An afternoon nap...

Alex got back to his room he closed the door just enough to leave it ajar, and sat down on the couch, he thought over what he had said to Larkin. He didn’t know much about the boy, so how could he watch what he was saying, but he seemed to have upset him at one point in there conversation, “damn.” he muttered to himself, as he slipped down into the couch to the point he was laying down. He laid there still and quiet, looking up at the ceiling, the window was open and a gentle breeze wafted over him.  It was nice, cool, and calming, as he let it over come him, “Maybe a nap isn’t such a bad idea” as he drifted asleep in on the couch.


It had been quiet sometime after Alex had his run in with Larkin, and he was thinking he should finally meet the boy face to face. Alex had been wanting to say something to Larkin, weather it be “hi” or just to let him know there wasn’t really any hurt feelings, and that he been recovering nicely. But on the other hand, he wanted to give Larkin some time to adjust before he walked in and hoped there be no residual hostilities, they had both attacked one another. But now he figured it was time, to just get the awkward moment over and done with. Alex wasn’t going to lie, he was kind of terrified of the boy, he was strong and wild, and Alex new if it came down to it, a straight on fight, he’d lose.

He hand found which room Larkin was staying in, and knocked on the door. “Anyone home?” he called out.