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  • has weird group of fanboys who harass people for dumb reasons
  • shotacon, uses the term “trap”
  • generally talks and acts like he was scraped off of /v/’s shoe


  • lands on people’s cars and lays eggs on them
  • gives people low insurance rates
  • has something for you

two men enter, one man leaves



What was that about @the-eagle-atarian having nsfw shota on their nsfw blog? And this was just the first couple pages of your nsfw tag - I’d hate to see what else you’ve got lurking in the deeper recesses. As a 16 year old it’s not even legal for you to be viewing this shit so before you start talking about what’s morally correct perhaps you should clean up your own fucking house, kiddo.

WARNING: There are NSFW images below this line.

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no but srsly cis ppl defending their getting off to futa and denying that it as a form of media has ‘nothing to do with trans women’ is such a weak defense, bc not only are they looking at it from the outside, not seeing the connections or ramifications of it, but also speaking over those who have concerns with it as a form of media that further dehumanizes trans women (and/or intersex trans/women) is coming from a place of such extreme privilege and dissociation away from those it affects. u cannot deny the connotations of a form of pornography made by cis ppl and for the consumption of cis ppl to dehumanize trans women as sex objects to fetishize while exploiting and often monetizing the bodies of trans women for their own gain.