Have an Astele, she’s from my Sith-and-Jedi-make-friends fic, Opening Dialogue

She tiny. All of four-foot-five, not going to get any bigger, and full of way too much energy. She likes tinkering with electronics, building things, and taking them apart. She is Darth Erion’s apprentice, although Darth Belus/Adrestin supplements her training whenever he’s around (which is often, he’s like a Very Large Sithly uncle to her). Which is great, because she already has a HUGE mostly-Sith Bimm family back on Ord Radama, so family gatherings end up being a chaotic mess of fun and/or brawling, depending on who’s fur gets ruffled.

Anyway. She uses a single red-bladed lightsaber, and favours Shii-Cho and Ataru. She likes attaching little charms and things to the end of her lightsaber despite Erion’s attempts to get her to stop because HAZARD (but she doesn’t care, lol)