Oh I’m a mess right now,
Inside out,
Searching for a sweet surrender”

When Aunt Phoebe asked me to come out to London with her, I knew that she wasn’t going to let me sit around and be sad about the direction my life was heading.

What I really was not expecting was to step out of the taxi, only to have my frail aunt “man” handle my luggage into the house while refusing any sort of help, then throw the suitcases in front of the stairs saying that she would allow me to unpack and settle in after my first day of work.

“You just need to get right into things,” she was trying to reason with me while practically pushing me down the narrow sidewalk towards some unknown destination.

“Aunt Phoebe,” I turned around to face her. She stopped walking, allowing me to really take her in for a moment. Her once auburn hair was showing strands of gray here and there. Her face seemed to have aged quite a bit since I saw her at Uncle Phillip’s funeral. There were wrinkles in the corners of her pert mouth and dark circles under those bright blue eyes that only insomniacs could brag about. “I can’t even recall what your house looks like.”

She waved her hands in from of her as if to dismiss my argument before placing her hands on my shoulders and turning me back in the direction we were headed. “Oh, don’t worry about it. You’ll be seeing so much of it in the next two months that you’ll beg me to take you anywhere but home.”

“Fine,” I sighed when she gently shoved me again, which really felt more like a feather was trying to coax me, but I was just feeling the need to be over dramatic.

After what felt like two more blocks, Phoebe stopped abruptly behind me. She had been holding on to my elbow the whole walk, probably in fear that I would try and head back to her house and sleep. Because that’s what people do after long flights, right?

“Well this is it!” she stated excitedly. “My bread and butter.”

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Dear K,

I know it has been only two weeks since I last wrote you, but I don’t have many people to talk to right now. Sure, I could start a diary or something, but there is a reassuring feeling that someday someone will eventually read my letters.

Anyway, I started my new job at my aunt’s little bookstore!

It’s absolutely one of the most adorable little places I have ever had the pleasure to acquaint myself with. You can really tell that my Aunt Phoebe really poured her passions into this store. She just recently told me that the money she inherited from my Uncle Phillip’s life insurance is what really got the place up and running.

She told me that she hasn’t told anyone about how she was able to finish the final touches of the store so quickly because she feels guilty about using the money right away. Apparently my Uncle had written my aunt an “goodbye” letter in the event that he were to ever pass before she did, he even stated in the letter that my aunt was to use the money as she see fit, but he hoped she used it to help her keep on living.

From the gleam in her eyes, I could see that this book store was exactly what she needed. In a way, my uncle is still with us, just hovering in the bookshelves and between the pages of some of his favorite books.

It is just enough to see that my Aunt is content with things right now.

My first day on the job was an interesting one, if I could even say that. I got stuck in the front, all alone, for a bit while Phoebe and a fellow co-worker, Michelle, ran into the back to decide on some last minute shelving.

While I was wondering around, trying to get a feel for the store, a young gentlemen wandered in before we even opened asking for a book that he seemed to have left on his plane. I was a little taken aback by how polite this man was, but was internally grateful that I happened to be standing right by the shelf that his book was sitting on.

It was some great luck, that’s for sure! He was even kind enough to tip me a really generous amount in Euros. (I need to get used to saying Euros and not dollars while I’m here).

That’s not the best part about this though. When I went to the register to cash out his book and figure out what to do with the remaining change, I noticed Michelle standing in the doorway that she had disappeared behind maybe ten minutes prior just staring at the bookshelf I had just been in front of.

When I asked her if she was okay, she just gulped some air for another minute, which was when I started to get a little more concerned and then she asked me if I knew who the man that I just helped was.

Clearly I didn’t because I was nowhere near acting as bizarre as she was, but she excitedly squealed and said that he was one of the hottest guys in London at the moment. Apparently, he is an actor for a television show called “Game of Thrones,” where he plays a character named Jon Snow.

Again, Michelle stared at me like I was crazy when I said that I had never seen it. I, then, had to explain that I have heard some friends talk about it, but never actually sat down and watched it myself. Apparently, that’s a good thing because she said that they are based on books.

Which is why she sent be home with a copy of “A Game of Thrones” by Geogre R. R. Martin and told me that I should read it super-fast because there were many more to get through.

She also kept telling me how lucky I was to have met this man named Kit Harington and this and that, but to be honest, he just seemed like a really nice and humble guy. I would have never guessed that he was celebrity by the way he came in, but I guess the large euros could have been a slight clue.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. As always, I hope you are well and know that I am in good hands here with my Aunt.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Kit Harington


Ugh. I miss writing. So damn much. Especially about Kit. 

So I am going to start writing “At The Book Keep” again, but I can’t grantee anything to much over the next 19 days; and here is why:
- I am getting married on May 21st.
- We are expecting our first child together sometime around Halloween. (I really hope it’s on Halloween.)

So just please keep those two things in mind if I randomly go disappearing again - but I can promise you I am trying my damnedest to finish this story before the summer is over. 

In the meantime, LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE?!?!?!!?!?