WIPs - Prompted by Neversaysdie. Three domestic scenes all roughed out. Correcting perspectives and proportions is up next. Wonder if I ought to brave a critique board for a bit of red-lining to get that bit done… (x_x ) 

Going to switch gears and work on TWD/WoOz and a different prompt to gain a little distance and objectivity first. Maybe that’ll help.

BTW, I’m inordinately giddy what I came up with for Glenn’s apron, which reads, “If you want a QUICKIE, use a [pic of microwave]." (ノ⊙‿⊙)ノ~

I can’t hardly wait until the next chapter of Featherbent comes out, so I drew Vriska teaching John to fly. 

…I got some other panels of John and Karkat about to try flying. I got this idea into my head of them jumping off some high place together, but Karkat’s so freaked out by heights and even falling no matter how short a time that John has to learn how to fly backwards and supporting Karkat from below (literally the wind beneath Karkat’s wings XD) until Karkat can get used to the sensation.