atari world

My first-ever video game system was an Atari, so it’s safe to say that, at this point in my life, I figured that I had seen just about every kind of game controller there was. From standard control pads to Nintendo’s Power Glove to DDR machines, video game controllers have truly evolved from the joystick-and-one-button design of the Atari world. And I figured that was it.

Then I visited the Anime Boston video games room.

Almost invisible in the sea of consoles and cabinets was a direct-from-Japan game apparently called “Flip the Table.” While the instructions and objectives of the game were printed next to it in English, the concept seemed simple enough to bridge any and all language barriers:

You flip over a table and get points for whatever objects on the table wind up flying away and hitting other objects in the room.

At the center of the game? A controller that is, well, a table. Not only do you use it for the ultimate objective of the game (it flips up a full 90 degrees from its basic position), but you also press down on it to start the game, select your character, etc.

As far as I am concerned, this game needs to be everywhere.