 5′3-5′4 rip
 favourite colours: honestly i love any/all shades of orange & yellow i also like neon red & blue
time right now: a litle over 5am my sleep schedule is fucked
average hours of sleep:in between 7-9 hrs?? i sleep most of the day & stay up all night
lucky numbers: 17 B)) my bday # 
last thing i googled: hotline miami download
 number of blankets i sleep with: 1 lol
favourite fictional characters: oooo my godd so many but i guess my absolute favs are gansey from trc, grantaire&enjolras from les mis, illya from tmfu, moses&pest from atb & allen from dgm ??
favourite books: the raven cycle :p the maze runner series, someone else’s war, the long walk, most of chris crutchers books & a l l of arthur c clarke’s books
favourite bands: tbh!! idk it changes a lot!! but i listen to gorillaz outkast & the frontbottoms & chance the rapper atleast everyday
dream job: f i l m m a k e r ! or an author/screen writer
what am i wearing right now: pj top & white shorts
when did you create your blog: …i’ve moved/deleted blogs atleast 3 times.. but ive been here since mid2013??
 what do you post about: video games tbh & pictures & marvel/dc??
do you have any other blogs:  2 others , a personal & an aesthetic blog
when did your blog reach its “peak” (when did you get more followers, have popular posts etc): my old blog..i had almost 1k followers & a hamilton shitpost w 8k notes 
what who made you decide to get a tumblr: it was after i got into the maze runner there were like 10 people in the fandom & i constantly lurked through the tag until i decided to make a blog??
do you get asks on a daily basis: no lol
why did you choose your url: grantaire is who i am
on the inside
also this is the closest to a canon url ive ever had

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Te amo ¿y qué?
Te amo, aunque mi amor sea defectuoso; porque quizá nunca haya pensado en entregarme a alguien como lo hago contigo.
Te amo con mi amor celoso, egoísta, posesivo; porque quiero todo de ti. Quiero ser yo y sólo yo quien ocupe tus pensamientos, tu corazón,  tu tiempo, tu vida. Todo.
Te amo con mi lado perverso, con mi lado tierno,  con mi lado amable… con mi hijueputa genio.
Te amo con mi amor que quiere ser suficiente, que quiere bastarte, que quiere embriagarte, que quiere darlo todo por ti.
Te amo con todo mi ser.
Te amo con mis brazos que aunque pequeños, no te dejarán caer, y espero que sean lo suficientemente resistentes como para nunca dejarte ir de nuevo.
Te amo con mi locura… esa que nos complica la vida cada vez que amenaza con salir.
Te amo con mi inseguridad, con mis miedos… quienes me obligan a aferrarme a ti con todas mis fuerzas porque el vacío que sentí cuando te trataste de escapar de mi lado hubiese sido insoportable.
Te amo con mi imperfección, la que me impide hacerte feliz por completo, te amo con mis defectos, con mi maldito orgullo.
Te amo y quiero que sea conmigo con quien rías, con quien llores, con quien tontees, con quien seas tú.
Te amo y quiero ser yo quien esté siempre contigo, quien te tome de la mano, quien espante los fantasmas del pasado, la incertidumbre del futuro, la pesadez del presente.
Te amo y quiero ser tu ayer, tu  hoy, tu mañana y tu siempre.

I’m doing the scented fabric trick to get Eevee accustomed to the kitten that will arrive in a month from now for the last three days and I think he already loves his future sister :3

1988 chat!fic porn

@sorrylatenew and I were deeply sleep-deprived and therefore completely helpless against the hotness of today’s pictures from both Jonny and Patrick and the knowledge they might have met up yesterday, so this chat!fic happened… (content: anal, rimming, felching)
(sidenote: I love chat!ficcing with sln because she’s the best porn writer I know, and if you haven’t read her stuff yet, you really, really should /sidenote)

@allthebros: I’m too tired to deal with this
all my defences are down
all my shields are compromised and I’m taking the full fire power of his thighs

@sorrylatenew: Times when Patrick looks across the room and thinks: I will destroy him

atb: YES

sln: Imagine them fucking last night looking like they do. IMAGINE IT

atb: Patrick knocks on Jonny’s door and Jonny answers in his underwear. Patrick wastes no time, says, “you’re gonna ride my dick,” walking past Jonny, already pulling his shirt off over his head.
Jonny closes the door with a smile. “You’re slow. Stretched myself two hours ago.”

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1988 do prom

Here’s some K/T high school fic I chatted at @allthebros forever ago now. Was going to possibly turn it into something real but I have so many WsIP, man. So. Many. So I’m putting it here instead bc I still like the image of it.

@allthebros: let me have this headcanon, sln
old man toews staying in on a Friday night

@sorrylatenew: hahahah
well, we know he prefers sweats to having to dress up

atb: yeah, like a NORMAL person
Jonathan Toews, he’s just like us!

sln: makes me want HS fic where patrick has to beg jonny to go to prom

atb: "Do I have to wear a tux?“

sln: he’s just broken up with a girlfriend and thought he was gonna get out of it
but kaner’s like no, you have to go, lameass >:((

atb: "you know what’s lameass, lameass? Going to prom alone.”

sln: "we’ll go stag together, man. we’ll get drunk before we leave!“
and jonny’s like "oorrrrr, we could just get drunk and not go at all.”

atb: "Or we could go and you can fucking whine about how much prom sucked for the rest of your life. That’s a fucking better story than ‘I didn’t go to prom because I’m a boring fucking loser’“

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Alright! AoKaga song detected!

I was going through my old songs today (am I that old already? ;w;) and when I heard this, I thought of AoKaga instantly. They’re often portrayed as being addicted to each other, so welps. orz

Sunday Snippet

A little longer than six sentences because I couldn’t find a good place to cut it, but hey… at least I’m making progress?

From the first section of my Stucky Big Bang fic, Bucky Barnes versus Sarah Rogers’ Apple Cake

Buck stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, totally ignoring the other workers who cussed him out as they weaved around him on their way towards the docks as the realization hit him like a ton of bricks.  There were only 12 days left in June, which meant there were only sixteen days left until Stevie’s birthday.  Steve’s first birthday without his Ma around.

His Ma, who always made Steve’s favorite cake for the occasion.

A birthday cake shouldn’t have been that big of a deal, really; between his parents and his three siblings Bucky’s own Ma made birthday cakes half the months of the year, but Steve’s birthday had always been special.  Unlike the yellow and chocolate cakes that all of the Barnes kids loved, Sarah Rogers had had a special apple cake recipe that Bucky knew damned well she put her heart and soul (and a good chunk of her weekly pay, he was willing to bet) into making her boy every year, and it was no secret that it was Steve’s favorite food in the world.  But it wasn’t as if Bucky could simply ask his Ma to make an apple cake for Steve’s birthday – his parents were already sacrificing enough to keep a roof over an extra head, and besides, no one in the house outside of Steve and Bucky had ever eaten the damned thing.

There was only one solution, Bucky realized with a start, both in response to the epiphany and because some jerk in a tizzy about catching the morning bell couldn’t watch where he was damned well going… If Steve was gonna have his cake, Bucky was gonna have to have to figure out a way to make it for him.

10 Random Things

I was tagged by @ninja-spacenerd  and the rules are; Post 10 random things about yourself and pass it on to 15 friends.

1. I am extremely terrible at choosing things for me. For example, I still can’t decide if I want these glasses or not. Can’t even decide on the colour damn it.

2. I love adding baileys in my coffee. Especially if I no longer have any cream at home :3

3. I never sleep more than 8 hours a day. I usually only sleep 6 hours.

4. I’m not particularly fond of cake. I’m only a fake of Lemon cakes and cheesecakes. There’s also a cinnamon roll cake but I only like my version of it.

5. It always takes me months for me to like the glasses that I do eventually pick.Yes that’s right, every pair I’ve ever had, I initially did not like theme. Even my current ones, I hated them.

6. I like baking.

7. The colour blue makes me happy so I usually wear it when I’m not in a good mood.

8. I still can’t play pokemon Go.

9. I love coffee and my hobby is trying different kinds of coffee.

10. I have a complexity about some scars that I have.

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Fuck this shit. I’m going to the funeral dressed like this. This is the fanciest that I can be. Tunic and black jeans. If they don’t like it, sue me.

A little screenshot of the new game in its current state! The visuals aren’t final, but also aren’t bad for the time being.

As you can see there are six person parties (only one currently for testing purposes, with the empty slots set to dim if nothing is selected), and visible are the HP, MP, and ATB bars. The “Skill” button currently does nothing, but clicking “Attack” will allow you to then click on an enemy and do damage.

Enemy encounters take place on the field; no switching to another screen or area. The enemy side has 3 rows and 5 columns, for a maximum of 15 enemies in a fight (though likely less). Each fight is randomly generated based on a maximum “Threat level” as well as a list of which monsters inhabit the area.

Currently enemies aren’t set to attack at all, and attack range hasn’t been implemented. However, it’s been progressing quickly and I hope to show off more come Sunday!